Why do some people prefer a multilateral romantic relationship?

Curtis Pritchard, a contestant on the British reality show Love Island 2019, sat down in his seat while his partner Amy Hart scolded him after discovering he had kissed other girls without her knowledge. Hart quietly asked him how he could be in love with two girls at once, how he needed her and how he disappointed her.

Pritchard’s behavior angers Hart because she assumes that a romantic relationship should only be between two people, so Pritchard has broken the rules. However, human relationships throughout history have been far more complex than this common form of monogamy with a life partner, as is the case in many societies today.

Recently a new type of relationship has spread that is not limited to just two people and is called non-monogamous relationships that enable both parties to establish romantic relationships with others with the consent of all parties. This form of open relationship takes many forms, such as multiple emotional relationships with the consent of all parties and the exchange of life partners, and other forms of relationships free from the constraints and obligations imposed by monogamy.

This type of relationship, in its various forms, is characterized by the fact that both parties discuss together and agree on the boundaries of the relationship, such as the degree to which these relationships can be deepened and the place and time at which they can to practice these relationships freely.

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