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Tunisia- Love is considered an attractive thing between the sexes, which in many cases arises to become one of the necessities of life or its elixir and the secret of its existence. While some people try not to fall into it, they suppress their feelings within them as much as possible and mostly avoid places where lovers can be, they may even faint when faced with a situation emotional or romantic and this feeling develops as they reach the stage of complete annulment of the idea of ​​marriage.

Psychologists defined love phobia, or what is accepted as philophobia, as the fear of falling in love or any emotional connection, which affects the course of life of an average person and pushes him to stay away from all emotional commitments and family ties.

The disorder of emotional connection phobia causes a growing fear of being betrayed and a loss of trust in all emotion-driven relationships, as psychologists have confirmed that the fear of falling in love or any emotional connection makes those affected by it to seek to leave. and escaping from any emotional compulsion, noting that its causes are manifold, some of which relate to the person himself, and some to his family, noting its dangerous effects on the psychological and physical health of human.

They also showed that parents’ cruelty to their children is one of the main causes of fear of falling in love because they are afraid that they will be subjected to the same cruelty that they were subjected to in childhood by their future partners.

The experts considered that the nature of the parents’ relationship with each other is no less important than the parenting method. When the child sees his parents in a state of constant quarrels and clashes, he believes that this is the nature of the emotional relationship in the general, and therefore he is afraid to approach them.

Repetition of failed experiences in a person’s environment makes him believe that there is no successful love

They said that family behavior can be reflected in the child, so he has an introverted personality, and these personalities are often sensitive and more afraid of accompanying or experiencing love experiences. They added that lack of self-confidence and feeling of weakness make a person either motivated by his feelings towards the other, or completely away from him and by approaching any relationship because he believes he will not take responsibility for any relationship. and that he will not be able to deal with others.

They also advised that a person should undergo psychological treatment sessions in order to modify his / her stored irrational thoughts and turn them into positive points that help him / her change his / her behavior and increase his / her self-confidence. , realizing that each relationship controls its success or failure by the same. person.

For his part, Ahmed Al-Abyad, a psychologist, believes that repeating failed experiences in a person’s environment makes him believe that there is no successful love and that betrayal can be the end of any relationship, so he tries to isolate, noting that love phobia is a fear that is not really justified, but is justified in the unconscious of the affected person.

Al-Abyad told Al-Arab: “The personal experiences that the individual experienced or were brought about were rooted in him in two ways, either through a traumatic event or a recurring event. It may be that the person with the love phobia has had a failed love affair, or something has happened to them. ”

He added that love phobia can be related to a person experiencing turbulent and unwanted situations in his family environment, which would instill a negative image of love in his mind, stressing that these incidents can be a divorce between parents during childhood, or abuse by one parent, or seeing parents or another couple arguing, learning about a partner’s infidelity, or hearing conversations about unsuccessful large-scale relationships.

Al-Abyadh called on families not only to take care of their children and offer love to them, but also to declare their love for them on any occasion, which would make them capable of loving others and qualified to love others.

He pointed out that it is illogical for parents to believe that children can draw the conclusion of love through the actions they do for them. He considered it insufficient, stressing the need to always express feelings of love towards them.

Love phobia is a painful emotional state that pushes the boundaries of fear of being close to family, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Experts pointed out that love phobia is not only a painful emotional state, but also reaches the limits of fear to get closer to family, friends, co-workers and neighbors as well.

They showed that this emotional distress is considered a threat to a person’s psychological security and the chance of developing philophobia increases if a person goes through a failed relationship with a previous partner, or if betrayed by the partner, so the fear stems and becomes cautious. for a new relationship, but rather rejects the idea of ​​commitment to a person, and therefore he spends his life alone without a partner.

And they reported that the person with love phobia also suffers from a strong fear of the other party’s rejection of the idea of ​​entering into a romantic relationship with him, which makes him move away from the idea of ​​entering into any emotion. relationship as this option avoids its downfall in embarrassing situations. It also often addresses the escape from places, times and social and human circles in which the potential lover resides.

Psychologists agree that if a person believes in certain values, he is convinced that extramarital affairs have no horizon and he tries to stay as far away as possible from emotional ties outside of that relationship and this behavior is mainly related to girls as they fear manipulation. of their emotions.

They considered that girls are more likely to suffer from this phobia, which is a barrier between them and marriage, emphasizing that this can be a psychological complex for them as a result of passing bitter experiences in their memory or hearing. of the failed love stories they make. hesitate a lot when entering into an emotional relationship.

They urged girls to stay away from listening to failed love stories and pay attention to successful ones and leave thinking about everything that is negative.

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