Emirates News Agency – Under the auspices of Hamdan bin Zayed .. The fifth edition of the Dalma Competition Festival starts on May 7

ABU DHABI, April 19 / WAM / Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of the ruler in Al Dhafra region, Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club and Cultural and Heritage and Festival Management Committee announced details the fifth Dalma Long-distance racing festival for 60-foot boats.

This came during the forum, which was held yesterday evening, “Monday” at the Mohammed Khalaf Majlis in the capital, Abu Dhabi, in the presence of Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Modern Navigation and Vocation Federation, Chairman of the Kite Surf Committee , Majid Ateeq Al Muhairi, Vice Chairman of the High Organizational Committee of the Historical Competition of the Fifth Dalma Festival, and Issa Saif Al Mazrouei Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee of Cultural and Heritage Programs and Festivals in Abu Dhabi, along with a large number the group of committee and club leaders and a number of Noahkhash attending the event.

The festival will be held from the seventh to the twentieth of May next on the historic island of Dalma, while the date of the race will be determined in that period according to atmospheric conditions.

During the forum he announced the opening of registrations for sailors starting from today “Tuesday”, and that the door will continue to be open until the 28th of this month, while this month proves an enlightening meeting for sailors under the supervision of the Sports Club Abu Dhabi Maritime, which distributed 25 million dirhams financial prizes to the owners of the centers from the first to the hundred in the final ranking of participants, who are the most expensive and largest prizes in the history of maritime heritage races at all. in the country and in the region as a whole .. The champion receives 1.3 million dirhams, the runner-up receives one million dirhams and the third receives 800 thousand dirhams.

3 prize cars were also awarded to the winners of the first three places in the historic race, in support of the maritime heritage renaissance march and an affirmation of the importance and value of national heritage and heritage.

Dalma Race is the longest sailing race in the 60-foot class, with a total distance of 68 nautical miles, equivalent to 125 kilometers. It is also the largest in terms of prices totaling 25 million dirhams, the highest in history. of maritime heritage breeds.

The race is the only one that starts from the historic island of Dalma, and passes through eight different islands, namely Delma Island first, then Sir Bani Yas and then Ghasha Island, followed by Umm Al-Kurkam Island. , then Fatayer and then Al-Bazm, then Al-Fayy, then Marawah, and finally the island of Janana before Docking in the port city.

The events of the event will not be limited to the sea race, as from May 6 a series of accompanying events will take place, among which the most important is the opening of the heritage village to visitors by residents and the community of Dalma Island.

As for the participants, the number of sailors is expected to reach three thousand sailors from different parts of the country and approximately 110 sailing bearings.

The festival has achieved great success in the past four editions, with the unlimited support of rational leadership.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, President of the Modern Sailing and Driving Federation and Chairman of the Kite Surf Committee, stressed that the Fifth Historical Dalma Racing Festival is about traditional and modern sports and is the fruit of the support and interest of wise leadership to increase the march of national heritage and to introduce its concepts between different generations in society.

He said: “The historic Dalma Race Festival has become one of the most important heritage events that everyone expects and enjoys a wide local and international reputation, due to the prestigious position and great participation and unprecedented interaction of sailors and to all visitors. on its agenda. “

Aref Hamad Al Awani, Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, expressed his pleasure to announce the details of the fifth edition of the historic Dilma Dhow 60 Foot Race Festival, noting that the event embodies a maritime epic for the people of the Emirates for celebrating their authentic national heritage and its historic path full of great achievements.

He added: “The fifth Dalma Dhow racing festival, 60-foot class, represents a new confirmation of the status and importance of traditional sports, especially after the great successes it has achieved in previous editions.”

He said: “We are keen to provide support, care and provide all the ingredients and reasons for success for the largest state-level heritage carnival, believing in the importance of the annual occasion in which Emirati people meet with the slogan “of reviving and supporting the maritime heritage, passing on its heritage to present – day generations and presenting the value and position of the historic island of Dalma in the UAE civilization.”

He added that the annual participation of 3,000 sailors in this activity confirms his position and the value of heritage rooted in sailors’ conscience and their desire to support national heritage.

Al-Awani thanked the great efforts of the Abu Dhabi Maritime Sports Club, the Committee of Festivals and Culture and Heritage Programs and all the sponsors and supporters of the competition.

