The Italian restaurant opens its doors to the Dubai Mall

Azadea Group begins its expansion in the UAE with the opening of its Italian restaurant Eataly today at The Dubai Mall, the world-class shopping and dining destination. The restaurant is based on a diversified market concept and aims to offer a complete Italian experience from eating, learning to shopping. With a wide range of fresh and high quality Italian ingredients, the fashionable Italian restaurant at The Dubai Mall is the perfect destination for those enjoying authentic Italian gastronomy. Through the shopping experience in the spacious Eataly store, food lovers can get the freshest Italian ingredients to prepare the most delicious Italian dishes at home. With the reopening of the restaurant, a special course of Italian cooking began, La Scuola, which offers lessons on delicious recipes and how to cook traditional Italian dishes under the supervision of skilled Italian chefs.

Through cooking classes in Italy, La Scuola, the brand aims to impart knowledge of Italian culture and cuisine to all foodies in a fun and lively atmosphere. Cooking courses for adults and children are offered, where participants will be given an overview of the history and culture of Italian food before preparing special dishes.

Adults can enjoy a two-hour session where they can choose the category of education they want to benefit from. Specialized classes include Nonna Italiana, Maestro Pizzaiolo, Best of Italy, Artisan Baker and Ancient Pasteury, ensuring that all tastes are satisfied. The children’s classes also last an hour, where friendly Italian chefs will offer fun tips and tricks for kids as they learn how to cook and discover Italian culture.

There is no doubt that the Italian restaurant with its comprehensive services, non-modest atmosphere and fast service, will impress Italian gastronomy enthusiasts, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Students will be treated to a journey of Italian cuisine that demonstrates the simplicity and seasonal diversity of Italian flavors. Guests will be able to enjoy the most beloved Italian flavors like pasta and pizza, as Këndi Pasta Fresca has recently been added to the restaurant, showing how to prepare fresh pasta as specialized chefs create intricate pasta shapes from ingredients of simple straight forward. of guests. Pizza alla Pala, considered one of the most famous street foods, also reflects the authentic Roman character of Italy mixed with love, which is a crispy pizza on the outside and fresh on the inside and filled with fresh ingredients.

Those who want to enjoy Italian cuisine from the comfort of their own home can buy the freshest and most authentic ingredients in Italy’s indoor shop full of flavors and aromatic products to create a truly Italian holiday. Whether you are looking for ingredients for a wonderful meal or for food and gifts, the store is the perfect destination to discover Italian creations. With over a thousand products available, the store boasts of offering a wide range of flavors, such as the finest Italian meats and cheeses, olive oils and balsamic vinegar, as well as daily hand-made bread making Eataly an unforgettable destination in Dubai. Mall. If you are looking for the perfect pasta, head to Italy, which offers over 120 types of whole wheat pasta from 15 different sources, including premium di Graniano pasta. In Italy you can also find the best Arborio and Carnaroli rice perfect for preparing delicious creamy risotto, along with a selection of Italian cereals, pasta, sauces and spices.

In 2013, the Azadea Group led Italy’s entry into the Middle East to introduce the region’s well-known cuisine and to highlight Italian gastronomy. It was the first restaurant at the time, in The Dubai Mall, with an area of ​​2500 square meters that offers customers ample space to spend quality time with friends and family. In 2021, the Italian brand strengthened its original branch by adding new and modern facilities, improving its food offerings and offering cooking classes to customers. Eataly’s contemporary store in a vibrant location at The Dubai Mall embodies the true experience of Eataly: a shopping destination in Dubai that offers customers the opportunity to eat, shop and learn about Italian culinary traditions and gastronomy.

Eataly at The Dubai Mall welcomes guests daily from 9:00 until 12:00 midnight. Food and shopping offers are offered through several online distribution platforms like Instashop, El Gorcer, Talabat, Deliveroo, Careem Now and Zomato. Italy is planning to open another restaurant in Dubai Hills Mall in 2022.

Eataly is committed to implementing health and safety measures to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and staff, in compliance with all DHA guidelines.

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