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London- He found his way among the social media audience with his spontaneity and unique content and easily placed his touches on traditional cooking recipes to bring them to a new innovative image, while increasing the number of his followers on various social media platforms reached 7 million followers. , and within a year he achieved nearly 600 million views of his episodes on Facebook and other platforms, to become the most famous Arab boss on the Facebook platform.

Describing himself as fun and loving, and loving the name “Julia,” Muhammad Sbeita called himself “Abu Julia.”

He studied English literature, as well as worked on translation, proofreading and editing, in addition to development projects. Despite the difficult conditions in which he lived in the Gaza Strip, he was able to create opportunities for himself to overcome to get to know the world outside the Gaza Strip, in which he lived 27 years of his life without leaving it.

Abu Julia studied English literature and worked on translation, proofreading and editing (communication page)

Abu Julia tells Al Jazeera Net: During my adolescence and youth, I worked with my father in the blacksmith profession for over 12 years and had to cook as a child to help at home, since I was the eldest son during my mother’s time. illness, and to ease the burden of her and my sisters, until cooking became a passion that was in line with me, I like to experiment and enjoy eating to the fullest with my family and friends and only then I moved to London 4 years ago.

Corona’s starting point

Abu Julia pointed out that content delivery through social media platforms came without prior planning, “when I was able to teach myself some skills in video editing programs, especially during the long closing time in London due to the Corona pandemic “.

He adds: “This period gave me time to crystallize my new and spontaneous presence on social media platforms, as a food lover, an explanation of cooking methods and a person with spirit who shares his pleasure with the world in an interesting way. . content. “

The expression “our beloved” for which Abu Julia is also famous, came unplanned, as is common among young people and friends in Gaza, and occurs naturally in his language, as a way to seduce the person of reverse and facilitate speech. with him and breaking every impasse in the meeting.All respect for the other.

Tabbouleh, Mansaf and public criticism

Regarding the most famous Arab countries that follow Abu Julia, he said: “There are differences between the followers according to the electronic platform, but in general they are from all countries and most followers are from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq.

He continues: The posts and photos that make me happy come from followers from all over the world and I would not exaggerate if I were to say literally to all countries. Many of the posts are from major countries in terms of followers, but some of them I also receive from members of Arab communities living in remote locations.

Despite Abu Julia’s audience’s knowledge of his innovative method of cooking, some of his recipes were attacked and criticized by some of his followers, as he said the Lebanese tabbouleh recipe met with harsh criticism from the Lebanese public, who did not accept any modifications or additions. , even a simple addition to the recipe, though the change on my part was based on personal preference and I did not claim it was essential to the traditional recipe.

He went on, as well as the recipe for the mansaf, as the Jordanian people are very eager to preserve the mansaf and strongly attack any deviation from the traditional, accepted recipe, although the details of the mansaf also vary within Jordan.

Renovation is needed

Abu Julia emphasizes the importance of traditional foods in the identity and culture of countries and adds that traditional recipes are preserved and relevant in social memory and cultural heritage and should be documented and transmitted across generations as traditional recipes of this type are published. . But on the other hand, it is very important to have the flexibility to enjoy the food according to the circumstances available.

He says: In foreign conditions, we may need to modify some ingredients to bypass the lack of original ingredients in western markets and there are also many groups of people suffering from food allergies or health problems that prevent them from consuming certain ingredients.

In addition, people by nature love changes and experiments and it is necessary to innovate in foods and present them in new forms and uncharacteristic flavors to enjoy them away from boredom and boredom. The pleasure of food is so important that we appreciate it, we are grateful for its existence and we are proud to share it with the people around us, Arabs and foreigners. For all of the above reasons, according to Abu Julia, a reasonable renovation is needed.

Julia’s mother behind the camera

And about his wife’s role with him and her support for him, Abu Julia tells: Sometimes my wife helps me shoot videos and illustrated stories daily (Stories) on social media platforms and in any side job I need , but it does not interfere with the creation and presentation of the content, because I have my vision for the construction of the content.The sequencing of its scenes and its plot in general.

Out of respect for my wife’s desire – Abu Julia continues – she does not share my view in the videos I post, but in our daily lives, we share cooking between my meals prepared for the public and her healthy dishes, and between trying new foods. when we go out together.

What I can not compete with is her ability to organize excursions for us to beautiful places in London and Britain, and I usually post photos of these tours on social media, which were admired and admired by my followers.

New kitchen for show

Abu Julia fans saw his new kitchen appliances outside his home, where he explained that the kitchen is in development and will be dedicated to a new project for the YouTube platform, to which I did not pay enough attention, like other platforms, due to time constraints.

The program is of a special nature, but my character as Abu Julia will remain present in it and I think the audience will enjoy the content presented, which will be characterized by fun touches in the way of video production.

Regarding the possibility of opening a restaurant in which he presents his recipes to the public, he stressed that the idea is on the table, but requires time for preparation, study and planning. He says: I have received many offers to open restaurants in my country. name in Arab and Western countries, but I see that the time has not yet come to take this great step; Until then there are many new projects that occupy me and will delight the public, God willing.

“The hardest thing about achieving success is maintaining it. My biggest goal is to deepen followers’ understanding of the role of eating in our lives and its effects on our health and psyche, providing more interesting and “pleasantly supported by scientific evidence., and my next steps are all seeking to achieve my goal.”

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