For his part, His Excellency Ahmed Thani Murshid Al Rumaithi, Vice President of the Abu Dhabi Water Sports Club and Managing Director and Chairman of the High Organizing Committee of the competition, said: “We are proud and honored to announce the organization of the Fifth Festival History of Dalmatian Races, and on this occasion, we reiterate our thanks and appreciation for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan. every event and motivates everyone to participate and be present. ”

He added that “The historic Dalma Race Festival represents the biggest event in the history of heritage heritage races in numbers, both in terms of prizes reaching 25 million dirhams, and the distance of 125 km, as well as the level of participation. can reach 3,000 sailors.

He said, “Certainly, we at the Abu Dhabi Water Sports Club are pleased to host this magnificent event in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Committee on Cultural and Heritage Programs and Festivals, to reaffirm our integration and cooperation to root out authentic heritage. national. in the hearts of all “.

He expressed his happiness that he invited Nawakhatha and sailing enthusiasts to register for the fifth edition of the historic race. He called on the masses in general and heritage lovers in particular to attend and participate in the event. He stressed that everyone will be able to meet with various activities and competitions related to national heritage for all family members in the community. He thanked and appreciated all the supporting and sponsoring parties for the biggest heritage event. .

For his part, Issa Saif Al Mazrouei, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee of Cultural Programs and Heritage and Festivals in Abu Dhabi, said: “We feel very happy as we are ready to launch the historic Dalma Race Festival in its fifth session. from May 7 to 20 on the island of Delma in the Al Dhafra region. “

He added: The gathering of this forum coincides with the World Heritage Day, which falls on April 18 of each year, and before we talk about the activities and competitions of the historic Dalma Race Festival in its fifth session, let us remember with this global case the saying of the late founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, “Good.” May God bless his soul. ” “He who has no past, has neither present nor future”, this statement that sums up all the efforts of our deceased. father Sheikh Zayed and the founding fathers, to achieve what we are today as a country competing with major countries, and a favorite destination for all, with what it possesses from the elements and tourist attractions of the historical heritage.

Al Mazrouei explained that as part of the joint efforts between the Committee for the Management of Festivals and Cultural and Heritage Programs, the Abu Dhabi Water Sports Club and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the historic Dalma Festival, in its fifth session, continues to promote and reviving the local maritime heritage, preserving the national identity and preserving the heritage of the Emirates, and introducing to the public, resident citizens or tourists, the importance of the maritime heritage and heritage of the islands of the United Arab Emirates.

For his part, Majid Ateeq Al Muhairi, vice-chairman of the Senior Organizing Committee of the Fifth Dalma Festival, said: “Heritage lovers are on a date with a historic event by all standards and there is no doubt that every year our experience in its organization it grows, and the decisive edition will be extraordinary in everything ”.

He called on everyone to participate and interact, whether in the heritage village or the race itself, which is the longest and most numerous in terms of participants in the region as a whole and is also the highest prize. He thanked the sponsors and stressed that they are always partners in success.

Al Muhairi called on sailors to register quickly to take part in the race, saying: “History awaits the participants, who will win or not. It is enough that he took part in an event the size of the Dalma Race.”

Abdullah Butti Al Qubaisi, Director of the Events and Communication Department at the Abu Dhabi Cultural and Heritage and Festival Management Committee, said: “The new session includes many competitions and accompanying events, reaching 21 events in an area of ​​25,000 square meters, within a cultural, educational atmosphere in an exciting form held at the popular Festival Market, which will open its doors to visitors every day from four to ten in the evening.

He added: “Its various shops combine the Emirati maritime heritage, designed with a template that reflects vivid images of the original heritage, expressing the essence of Emirati life in all its details, as well as the Nokhatha house, the village of children, traditional fashion.shows, cooking competitions, traditional works, theater and its competitions and daily prizes.In addition to folklore performances and other interesting and engaging activities that suit all family members.

He explained that this year’s competitions include the organization of 16 competitions for men and women, including the Dalma rowing competition on foot, the casting competition, the bicycle race, the football and beach volleyball tournament, the cooking. competition for the most beautiful women’s dress and drawing competition for Dalma Karrom and domino championship for men and women, “adult and junior” swimming competitions, and “amateur and professional” running competitions.

The Committee of Culture and Heritage Festivals and Programs in Abu Dhabi announced during the forum the distribution of sums of money as incentive prizes for the measures that will be present in the heritage village by allocating 336 thousand dirhams as prizes for participants in various competitions.

– Ahmed Jamal

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