Watching TV during the pandemic creates a partnership between Netflix and London to serve tea, in Bridgerton mode.

After lifting travel restrictions … an unprecedented requirement to live the experiences of movies and series

With TV viewership increasing by 70 percent in 2021 compared to 2020, the public’s desire to watch during pandemic blockages is greater than ever. Now with reopening borders, easing restrictions and resuming travel, tour counselors are offering viral packages that include TV-themed itineraries that allow travelers to live outside of their favorite shows.

in Britain; While all travel restrictions have now been lifted, hotels in London have entered into a partnership with Netflix to offer teas inspired by the character “Lady Weseldown”, the daughter of high-profile companies who appeared in “Bridgerton” famous. episodes. In Yellowstone National Park, travelers arrive in Wyoming not to see the Oddle Faithfull fountain, but to have a chance to enjoy characters dressed as John Dutton from the popular Yellowstone drama.

London is among the favorite destinations for Americans after the opening of borders and the cancellation of travel complications due to the pandemic

in South Korea; Where vaccinated travelers can now enter without quarantine requirements, street vendors on Jeju Island expect customers to rush to them for dalguna, honeycomb candy that has been a staple of the exciting Squid Game episodes.

“When you fall in love with a character, you just can not get it out of your mind,” said Antonina Bates, a blogger who last year became addicted to watching “Outlander” dramas filled with time travel stories about Claire Beauchamp . nurse returning 200 years ago. Bates and husband William saw “Stars” together and are now planning an Outlander-inspired trip to Scotland in May to visit filming locations, including Midhope Castle, which was Jimmy Fraser’s family home on the show.

Antonina Bates said her husband, William Bates, is a Scotsman and their shared interest in the show made her want to explore his roots. Season 5 of “Outlander” premiered in February 2020. The 142 percent increase in viewership ratings for “Straz” episodes to new subscribers at the start of the pandemic was attributed to an increase in home audience over the long break. Two years before the Sixth Season episodes last appeared on screens, a time period known to viewers as “Dreadlander”, after the tourist attractions associated with the “Outlander” episodes in Scotland. These areas include landmarks such as the Glencoe and Holyroodhouse Palace, which were then visited by more than 1.7 million visitors. Content related to the “Outlander” episodes reached about 350,000 hits on the “Visit Scotland” page, ahead of the number reached by pages linked to the Harry Potter and James Bond filming sites.

The Bates family, who live in New York City, plan to follow a 12-day itinerary of preparing a program called “Visit Scotland,” starting in Edinburgh, then Fife, and then Glasgow. during which they visit the castles. and gardens; Where Claire falls in love and Jimmy’s companions die in battle. Private tour companies, including Nordic Visitor and Inverness Tours, have also unveiled dedicated tours to drama venues.

Travel in a permanent direction and a new intensity

Serial and movie tourism, which includes not only trips to filming locations, but also tours within shooting studios and visits to theme parks such as “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”; Where the Harry Potter movie was filmed is a perpetual tourist trend.

Tourists flocked to Salzburg in the 1960s after airing episodes of The Sound of Music. In recent decades, places like New Zealand have seen an increase in visits from Lord of the Rings fans and New York City bus tours, allowing tourists to go to the “Sex and the Set” City “and” The Marvelous Ms. Maisel.

But at the time of the epidemic we live in; Where travel has become synonymous with danger and tourists have chosen between conflicting desires to protect their health and make up for lost time, what has been called “screen tourism” has taken on new dimensions, according to Rachel Kaziz, a therapist. of mental health. who have clients eager to travel and are ready to head towards Another big one for 2022 has called it the “Great Evolution”, but they are looking for ways to alleviate the anxiety about the pandemic that may accompany ambitions of such large.

Caseys went on to say that her patients say: “We have been closed for a year and we just want to go crazy. “Let ‘s do and realize the fantasy we’ve always dreamed of,” he said, adding, “If we’re watching a TV show, we know everything about it and we can go and have an exciting experience.”

