I will continue my dream even in a wheelchair

Despite the health crisis faced by chef Abdullah Al-Hashemi, his great passion for international cuisine and his connection to the Emirati culinary arts, which he mastered by merging them with various eastern dishes and western with an unusual touch, motivated him to move forward. in the presentation of his modern “recipes”, even in his wheelchair. And this after recent medical reports confirmed that he was suffering from atrophy of the muscles of both legs and nerve damage, caused by long suffering with diabetes.

Al-Hashemi revealed to “Emirates Today” that the last few weeks were the most difficult for him, with conflicting opinions about the diagnosis of the disease and the causes of his temporary disability, as well as the need for him to adhere to special medical instructions. after which he decided to return again to the passion of the kitchen to prepare recipes for his various dishes, armed with his faith the strong Judge of God, his good and his bad, as he said.

He stressed that his great ambitions and hopes will not stop due to illness, as he aims to turn this ordeal with the force of will into an incentive for self-improvement and hard work to achieve the dream, adding: “I was able “Thank you, God, for overcoming this crisis, and I went back to my kitchen to introduce my fans to the newest innovative recipes that I hope they will like and approve.”

Al Hashimi continued: “I am always looking for new and unprecedented ideas that enable me to present a vision that truly elevates the authentic cuisine of the Emirates, integrating the ingredients and details of a number of traditional international cuisines with their tastes. diverse and famous, with ingredients of traditional local cuisine, to invent contemporary flavors that complement the taste of food lovers and new followers on social networks.

ide novatore

For the beginnings of this passion, the chef from the Emirates explained that he liked his cooking skills from an early age, as he took care of its development by practicing every day and preparing different dishes, or seeing the details of this art through numerous trips and movements between different countries of the world, in which he tried to see the most important Tastes and traditional dishes of each country, asking about the ingredients and methods of their preparation, before returning to the Emirates and thought seriously about opening a private restaurant through which he enjoyed great love for cooking.

He continued: “At first I opened a restaurant in Al Ain and another branch in Ayman, through which I was able to offer innovative (burger) meals with (pasta) and I do not deny that I was very pleased with. the great acceptance I found among the people and their clear acceptance at the time of the new recipe, which quickly in short time became the best-selling meal on our menu and also managed to create the Emirates meal (Machboos). with (steak), which, though I feared at first, has received the expected approval after being first tested on a small scale, including family, family and friends.

Ice cream “burns”

The uniqueness of Al-Hashem’s dishes did not stop at the borders of mixing traditional flavors with numerous international ones, as it went beyond them to create a new type of ice cream that clearly contributed to the definition of his talent in this field. at that time invited me to talk about my new recipe with a spicy taste, which was introduced for the first time, and encouraged me at that time to turn to social media and introduce my food and dishes to people to try and express their thoughts. on their tastes, and from that time I understood the degree of reaction of the audience to the new flavors that I introduce each time, as well as the ways of preparing various local and international dishes, which are followed not only by women, but also by young people. the generation of athletes who joined my digital channels after the meal (oatmeal), which I recently introduced and witnessed a huge demand due to the new and very healthy ingredients. ”


Al-Hashemi speaks proudly of the uniqueness of the Emirates cuisine, which is rich in many successful traditional dishes that suit the world, and lacks only external marketing and promotion like other famous international cuisines, given that emirate cuisine converges on it. details with Gulf cuisine in general, and in return preserves the privacy of its local flavors, especially its sweets, which are popular with a large group of tourists and foreigners, and perhaps the motive that motivated Al Hashemi to specialize and to obtain a degree in the field, enabling him to open an academy to learn the arts of mixing traditional Emirati dishes with contemporary international tastes.

Abdullah Al Hashemi:

• “My great hopes will not be dashed by illness, as I intend to turn this ordeal into a stimulus by willpower.”

• “I managed to create the Emirates (Machboos) meal with (steak), which, despite my fear, was well received.”

Tips for young people

The chef from the Emirates, Abdullah Al-Hashemi, has given advice to ambitious young people who want to open private projects in any field, based on his experience in the field of cuisine and restaurants, otherwise, completely abandon the idea.


Al-Hashemi called on the relevant officials and authorities to monitor his health condition, after the illness with which he was exposed, to help him return to his normal life.

• The traditional cuisine of the Emirates is in line with international standards and lacks only marketing and promotion abroad.

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