How does the relationship between your parents at home affect your colleagues at work?

  • Kristian Xharret
  • BBC

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Countless factors influence the way you communicate with your colleagues, such as the nature of their personality, the manager’s personality style, and the atmosphere in the organization in general. But another less obvious factor, related to your parents, may be responsible for your problems in the work environment, such as your attempt to avoid seeking help from colleagues, fear of failure or difficulty accepting the assessment negative of your performance.

Therefore, the way you interact with your colleagues may have been determined based on the nature of the relationship between your parents; especially as to how they should treat their differences; Were they prone to friendly and constructive ways, or were they prone to quarrels and conflicts?

According to psychologists, frequent quarrels and quarrels between parents affect what is known as the “relationship pattern” of their son, which determines how he behaves with others. This can cast a shadow over his ability to build healthy relationships in the workplace.

This pushes us to talk about the theory of “connection”, which was first formulated in the middle of the last century by the British psychologist John Bowlby. This theory shows that the social relationships that a person creates and contributes to the creation of his personality – especially those that connect him and his parents – constitute the way he interacts with and relates to others throughout his life, and which is scientifically known. as the “attachment model”.

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