The electoral campaigns to escalate and Jumblatt’s positions are extraordinary

No vote is louder than election campaigns, but Lebanese do not show up after minimal election enthusiasm. These impressions were created during the long days of the holiday, in what seemed like a necessity of what the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, said when he last attended yesterday the Easter Mass in Bkerke to reiterate strong official guarantees that parliamentary elections will be held on time. But the strange thing about his words is that he refrained from naming the interlocutors of the judicial investigation into the explosion of the port of Beirut, only hinting without declaring the Shiite duo, while it seemed surprising that the Maronite patriarch, Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, in his Easter sermon in the presence of Aoun recalled the importance of determination to elect a new president of the republic as a fundamental right after the parliamentary elections. The Easter holiday witnessed an intensification of election campaigns, as the frequency of violations of freedom of electoral movement began to escalate and a widespread movement against these violations emerged. After members of a list against the Shiite duo were prevented from holding an election party in Sarafand the day before yesterday, a large election banner was torn down in central Beirut yesterday for the list backed by President Fouad Siniora.

Seventy candidates from 11 change lists in 11 constituencies denounced the attack on the participants in the launch of the opposition list in Tire Al-Zahrani constituency, considering that this attack threatens the aim of the ruling parties, led by Amal and Hezbollah. to prevent any democratic electoral activity in their spheres of influence.

The joint declaration was signed by the candidates from the first northern district (Akkar), the second (Tripoli, Miniyeh-Danniyeh), the third (Shamalouna from Bcharre El Koura, Zgharta and Batroun), the mountain of Lebanon III (Baabda), the mountain of Lebanon IV. (Chouf and Aley), Beirut I and Beirut II. The first Bekaa (Zahle), the second Bekaa (western Bekaa and Rashaja), the second southern (Sour Al-Zahrani) and the southern third (Marjejun, Hasbaya, Nabatiyeh and Bint Jbeil).

In Bkerke, where President Aoun held a retreat with Patriarch Al-Rahi before the Easter Mass, Aoun wished: “The resurrection of Lebanon, because today we live in a difficult tragedy in which problems have accumulated. He added: “I assure you as I assure the Lebanese that the parliamentary elections will take place and all preparations are ready for that, if something does not happen, God save us. The first question all Lebanese and foreigners ask me is whether “Elections will take place. country, and every time I assure them that it will happen, as I assure everyone.”

He continued: “Positive things happened today, including the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, the beginning of which could mark the beginning of Lebanon’s exit from the abyss under which it is suffering, in addition to the return of Arab countries to it. and its natural sovereignty as it was without any effort ”.

Asked about the judicial formations regarding the heads of the cassation courts and yesterday’s statement of the Minister of Finance, who spoke of a “fundamental error” in them, he replied: “There is no fundamental error, but there is. it’s a hindrance, and you need to know who is hindering, so let them not lie to you. “

In response to what he says to the families of the martyrs of the port of Beirut, who tried to meet with him, while they still do not know the truth about who blew up their city, he said: “To go to the judicial obstructors . and you all know who the hindrance is, so who stopped the cabinet? Why ask questions that you know the answer to? “

In his sermon, Rahi said: “Mr. President, we are pleased with the appearance of signs suggesting that the stone will be rolled away from the homeland and the people: I promise the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Lebanon. next June and is like a bridge between your age and the age of those who will be after you. with Lebanon and its people, and all Lebanese are pleased with the fact that the parliamentary elections will take place on time and your determination regarding them was firm despite efforts to overthrow them here and there. Its constitutional appointment Everyone appreciates your efforts aimed at approving the overall budget and approving the recovery plan, approving reforms as a necessary way for the country to progress and drafting a contract with the International Monetary Fund once the necessary changes are made in it to adapt to the Lebanese reality. that his recommendations take into account the right of depositors with their money.The protection of banking secrecy, the privacy of Lebanese society and its liberal economic system, which formed the secret of Lebanon’s growth and prosperity; also considers protecting Lebanese freedom and avoiding influence Over investment, financing exports and imports, and exchanging remittances between resident Lebanon and enlarged Lebanon. It is not allowed, under the title of saving Lebanon, to change the identity of its national economic system, which is not subject to any constitutional solution or political bargaining. “We are convinced that from your position as president of the republic, defender of the constitution and symbol of the country, you will observe all this in cooperation with the government and parliament.”

