Ericsson AI power performance optimization applications advance networking and automation at the same time

The new solution improves automation, scalability, speed, accuracy and consistency of network optimizations to provide a superior subscriber experience and lower operating costs.

Ericsson and Ooredoo Qatar are testing the software solution on a major football tournament and reporting improvements in transmission capabilities, speed and traffic.

As part of Ericsson cognitive networking design portfolio, this solution uses twin digital technology and the most advanced AI technologies, such as deep amplification learning.

Ericsson Performance Optimizers are a family of AI-powered applications that analyze telecom service providers’ radio access networks to provide preliminary recommendations for mobile network optimization and to resolve specific network performance issues.

These applications can be set up in such a way as to give a comprehensive overview of the operation of the network as a whole, taking into account the invisible changes they receive, which may result from any addition to the work environment, e.g. new download. applications, expanding the city or introducing new locations, to changes in user behavior. It is also equipped with twin digital technologies and advanced artificial intelligence technologies, such as deep reinforcement learning.

The twin digital technology simulates network behavior when there is a change in indicators, which ensures the reduction of risks and the increase of the quality and level of the communication network from the first day. In terms of reinforcing learning, it is a machine learning technique that learns from the network, where the mediator (network optimizer) interacts with the environment and takes the appropriate actions to achieve a long-term goal. This solution can be used to accurately predict network performance improvements and provide direct and proactive recommendations to improve required cells.

Ericsson has announced its intention to periodically add new features to this solution, in order to address the challenges posed by various network issues, thus increasing the coverage of automated optimizations.

With the advent of fifth generation technologies, telecom service providers seek to make changes to an essential part of their operations in order to achieve optimal performance and improve return on investment. AI-based solutions that are not tied to a single vendor, such as Ericsson Performance Enhancers, are key to enabling automated processes and the ability to handle increasing complexity while ensuring cost control.

During November 2021, Ericsson and Ooredoo Qatar tested this solution in a major football tournament. As part of this partnership, Ericsson has provided the latest network optimization, event management and 5G network solutions to three stadiums, airports and tourist areas. Significant performance improvement was recorded, while traditional cell analyzes lasted days, the automated method with improved performance lasted only 15 minutes and gave hundreds of recommendations.

Juan Manuel Melero, Head of Network Design and Optimization at Ericsson, said: “During the trial period with Ooredoo Qatar, we noticed that 89% of internal broadcast interference cases were resolved automatically through performance-enhancing applications, which which contributed to a 7% improvement in transmission capacity. With significant improvements in traffic speed and volume, we expect to use our expertise and experience to support our customers worldwide and enable them to achieve better performance on their networks and better customer experience. potential users. “

For his part, Gunter Ottendorfer, Chief Technology Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “We are primarily concerned with improving the user experience and automating our operations, and we believe that AI-enabled processes are essential in delivering of world-class services that we promise our Qatar subscribers During December 2021, Ericsson Cognitive Network Design Solutions contributed to automated real-time optimization operations, which contributed to a superior user experience ahead, Ericsson Performance Improvement applications are part of the Knowledge Network Design package within the Ericsson Operations Engine Can be implemented through licensing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) processes, or through various Ericsson service packages.

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