How do romantic relationships come about despite the distance?

  • Kristian Rou
  • journalism

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Some develop romantic relationships with people thousands of miles away from each other as a result of their connection to a different job. How do those relationships survive? And what helps his success?

David Sitchon and Brian Gilmore are not used to living together in one place. Even when they lived together in the Irish capital Dublin six years ago after graduating from university, they often had to leave each other because of their research trips.

Sechon, who is German, works as a researcher on the living conditions of clothing workers and currently lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and is currently preparing to return to Berlin. His companion, Gilmore, who is Canadian, works as a health researcher and travels between the cities of Nairobi and Marsab in Kenya. The two are still in their early thirties and consider Dublin their meeting point.

Seechon and Gilmore see that they are working to build their future, so they have to sacrifice in the moment.

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