He added: “In any case, for the reforms to reach their full extent, they must be accompanied by the extension of state authority throughout its territory, the unification of weapons and decision-making, in accordance with Security Council resolutions. and the adoption of strategic options that strengthen Lebanon’s relations with its Arab surroundings and the democratic world. Gradually moving to Lebanon to contribute to the movement of its awakening, it is necessary to respect the sovereignty of the countries and good relations with them, and to ban campaigns against these sister countries, especially since they are campaigns that have nothing to do with the interests of Lebanon, but with the interests of foreign countries.

On the other hand, the Metropolitan of Beirut and his subordinates to the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Odeh considered in Palm Sunday sermon that: “If one of the current officials had been in the place of Christ, he would not have accepted what God suffered. and would have sought support to silence all opponents and those who have free thought, in every way saying to himself: He will die. As for Christ who gave everyone a lesson to respect the freedom of the other to the maximum . , willingly accepted to be crucified and after the crucifixion proved to all that he is the truth and life and that what they had done under the influence of the leaders of the peoples was sin. and He raised them up with Him by His resurrection, often dominating Hell and the other soldiers of evil. This freedom must be preserved at all times, because it is a gift from God and not from anyone, and man must use his freedom wisely and prudently, to exercise his right without violating the freedom of others.

Here I want to assure all our children that they must carry out their patriotic duty freely and responsibly, without being influenced by anyone, and that the Church does not support any candidate at the expense of another because it respects the freedom of its children. .

And he considered that “at the national level, the biggest test we face today is: Does our people have the will to change and strive for change, or will they leave and choose the old one they did? Because he chose his fate by his free will.

At the level of the political and electoral scene, the prominent positions of the Progressive Socialist Party were, as the party leader, Walid Jumblatt, in an interview with “Al-Ijrabaat” considered that “the Syrian-Iranian axis is against what is left of a decision “Independent national assembly in Mukhtara and elsewhere, and the democratic meeting as a whole is aimed at, but this is not the battle of Timor Jumblatt. Rather, it is a battle for independent Arab national sovereign decision.”

Regarding the nominations, he stressed that “I made the possible and required change and did not do the rest because Marwan Hamadeh went to his death and returned, due to the battle of independence and the rejection of the extension of Lahoud and his Syrian. “Hezbollah does not believe in dialogue and we have noticed the issue from Rafik Hariri to Luqman Salim, but we have to take it easy and face it,” he said.

“Neither Gibran Bassil nor Suleiman Franjieh, and the last time we” traveled “with Prime Minister Hariri,” went out of our minds, “Jumblatt said of the presidential election.

Regarding the return of the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, he said that “behind the clouds as a result of the barbaric statements of Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, it would have destroyed our relations with the Gulf.

He noted that “the countries are rich in their holdings and I do not call for sales, but for investments. For example, the electricity sector could be designated for ten years after the file is removed from the hands of Gibran Bassil”.

Democratic Rally MP Taymour Jumblatt said: “Our battle is against those who want to overthrow the mountain and dominate the country and we will be involved in all the confrontations in the elections and then to regain the state that was kidnapped by Hezbollah. , Iran and Michel Aoun ”.

MP Jumblatt’s speech came during a tour he did in a number of Chouf villages, accompanied by resigned MP Marwan Hamadeh. Addressing citizens in many villages and towns of Chouf, Jumblatt declared: “We were able to stand together and fight battles one after another, and we stand for the sake of our dignity, our way of life and our right to life, for the rights of the people and the survival of the state.We hear many speeches and accusations against you and ours and we want to tell everyone on May 15 that the mountain is our mountain and the earth is our land and it is the land of dignity., the truth and the homeland , and we will not allow anyone to cancel us. “

On the other hand, Hamadeh stated: “I say that the conspiracy continues, it started with the assassination of our first martyr, teacher Kamal Jumblatt and we have reached the final stage, where the electoral battle today is called war. Spiritual and defense. Mukhtara Hills and “The mountain in the darkest days will be a loud voice in the election, just like the voice of Timor, who meets the words of Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai yesterday.”

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