Bkerke first raises the “sovereign standard” for elections


While Lebanon is only 27 days away from the date of the May 15 parliamentary elections, the atmosphere of the election campaign has begun to gradually heat up, as well as political, partisan and religious attitudes regarding the law and the environment. indications, conditions and scenarios for the stations that will follow the elections that produce high levels.from fury. However, the paradox that emerged during the extended holiday from Good Friday to Western Christian designations until Easter Monday seemed far removed from the wide gap that still exists between campaigning enthusiasm and electoral stances and the extraordinary apathy that characterizes reality. popular. at least as the countdown to the election progresses from its final stages. And if this phenomenon has its objective causes not to surprise anyone anymore, other developments in the climate of preparations for the elections related to the map of political polarization have begun to actually form the most interesting aspect of internal and external concerns, given the expected consequences of this polarization in beginning to motivate voters to go to the polls and avoid a “deadly” regression rate for turnout that would create a more dramatic reality than the current reality. The climate of political polarization has also emerged as a crucial indicator of the continuing conquest of sharp political and national divisions. The priority of treating elections as a crucial option for Lebanese, despite the catastrophic consequences of the financial and social collapse that will make them vote for the first time in light of this ongoing collapse.

Consequently, the escalation of the “sovereign tone” in recent days has been extraordinary, which has been taken as a basic measure in attitudes towards the upcoming elections. It is no secret that the coalition of current forces and their parliamentary majority are placing strong bets . the restoration of a comfortable parliamentary majority, which pushed the forces ashore against the pact and “Hezbollah” and their allies to vigorously launch campaigns to awaken its bases through campaigns, the main title of which has been made to stand against the weapon of “Hezbollah hegemony”. “and its connection to Iran.

Perhaps the most prominent aspect of the celebration is represented by Bkerke’s positions, through which the Maronite patriarch, Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi seemed to have taken great strides to restore the positions of his late ancestor, the late Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sphere. who on the eve of the election held firm and clear stances against the consequences of the control of the March 8 team at the time.

sponsoring position

In his speech last Saturday and in his sermon Sunday in the presence of the President of the Republic, #Michel Aoun, Al-Rahi explicitly urged voters to vote for a “national, sovereign, independent majority.” He went on to say that “hybrid identities that have penetrated our renewed Lebanese identity throughout history should be removed from it as if they were posters, and made this identity a criterion for selecting representatives, ministers, presidents and other officials of the nation. And he declared, “For this, we are betting with the citizens of good will that the parliamentary elections take place on time and then the presidential elections be an opportunity for change. And if people do not understand the seriousness of the scene and choose forces capable of defending Lebanon’s entity and identity, meeting the martyrs of the Lebanese cause, and restoring Lebanon’s Arab and international relations, then this people themselves, not the political system, bear the responsibility for the great collapse. and every day a national, sovereign, independent, militant parliamentary majority, believing in the privacy of this country, the legitimate state, the constitutional institutions and the Lebanese army as a single reference to weapons and security, as well as the unity of politics and military decision. In Aoun’s ears, he stressed that “most of those who work in the political field and those who are responsible for the country and the people are not acting to remove them ur the stone from the Lebanese chest, but to install it “. “True Lebanese want the moment when Lebanon is relinquished and hegemony is lifted, authoritarianism falls and the politicization of the judiciary stops.” The administration and its obstruction are among those influential, the duplication ends and the national interest takes over. priority over all private and electoral interests. “There is only one republic, one legitimacy, one weapon, one decision and one inclusive Lebanese identity.”

socialist campaign

As for the political and electoral scene, the Socialist Progressive Party’s haste in campaigns and sharp stances against the Covenant and “Hezbollah” were noticeable. Party leader Walid Jumblatt considered in an interview with foreign media that “the Syrian-Iranian axis is against what remains of an independent national decision in Mukhtara and elsewhere, and the democratic meeting is aimed entirely at, but this is not the battle of Timor Jumblatt ., but rather the battle of the independent Arab national decision. ”Regarding the nominations, he asserted that“ I made the possible and required change, and the others I did not, because Marwan Hamadeh went to his death and returned, because “The battle for independence and the rejection of Lahoud and his extension. The Syrian and Iranian successor, Akram Shehayeb, who was the eminence of the siege among those who stayed with us.” He considered: “Hezbollah does not believe in dialogue and we have noticed the issue from Rafik Hariri to Luqman Salim, but we must take a cold and face it.” “Neither Gibran Bassil nor Suleiman Franjieh, and the last time we” traveled “with Prime Minister Hariri,” went out of our minds, “Jumblatt said of the presidential election.

On the other hand, the leader of the “Democratic Assembly” MP Taymour Jumblatt launched a group of violent stances against the Covenant and “Hezbollah” during a large electoral tour in the Chouf region, accompanied by the resigned MP Marwan Hamadeh. During the tour, Taymour Jumblatt stressed: “Our battle is against those who want to abolish the mountain and dominate the homeland and we will be involved in all the confrontations in the elections and after that, to regain the state that was kidnapped by Hezbollah., Iran and Michel Aoun ”.

And he stressed in a “message” about “the corrupt covenant and its corrupt ally, that the homeland is not for division”, emphasizing “the continuation of the war to restore our country by those who destroyed it by the group Ahd al- Atma “. , stressing that the struggle to repatriate the free and the youth to realize your aspirations for the survival of Lebanon.

Anniversary of the embassy bombing

In this atmosphere, the US administration yesterday commemorated the 39th anniversary of the bombing of the US embassy in Ain al-Mreisseh. The US Ambassador to Beirut, Dorothy Shea, stated in a speech at an embassy ceremony that it is “a glorious memory for us in which we recall the horrific attack that killed 52 people on April 18, 1983. And in September of the following year, right here, we lost 23 other people. These attacks were not only against the United States, but among the victims were Americans and local Lebanese employees, in addition to members of the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon. That is why we stand united today – as we have done every year since 1983 – to honor those who lost their lives, Americans and Lebanese, and to renew our commitment to peace and security in Lebanon.

“Despite many years, we will never forget our fallen colleagues. The United States has maintained its determination to pursue justice for the victims. We are resisting the negative influences of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, which continues to try to create a wedge between us. But we will not back down. “We will continue to strengthen ties between our two countries and our peoples, especially in these difficult times, as we strive to help the Lebanese emerge from the current economic crisis so that they can enjoy a brighter future.”

On this occasion, the US Treasury announced the awarding of a financial prize of three million dollars to anyone who provides information about the “terrorist in Hezbollah who blew up the embassy.”

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