Between 399 and 7500 .. restaurant prices to see New Year shows in the Emirates

Nahed Hammoud and Munawara Ajeez

December 23, 2021

00:08 AM

With the New Year holiday approaching, many people started booking their seats in restaurants and cafes to celebrate the New Year in the Emirates, where thousands of locals and tourists flock to commemorate the countdown to the start of the new year, enjoying dishes and enjoying paintings painted with fireworks, at prices that vary according to location and appearance, while the food offered, according to a monitoring conducted by “Vision”, start from 399 dirhams and reach 7500 dirhams.

fully booked

Managers of restaurants and cafes overlooking the New Year’s celebration area in Burj Khalifa stated that bookings started early for them and reached 70% of their restaurant capacity, stressing that outdoor sessions are fully booked, and sessions underwear that many do not. prefer, adding that most of the nationalities they have booked including the Gulf and American communities.

The largest number

The restaurant “SALT” occupies a privileged place; With views of the Burj Khalifa and the fountain, the entire downtown area and Dubai Mall, prices for bookings per person on the upper terrace start at 7,500 dirhams, including dinner and parking for the vehicle, while the interior seats start from 4,500 to 5000 dirhams per person.

As for the Turkish restaurant “Kunaydin”, the cost of booking a person is 5500 dirhams, including dinner and drinks.

Payment flexibility

The outdoor session overlooking the tower and fountain of the Iraqi restaurant “Samad” costs 4500 dirhams per person, including dinner and drinks, New Year’s Eve and the second on the same night.

The Lebanese restaurant “Siraj” has three offers: in the outer space in the heart of the water 3000 dirhams per person with dinner and drinks, and on the second floor “terrace” starts from 1750 dirhams, and inside 1250 dirhams.

The offer of the Lebanese restaurant “Al Hallab” in the external session is 2900 dirhams and in the internal session it goes down to 1900 with dinner and drinks.

While Wafi Gourmet offers include 2,500 dirhams outside, 1,800 dirhams near the exit window and 1,300 dirhams for the indoor session, prices per person per seat in the Turkish-Lebanese Zozo, in the outdoor area near the fountain, start at 3,500 dirhams. and in the central area 2500 dirhams, and the internal session is 2000 dirhams.

All reservations for the “Karam Lebanon” restaurant, whose outdoor seating was 4,000 dirhams, including dinner and drinks, have been sold.

fast food restaurants

The Taiwanese seafood restaurant “Din Tai Feng” offers offers starting from the outdoor area from 2500 dirhams for adults and 2000 dirhams for children, and in “Pizza Hut” is 1500 dirhams outside, and 1000 dirhams indoors, including dinner, soft drinks and refreshments. water.

The fast food restaurant “KFC” participates in the competition with reservations of 2500 dirhams in the outer area, while inside 1900 dirhams, including only dinner.

“Nando’s” fast food has set the reservation price at 2000 dirhams, with dinner, drinks and cakes, while “Luchi’s” prices reach 2500 dirhams for outdoor seating and 1900 dirhams indoors.

Starbucks Café requires advance booking for that night, although its menu does not include dinner. The cost of booking an outdoor seat per person is 2500 dirhams, while for indoor sessions it is 1500 dirhams.

Festive atmosphere in hotels

In a similar context, prices at luxury beach hotel restaurants totaled more than 4,500 dirhams per person and about 3,500 dirhams at other restaurants offering beach views, or in vital areas such as the city center and Dubai Marina.

The restaurants on the hotel premises offered dinner offers, their prices ranging from 1000 to 2500 dirhams, including the hotel restaurants in “Palm Jumeirah”, which demanded from 1200 to 3300 dirhams per person.

St. Regis Dubai, The Palm, celebrates New Year’s Eve, promising its guests a wide range of events and experiences, while a party will be held at “The You at the Palm”, which is the highest platform of sight on the island. of Palm Jumeirah, where guests can choose the one that suits them.From the various celebration packages, starting from AED 1999 per person, with a 360 degree panoramic view of the fireworks.

Reservations per person at C La Vie restaurant, known for its close and best view of the fireworks in Burj Khalifa, start from 2500 dirhams in the restaurant hall and 5000 dirhams as a minimum expense on the balcony.

400 to 1400 dirhams in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi special evenings can be spent on New Year’s night in luxury and high-end restaurants. These destinations offer booking options ranging from 399 dirhams and up to 1400 dirhams per person, to receive various food packages. and drinks at these restaurants.

For those who want to have a special dinner in one of the most famous and luxurious monuments of Abu Dhabi, they can book the restaurant “BBQ” at the Emirates Palace Hotel and choose any of the special packages ranging from 1200 to 1400 dirhams, while guests will be able to enjoy watching fireworks displays while eating grilled food.

As for the Koya restaurant in its two branches, on the waterfront of Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it offers a variety of food packages inspired by Brazilian and other cultures, with music and art tunes, for 800 dirhams. . and visitors will have the opportunity to watch interactive and entertaining shows and fireworks to be held on the coast.for the island.

The Fairmot Bab Al Bahr Hotel in Abu Dhabi offers a spacious dinner buffet, where it is possible to book in advance at the CuiScene restaurant, with prices starting from 449 to 849 dirhams per person, and guests will be able to look back on New Year’s night. beach shows and special fireworks shows.

On Yas Island, the Hickory restaurant, which overlooks Yas golf courses and special beaches, offers a reservation in advance for a minimum of 399 dirhams per person.

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