Blue Seafood Asia is expanding by joining the Dubai International Financial Center

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The Blue Seafood Asia Restaurant announced the opening of its unique location at the Dubai International Financial Center, Burj Daman and Waldorf Astoria, on November 15 this year, offering guests the opportunity to experience authentic Asian experience and fresh taste. . seafood, in addition to a distinguished and rich selection of delicious dishes, prepared by world-renowned chefs.

The concept of destination hospitality is inspired by stunning oceans, vibrant fish markets and the thrilling ambience and cuisine techniques of coastal Asia, all combined to form the unique design, superb ambience and rich menu of the delicious restaurant.

The new restaurant at the Dubai International Financial Center is characterized by an atmosphere full of comfort and luxury, to offer the highest levels of service and the most delicious Asian cuisine with one of the most amazing views of the picturesque Dubai skyline. the restaurant was chosen to reflect the concept of delivering fresh produce to the restaurant, in addition to enhancing the experiences of family and friends while enjoying the most delicious dishes at the destination.

Spread over an area of ​​7,000 square meters, Blue Sea Food Asia offers its guests a unique and vibrant, nature-inspired experience. She has it in one of her corners. The ceiling of the restaurant is covered with a unique set of sea wave decorations and warmly lit woolen lanterns hanging from it. Plants fill the corners of the restaurant to give an extra sense of nature. It also includes luxury circular dining rooms with special tropical designs.

Chef Andrei Vojtovici prepares the dishes, which are presented by the restaurant, which includes a classic and delicious selection of Asian cuisine, including oyster nook, delicious sushi, nigiri and sashimi dishes. The restaurant also serves two types of delicious hot appetizers, which are fried crab cake topped with mango, kiwi and papaya, and nori shrimp tempura with Thai mayonnaise, along with main meals consisting of three delicious dishes of served to seafood lovers; They are pancakes with tom yam soup, blue crab dish and oyster dish. There is also a unique selection of dishes for fans of rice and noodles, such as Pad Thai Noodles stuffed with eggs, vegetables, chili paste and crunchy peanuts, and appetizers mixed with mushrooms served with a little choy, spinach, crunchy garlic and a splash of sesame.

As for the Blue Sea Food Asia menu, it includes a range of options, including Bombay Sapphire Spirit, Sanger de Toro, mocktail Thai Ice Team, premium coffee, black tea and the best red and white wines. Dessert lovers can enjoy the delicious taste of Matcha Coco Cloud stuffed with roasted lemon and mango, as well as cheesecake stuffed with lychee, chestnut and rose petals.

The entrance of the restaurant is distinguished by a special welcoming atmosphere in the corridor, where fresh fish, different types of crabs and shrimp are displayed to offer guests an extraordinary experience, allowing them to choose their preferences from this internal market. . The menu of the Asian Seafood Restaurant also features a range of exceptional dishes that are light and rich in unique seasonal flavors, prepared with the freshest local ingredients.

Pallav Patel, co-founder of BlackSpoon Hospitality, said: “We are excited to open the doors of the experimental Asian Seafood Restaurant at DIFC, which was conceived by our partner Fadi Haider out of his passion for fishing. We hope the restaurant succeeds in establishing itself as a special destination for gourmets who want to delight their family and friends with an authentic Asian experience, combining delicious seafood, a warm beach ambiance and fresco music.

For his part, Fadi Haider said: “Blue Seafood Asia is proud to offer the most amazing dining experiences for seafood lovers. Based on the growing interest in the Emirati seafood scene.”

Blue Seafood Asia also features two dining areas, offering many live cooking shows, with an open kitchen that includes a noodle cooking station and a deluxe sushi corner that brings out music with an on-site DJ. The restaurant also includes a wonderful outdoor terrace to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoor dining experience with a stunning view of the Dubai International Financial Center on the stunning Emirates skyline.

Blue Seafood Asia is part of the thriving Black Spoon group in the hospitality sector, which owns and operates the concepts of renowned restaurants in Dubai, including Ibn Al Bahr, Alo Beirut, Bombay Bungalow, Masti and many more. For 250 guests with two indoor and outdoor seating areas, a luxury bar, free Wi-Fi, designated non-smoking areas and an outdoor terrace suitable for all personal and professional events.


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