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In celebration of its long-standing partnership with Attar United, Swiss watch and jewelry house Chopard enriches its Alpine Eagle collection of elegant sports watches with an exclusive model featuring a Gray Waltz counter with green numbers and clock markers. This limited edition contains only 33 watches made entirely of Lucent 223A steel, which has become a hallmark of the Chopard with its high durability and refined luster.

Aesthetic touch and full clarity

Chopard workshops evoked the Walt Gray symbol on the Alpine Eagle Large watch number, made in a limited edition series specifically for the United Attar company, to recall the image of silver reflections of quartz tiles covering the roofs and walls of ancient houses in Alps, and green indicators inspired by the color of the Saudi national flag were added. The result is a meeting between the two cultures that testifies to the deep ties between Chopard and Attar United Company.

The sun-embellished number looks like the eagle’s eye iris and the clocks, minutes and seconds are elegantly contrasted by green scorpions and Super-LumiNova (1X) coated clock markers to glow in the dark of night.

innovative materials

The entire box and integrated watch bracelet are made of innovative Lucent 223A steel, which has a surgical-style hypoallergenic steel construction that makes it perfectly suitable for both leather and leather use. 50% of ordinary steel, not to mention unique hardness.

With its absolute purity due to the superior homogeneity of its crystalline structure, this innovative steel alloy reflects light with a radiant sheen and unmatched luster.

It is made from 70% recycled materials in accordance with the ethical approach adhered to by Chopard Lab.

mechanical accuracy

True to Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s commitment to certified accuracy, at the heart of this Alpine Eagle model is the Chopard 01.01-C self-winding mechanical caliber containing a generous 60-hour energy reserve. Can be seen through the rear case, made of crystal glass. Developed at Chopard watch production workshops, this movement has been certified for accuracy with a chronometer certificate from the Official Organization of the Swiss Stopwatch (COSC).

Alpine Eagle watch collection

The Alpine Eagle was created by three generations of Scheufele men. It is a modern reinterpretation of the St. Moritz which was the first watch production project by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele in the late 1970s. Measured and refined, the Alpine Eagle watch enriches this heritage with lush inspiration drawn from nature. The collection watches have a round case with stylized sides, a crown stamped with a compass flower and an integrated metal bracelet, and on the watch frame are eight functional screws with lined holes. The engraved number, deep colors and brilliant indexes are distinguished by the Alpine Eagle watch, with a modern look and elegance full of sophistication.

Thanks to its independence and integration capabilities, Chopard engages in all the necessary stages for the production and assembly of collection watches within its watch production workshops; From making the movement and the bracelet to working the case and the rest of the watch parts.

technical specifications

Clock (Alpine Eagle)

A limited edition of 33 hours on the Lucent Steel 223A

closure: Case made of shiny steel A223 Total diameter 41 mm Thickness 9.7 mm Water resistance 100 meters Steel crown stamped with a pink compass 7 mm Perpendicular satin finish on the outer perimeter of the watch case with smooth sloping edges Frame of the watch polished and polished vertically with eight screws Anti-reflective crystal glass of the slotted line Back case showing movement through the anti-reflective crystal glass

Movement mechanism: Automatic mechanical winding Chopard 01.01-C Movement piece 207 Overall diameter 28.80 mm Thickness 4.95 mm Number of precious stones 31 Frequency 28800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) Power reserve 60 hours Equilibrium spring with flat curved chronometers flat (Chronometer SC) Cert.

Dial and scorpions

Eagle’s eye-catching bronze stamped bronze number, galvanized green numbers, gray waltz numbers and clock markers installed on the counter, Super-LumiNova treatment, scale (1X) Green hands in an arrow shape and minutes treated with the class Super-LumiNova 1X Secondary hand in the form of a green counterweight arrow looks like an eagle feather

Functions and display: Displays hours, minutes and seconds Posting the date between 4 and 5 pm

Bracelet and clasp: Shiny bracelet made of shiny 223A steel with wide brimmed sides and connections brushed, center bump, triple brushed polished steel clasp

Ref. 3012-298600 – Limited Edition 223A Lucent Steel Watch with Waltz Gray Dial

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