Emirates Chef Musabeh Al Kaabi: I love “Al-Salief” while cooking

He is the first chef from the Emirates, his passion started when his society considered cooking for men as a big defect, the prevailing concept is that the kitchen is for women … Chef Musabah Al Kaabi, who was remembered by us when he met him in the local newspapers, that he was the first chef from the Emirates, so the calls from his family, some of them were crying on the phone, and others were asking him to reverse his decision, but he insisted to continue, until a time came when people understood this trend, and hundreds of new citizens entered the field.

What was the incident that made you decide to enter this field? Who are you affected by?

I will cook food, to be but to eat

I lived in the “up” and there were many valleys, and after school we made friends, shared dirhams with each other, bought food supplies and sometimes, when we had no money, we got the supplies. from home, without knowing our mothers, and go get a meal of what it is We have, we divide the roles, and I cook the food, to be as it is but eaten.

The spice did not come together

The spice did not come together

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What distinguishes Emirati cuisine from the cuisines of other cultures?

Our kitchen is divided into two parts, the seaside kitchen and that of the Bedouins, and both parties do not know the other kitchen utensils and since transportation was available, the two kitchens merged, but the thing has not changed. to this day the difference in taste, because the Emirates mother depends on the spice of her house, so everyone pulls the rope towards the speci.
Despite all the health awareness, most Emirates still tend to be obese?
Because our fathers and grandfathers moved a lot and ate fat, but the younger generation is sticking to food and forgetting that it is motionless, and honestly, the taste of Emirati food is in its cream.

I forgot my fate

I forgot my fate

What is the funny situation that you never forget?

I remember I was on a trip with the youngsters and I forgot the pot on the fire, so the stew burned down, that day I did not tell my friends and I went to the nearest supermarket and bought barbecue. the device, and I told them I changed the liquid, to make the food easier, they did not know the day the rice was burnt.
I love the boards while I cook

Are there any meals you did not prepare?

I was with a group of young people in Germany, we bought a lamb from there, and it was 5 hours on the fire, and the meat was not cooked, I was ashamed of this failure, the day I remember we went to the restaurant.
What worries you about women cooking? What distinguishes men in cooking?
Slow, the husband did not enter the kitchen except to have to cook, for he is certainly distinguishable from her, and his muscular ability helps him to cook for a large number, the wife may not prepare lunch with him for 4 -5 hours. , as it happens between me and my wife, I went to sleep.

What is your ritual while cooking?

What is your ritual while cooking?

I always talk to those around me, have conversations that have nothing to do with cooking, have fun with the boards and know the news.

Does your wife depend on you for cooking?

I like to eat from her hands but she leans on me with questions, her questions bother me if I am busy at work, she forgets to ask me before leaving the house.
Who are the celebrities who have enjoyed your cooking? Are there any specific stories?
Maradona, who was present at the World Cup in Dubai for horses, asked me for shrimp, which were not on the menu.
Do you have a prominent charisma on screen, honestly, what are the most beautiful offers you have received at work?
I am one of the founders of the Qasr Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi, I am the one who cooks in it and in the last two years we have held competitions in which I have been the chief judge as well as the cooking challenge program. on Dubai TV, in which I was also the chief judge.

Practical tips for women in Ramadan?

To fill suhoor with fiber, it is saturated for a long time.
The breakfast table should be light and the main meal can be eaten after the evening prayer.
The most important thing is not to waste food.
Make a plan for the week of Ramadan and specify the meals for each day in advance, as this is easier to prepare.

Majboos pule

Majboos pule

The amount is enough for one person
Cooking time – 40 minutes


200 grams of chicken fed corn
150 grams of Indian rice + 50 grams of lentils
5 grams of dried lemon + a piece of bay leaf
50 grams onion + 40 grams tomato + 10 grams fresh coriander + 5 grams ginger + 5 grams garlic
2 grams of cumin powder + 2 grams of coriander powder + 5 grams of black pepper powder + 8 grams of masala + 2 grams of salt
30 grams of butter + oil for frying

How to prepare:

1 – Rinse the rice well and then soak in water for twenty minutes.
2- Clean the chicken breast and cut it in half.
3- Place the minced onions in a saucepan over medium heat and add the garlic until golden. Then add the tomatoes and chicken and leave on the fire for 25 minutes, add the ginger, local spices, turmeric powder and a liter of water.
4 – Add coriander, rice, salt and pepper, cover with water, cover the pot and leave for 15 minutes on low heat.

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