50 stylists from Dubai shaping the future of creative design

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Dubai has become a global hub for talent and creativity due to its tremendous support for all the Emirati environment and its multicultural and multicultural and artistic projects and theses, which outline a roadmap for it. the future of the creative and artistic world. industry scene.

From this perspective, the Dubai Future Foundation, in collaboration with the Palmwood Foundation, gave young designers from the Emirates living in Dubai the opportunity and platform to share their talents, skills, ideas and creativity by launching the “50 Designers from Dubai” guide. united by passion and enthusiasm for design.

The guide aims to provide an opportunity for 50 young stylists from the UAE from Dubai aged 18 to 28 to highlight their creative skills, abilities and ideas and offer them opportunities to collaborate with government and private agencies in the field of creative design. thus increasing their contribution to the growth of Dubai leadership as one of the best global destinations for creativity and innovation.

the culture of creativity

The launch of this initiative comes in the framework of the Dubai Future Foundation’s efforts to consolidate a culture of creativity and innovation among young national staff, to encourage them to think innovatively, to develop their practical experiences, to support initiatives and various national projects and to honor the achievements of young people in various creative sectors to achieve the vision and directives of leadership.

The guide presents the most prominent data and information for 21 designers specialized in the category of graphic design, 13 designers in the category of space design, 5 stylists in the field of design management and 10 distinguished talents in the category of multimedia, in addition to one specialized designer. in the field of user interface design.

Creative solutions

Among the most prominent designers participating is Aisha Bin Haider, who holds a BA degree in Graphic Design from Zayed University. As a designer, she is inspired by her culture and everyday environment, while working with precision and wide space to understand and portray her idea and content in a special way. In addition, Khawla Al-Taher graduated from the University Zayed with a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the American University in Dubai. She has experience in designing web pages and application du, has produced dynamic artwork for various media projects and likes to work on projects that offer creative solutions to users.

The guide also reviewed the data of artist Aisha bin Suroor, who is a professional photographer, and seeks to imagine and take pictures in her mind before capturing them through the camera. then formulates it into a new form.

She is also interested in photography, sculpture, drawing and printing, as well as poetry and equestrianism, while Noura Mousa, a graphic design graduate from Zayed University, applies her research skills, collage design skills and her competence in creating of creative content. transforming dry texts and concepts into images and designs that will inspire people.

A passion for architecture

On the architectural side, the guide included the data of architect Omar Al Gurg, who combined his passion for photography and his experience in architecture, to capture the ideal image through which he hopes to inspire others, as well as the engineer, the architect and community activist Ahmed Al Shirawi, who developed an interest in architecture, architectural psychology, and sustainability. He has been involved in many volunteer and extracurricular activities over the years. These experiences inspired him to create a non-profit organization called Union Champions, motivated by his love of doing good.

Content industry

In the context of the media content industry, the guide sheds light on the data of design stylist Noura Al Serkal, who has been interested in creating content since childhood and is passionate about designing digital publications that intertwine animation, fashion. and art, and Noura works diligently to develop her skills and talent by gaining more experience. , while stylist Hessa Lootah, a graduate in graphic design at Zayed University, has a particular passion for typography and bilingual design.

Her desire to explore and learn from new opportunities pushed her to participate in many seminars and projects such as designing a country identity for the Arab Youth Center and she explored various areas such as information design, packaging design and photography.

the future of design

In this context, Abdul Aziz Al Jaziri, Executive Vice President of the Dubai Future Foundation, stressed the importance of embracing the national competencies of young people and providing support platforms that encourage them to develop their design skills and gain new skills that meet the growing need for new creators. ideas and are able to contribute effectively to attracting innovative perceptions that advance the creative scene in Dubai and the UAE, as it has become a key economic sector and supports the growth of many future sectors.

For her part, Amal Bin Shabib, CEO of the Palmwood Foundation, stressed that this initiative primarily aims to encourage creativity and innovative talent among young staff in the UAE, and highlight the importance of design skills, which constitute a key tool for unique transformation. ideas and visions in quality and integrated projects.

She stressed that many new initiatives will be launched aimed at identifying specialized national talents in various fields and encouraging them to continue to contribute positively to building the future of the UAE and the world.


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