Relationships: “I was 16 and I thought it was normal”

  • Hannah Price
  • BBC news

published photo, BBC / Emma Lynch

History Containing Annoying details.

Often, the difference between a healthy and abusive relationship is not clear, especially if the impact of the abusive relationship is not as noticeable as bruising, but is just as harmful.

When Sarah (not her real name) was a teenager, about 16 years old, she felt nervous about a boy in her class named Zack (a pseudonym). After having talked a lot for weeks, he invited her to accompany him to a party; But she was not used to going out with only one boy, so she asked him to invite her friends as well.

But she recalls that he told her, “I want us to be alone. This is our only chance to be together. Now either it will not happen again.”

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