Traditional dishes turned into international recipes in “Emirati Touch” (video)

A new experience that combines traditional Emirati dishes like al-Bathitha, dates, saffron and camel milk on the one hand and international recipes from around the world like brownies, truffles and tiramisu into innovative dishes prepared by international chefs that look as a cultural dialogue between different cultures through food, through the “Emirates Touch” initiative Launched by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi as part of the second edition of the “Emirates Kitchen” program, which will be held from September to the end of November 2021.

The chefs participating in the initiative were able to present innovative dishes, chef Don Tilacassiri, specializing in French cuisine, who introduced some innovative dishes such as Bitha Brownies, which combines dark chocolate brownies, traditional Bitha Date Fattah and Date Caramel, Luqaimat. Cream, saffron milk cake and truffle chocolate with camel milk.

Don Tilakasiri told “Emirates Today” that his participation in the “Emirati Touch” experience gave him the opportunity to combine the mechanisms, techniques and traditions of Emirati and French cuisine in creative ways for the preparation and preparation of these dishes. Emphasizing that he has received many positive impressions and responses. He also believed that guests prefer Emirati food and dishes as a traditional way to explore aspects of local culture through its unique flavors.

Chef Sandeep Anand, who specializes in Indian cuisine over the course of 11 years of his 16-year career, introduced a range of dishes that combine Emirati and Indian cuisine, including the “Hyderabadi Combination Kebab”, Fish Majboos with innovative fillings and shrimp Marinated bay. spicy Emirates, Dates and camel milk with parley cream.

Anand explained that Emirati cuisine is diverse and innovative because of its impact on desert climate. They used various clever cooking methods and techniques, such as drying or salting seafood and vegetables to eat or flavor them. This kitchen is also characterized by a variety of its methods, such as. cooking in sand pits that mimic oven designs, which is a clever method that enables the complete preparation of meat and seafood, thus preventing food waste and ensuring maximum benefit. from animal meat and fish which constituted a basic food source for the local community. Moreover, Emirati cuisine is packed with lots of healthy and nutritious dishes that contain rich ingredients and ingredients. Members of her community were also keen to add materials and spices they used to buy from itinerant traders.

Sandeep noted that there are some similarities between Emirati and Indian cuisine; As a result of the movement of traders from the Middle East to India or vice versa, such as Mughlai dishes that moved to northern India from the Middle East, and were influenced by the use of dried fruits and nuts in cooking, and traditional kebabs, curry , biryani and samosa.

While chef Balveer Balcaisson, who has more than 20 years of experience focused on French cuisine, he stressed that Emirati cuisine, which combines tradition and modernity, is filled with authentic Arabic flavors, Emirati heritage and ancient history. Noting that there are some common factors that combine Emirati and French cuisine, represented in the use of fresh products from the local environment, and special and rich flavors that give the dishes a delicious taste.

Emirati Chef Kholoud expressed her pride that she was part of the “Emirati Kitchen” program and introduced one of the elements of the Emirati cultural identity by explaining the methods of preparing and serving traditional food and training hotel chefs on them. She stressed that cooking Emirates has an additional emotional significance, as it relates to memories of the past and happy childhood, as well as learning the secrets of traditional foods from mothers and grandmothers.

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