Egyptian cloud cooking platform The Food Lab raises $ 4.5 million in funding

  • Collection of kitchen reindeer in computer reindeerFood Laboratory Headquartered in Egypt, $ 4.5 million in a preliminary round, co-run by The capital Nuwa AND Shorooq Partners and 4DX Ventures with the participation of Al Faisaliah Group based in Saudi Arabia and Abdul Majeed Al Hokair, together with the Japanese company “Samurai Incubate” and other angel investors.
  • was decided Food Laboratory Created in 2020 by Karim El Daly, Ahmed Othman and Wissam Massoud, it functions as a local technology platform that provides comprehensive services to restaurant owners, including procurement, cooking, distribution and marketing..
  • Currently works with more than 50 local and international brands

Press release

Food Lab, the first platform specializing in cloud cooking solutions in Egypt, has announced the completion of a major $ 4.5 million funding round. This round included investors from all over the world, led by Nawat Capital, Shorouk Partners and 4DX, and the participation of Al Faisaliah Group and Abdul Majeed Al Hokair Group from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to the Japanese company Samwari Incubate “and angelic investors.

The Food Laboratory was founded in 2020 by Egyptian entrepreneurs Ahmed Othman, Karim El-Dali and Wissam Masoud and has so far established partnerships with more than 50 local and international brands that take advantage of the company’s platform to increase its presence in Egypt. The platform helps restaurant owners achieve growth and also helps new brands launch their operations in the market within 10 days.

On this occasion, Karim El-Dali, founder and president of The Food Lab, showed that the platform’s mission is to bridge the gap between restaurants and consumers, emphasizing that the platform enables restaurants to transform the food and beverage sector in Egypt by offering those with the right technological infrastructure. He said, “Companies operating in large countries, such as Egypt, where restaurants are prevalent and customers are spread over large geographical areas, should create an amazing customer experience, no matter how small or geographically remote the segment is.” of the consumer. “

He added, “Restaurants that receive support from The Food Lab can expand quickly without any capital commitment and increase their brand value. Our technology infrastructure helps our customers make decisions based on data analytics and provide the highest level of high quality of service in the Egyptian market for larger customers Customers can also benefit from easy access to their favorite restaurants and we are looking forward with our investors to reach a new and rapid growth phase in the sector of food and drink. ”

Food Lab’s cloud kitchens are based on a local technology platform that provides comprehensive services to restaurant owners, including purchasing, cooking, shipping and marketing. The platform has a virtual brand advisor based on machine learning technology that offers restaurants a control panel that provides recommendations for restaurants regarding operations, financing, menu innovation, marketing, supplier analysis and more.

For his part, Ahmed Othman, co-founder and CEO of The Food Lab, said the platform is looking forward to launching with its new investors from our leadership position to expand across Egypt, adding: “Strategic employee appointments remain our top priority, in addition to our desire for technological development, we are excited to lay a solid foundation for expanding into new markets in the Middle East and Africa, which will open up growth prospects for restaurants.

The restaurant sector across Egypt is experiencing significant growth estimated at $ 17 billion a year. According to market data, Egyptians spend about 30 percent of their income on food, and the adoption of new technology through this door will allow restaurants to accelerate their growth rapidly.

On the other hand, Tamer Azer, partner at Shorouk Partners, confirmed that the appropriate infrastructure is “the basis for investor success”, noting that the “Food Lab” platform is “an advanced infrastructure that allows the restaurants we want to grow and reach more customers by enabling them to get all the ingredients for success, from the best ingredients in food preparation to the hard-to-extract data that help them deliver the most services and products good for its customers. ” Azer considered the platform to be the best partner that restaurants can work with to succeed in the highly competitive food and beverage market in Egypt.

Food Lab offers restaurants scalable growth opportunities through a technology-based platform. The platform technology transforms restaurants into data-driven enterprises, concentrating their corporate data on a simple platform. Restaurant managers can easily access reporting and comparison tools, a knowledge platform, customer evaluation and marketing tools, and growth comparison tools versus KPIs.

For his part, Ghassan Nursi, Head of Investment Projects at Nawah Capital, said “The Food Lab” offers restaurant owners a solution to the problems involved in moving millions of residents from downtown to large suburban communities. which makes it difficult for restaurants to reach the desired percentage of food.population. “The founders of the platform put together a great team to help them expand nationally and we are confident that their commitment to improving customer satisfaction will lead to the continuous improvement of their services,” he added. .

Peter Orth, managing partner at 4DX, praised the strength of The Food Lab’s founding team, noting that its members had a “rich talent pool”. He said, “This team has an insight into how the platform can revolutionize the food sector in Egypt, and the quality of its products and its rapid growth potential reflect its ability to translate its talents into results. tangible, so we are excited to accompany this team on its promising path. ”

The entry of restaurants in the “Food Lab” platform helps to launch it within 10 days from the shared kitchens with operational efficiency. The platform ensures quality control, allowing transparent reports on customer feedback and undergoing independent audits regarding food safety and HACCP implementation.

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