We also meet Cindy Lam, a pharmacist in Fairfax, Virginia, who has been eager to go to Morocco for years but felt safe and able to do so just last month when she started looking the nine-episode series “Anna Invention” for the heiress. False Anna Delphi, broadcast on Netflix.

In the sixth episode, the heroine travels to Marrakesh to stay at the luxury 5-star resort Mamounia; Lam and her husband booked to stay there in September.

“Everyone can connect with Ana[heroinën e episodeve]”, Said Lamm. “Her personality looked great to me and when I went to Morocco I was very happy.”

Feeling a new desire for guests to take advantage of the written events, dozens of hotels over the past year have announced pop drama-themed suites. For example, Graduate Hotels has a Stranger Things suite at its Bloomington, Indiana branch, with design areas including the living room and basement for episodes with VIPs like Byers. And last December, they made the Christmas lights and delicious ego pancakes that appeared in the “Eleven” episodes. Wyndham Club partnered with Hallmark Channel to design 3 “Countdown to Christmas” pavilions; Where guests can sign up and watch Christmas movies, reservations are already sold out within 7 hours.

“This was the first time we had done something like this,” Lara Richardson, chief marketing officer for Crown Media Family Networks, said in an email. “One thing we constantly hear from viewers is how much they like our products, they want the experience of living on ‘Countdown to Christmas’.”

Holiday homes are also filling up with visitors. For families, Airbnb has partnered with the BBC to include the Hurrell House in a true embodiment of the mobile home featured in the beloved animated series Bluey; The company “Vrbo 10” owns houses inspired by the movie “Yes Day”, which appeared in 2021 on “Netflix” for parents who remove the word “no” from their dictionary.

Celebrities took the opportunity to take advantage of the new trend; Issa Rae, creator and star of HBO “Insecure”, danced for an exclusive look at her neighborhood in South Los Angeles in February making a special menu through Airbnb, a tour company that organized trips to her neighborhood for the low price of $ 56. dollars.

Tea on TV.

Now in London (and Boston)

The series “Brigerton” aired on Netflix about family, love and devastating gossip and was watched by 82 million families in 2021. (By comparison, in 2013, the last episode of “Breaking Bad” aired just 10.3 million viewers, while the latest broadcasts live, including episodes of “Tiger King” and “Maid 70” (million viewers).

When the second season of “Bridgerton” airs for the first time on Friday, Beaverbrook Town House, built of two independent Georgian buildings in Chelsea, London, will offer the Bridgerton experience that includes a day in London and drinks in British villages. Nearby in Lynsborough. On the same day, there will be a tea party, similar to what happened in the same episodes, called the “Social Season Event”. In Boston, Fairmont Copley Plaza offers what it calls a “high society package”; As the events of the series take place in the afternoon tea among the roses.

Contiki, a group travel company for people ages 18 to 35, also had an itinerary inspired by the Bridgerton episodes, and the trip was scheduled for September 2021. But when flights were to be canceled when the “Delta variant” hit world, the company entered. He recently teamed up with Amazon Prime to arrange a trip to the Hawaiian Islands, inspired by the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” which premiered in July.

Both “Netflix” and “Amazon Prime” have signed partnership agreements with brands that deal with this type of activity. “As we emerge from the pandemic, the desire for adventurous experiences is stronger than ever,” said Adam Armstrong, CEO of Contiki. It is about recognizing destinations and creating those wonderful moments on the Instagram platform, which brings back scenes from movies and series. It’s a big job for us. “

“Squid Game,” a South Korean thriller series, has overshadowed the popularity of episodes such as Netflix’s “Bridgerton.” Although the job offer has been suspended, travelers are booking their vacation in the filming areas. Remote Lands, a travel agency operating in Asia, reported a 25 percent increase in travel bookings to South Korea and created a guide and itinerary for tourists in Seoul.

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