Valentine’s Day at the Expo .. Dinner in the sky

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In an atmosphere full of love and fun, visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai will be able to enjoy this month many special dinner options and memorable offers on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, which the world celebrates every year on February 14th.

Celebrating this occasion at Expo 2020 Dubai this month will be a convenient opportunity for family and loved ones to share the happiest and most beautiful moments at the international venue, through a large number of dining options, including “Dinner in heaven.” .

The celebration of Valentine’s Day coincides with the launch of the Food Festival at Expo 2020 Dubai, with fantastic food offers, which will continue until March. Restaurant Week from February 14 to 27 will be part of the Food Festival at Expo 2020 Dubai; To this are added the Barbecue Festival, from February 18 to March 6, and the Dinner Around the World from February 21 to March 13.

Club 2020 by Emaar

In the evening, Club 2020 by Emaar will offer a tea party for two in addition to a romantic four-course dinner and enjoy stunning views of the international event venue, where the indoor area and open balcony overlook directly from Al Wasl. The square on one side and the blinding pavilion of Saudi Arabia on the other. Dinner guests will start with a spicy watermelon appetizer, followed by a soup of peas and cheese, and one of two choices of salmon or mushroom crepe confit for the main course and vanilla cream with strawberries for dessert.

Location: Al Wasl Square

Adrift Burger

This month, Adrift will turn the heat upside down with the release of HWT, the hottest hamburger on their menu by March 31st. Burgers will be served with fried and crunchy jalapenos, chipotle mayonnaise and jack pepper cheese. There is also a side dish that contains a very hot sauce to add more spicy flavor to the food.

Location: travel area

Kibulan – African Dining Room

Available from 1 to 14 February, the special Valentine’s menu in Kebulan celebrates Valentine’s season with gourmet dishes like simpi tacos, slow-cooked steaks, lamb chops with herb crusts and crunchy chocolate pudding. From caramel nyangbo with tonka beans and smoked vanilla.

Location: Jubilee Park


On February 14, Baron’s exclusive menu for two features charcoal oysters and miso butter, cabbage salad and royal mushrooms for appetizers, and a choice of monk fish or wagyu beef for the main course, followed by a light dessert and e delicious milfeuille.

Location: Al Wasl Square

Brasserie Bombay

Brasserie Bombay offers couples the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a South Asian way, offering its visitors a three-course menu with a wonderful selection of classic and contemporary cuisine, in addition to an unlimited number of drinks. The restaurant is romantically decorated by candlelight creating the atmosphere for an unforgettable experience. The restaurant offers a box of chocolates to close the evening with a special flavor.

Location: India Pavilion, Knights Garden

ahid mail

If you are waiting for a special culinary experience, the Bread Ahead Valentine Cooking Workshop is the perfect place where any couple can interact with each other. The restaurant teaches both beginners and skilled bakers to master the red velvet cake with delicious berries in the middle and the heart-shaped cake.

Location: travel area

Canvas from coffee + culture

This specialty café is the perfect place to stop on Valentine’s Day and enjoy buying one, get a free coffee and dessert offer with all the main dishes. With a pink latte specially prepared for Valentine’s Day, prepared with rose water and decorated with rose petals, a pleasant coffee experience awaits you.

Location: Oportunity District

D2 Half

From its location in the Denmark Pavilion, where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea to offer a culinary experience of the freshest seasonal products, this half D2 Valentine’s Day offers a special three-course menu. Lovers will start with salmon served with dill and cucumber, then beef with celery and brownie stuffed with a layer of hazelnuts garnished with berries.

Location: Denmark Pavilion, Mobility Area


If Valentine’s Day is mentioned, chocolate is mentioned, and for this reason, Evoque will sell special boxes of chocolate candies in 13 different flavors with a mix of herbs, spices and fruits to celebrate the occasion. This offer will be available from 11 to 15 February.

Location: Columbia Pavilion, Oportunity District

Dirty biscuits

The Flozzy brand shares the love for vegan “fillings” with their creations of the month, which include a sweet chocolate pie with cherries and biscuit base, with sweet cherry-filled pies, topped with dark chocolate and garnished with dried cherries. It is a very tempting opportunity and do not miss to book only on Valentine’s day.
Location: Sustainability Pavilion, Sustainability Circuit

Jubilee of gastronomy and blendings

One of the most exciting venues at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Jubilee opens its doors for couples to enjoy its beautiful interior or rooftop terrace, with its unique views across the Al Wasl Plaza, and enjoy a stunning five-course menu. Eat sea oysters with apple foam to give the evening tone, followed by green asparagus, octopus with parsley, monk with saffron butter and fillets with kimchi. For dessert lovers, the restaurant offers a white chocolate dessert decorated with red.

Location: Al Wasl Square


The Kottier restaurant offers a rich Indian experience, the brainchild of famous chef Rohit Ghai, serving a set caktuar la carte menu with a drink and snack, including salmon with molly (giant) and fried chicken. Diners will then enjoy a selection of grilled sea bass, tikka masala chicken or makane paneer, along with three types of kulfi, for an incomparable dessert experience.

Location: Oportunity District

Long chemistry

Long Restaurant doubles its efforts with a special offer “Valentine’s Day with Long Chem”, in which visitors are offered a menu with nine different meals that include chicken satay, sweet and sour shrimp, with a cake with coconut shells and caramelized dates. .

Location: navigation area

Philippine mangrove cuisine

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is very important in the Philippines; So, “Mangrove Filipino Cuisine” will do its best on this occasion for its visitors. From February 12 to 14, the restaurant will offer a shared menu for two, filled with Filipino favorites, including Lumpia de Cebu (five meat and vegetable rolls), Canton Panci (shrimp fried egg noodles) and above. It’s all red especially for ladies.

Location: Sustainability Circuit

M-Eating Italy

If there are two things Italy is known for, it is passion and creativity – two inner elements of romance. M-Eating Italy will not disappoint this Valentine’s holiday. The restaurant offers an impressive culinary menu, including a welcome drink and a smoked fish side dish, followed by a selection of Mediterranean fish. The restaurant then serves Carnaroli rice with smoked cheese and radichio, while the main course is delicious fillets, served with spinach and potato cream. Customers are advised to leave room for dessert, as the restaurant serves bread pudding with ice cream.

Location: Oportunity District


Diners will have the opportunity to dine in the exciting atmosphere of the sky, where the mudras roof offers magical 360-degree views, as well as a menu that includes a range of options. The creatively prepared dinner includes an appetizer with tuna tartare with avocado and crostini, followed by a spring salad with kale and nuts, mushroom ravioli with celery puree and strawberry shortcake.

Location: TERRA – Sustainability Pavilion, Sustainability District


Students can enjoy Valentine’s Day in the English way, with a creative three-course meal at Moyombo. The menu starts with a snack “Light Up My Fire” with shrimp with bread, followed by the menu of the main dish “For My One & Only”, from which you can order either a dish with tuna fillet or a steak dish marinated with three pjata. English Meat; And the ending is with the plate “Happy Marge”, which is a dessert with baobab and mint mousse. Some people will have the opportunity to attend a class to learn African Kizumba dance.

Location: Angola Pavilion, Movement Area

Saltis Beach Bar & Grill from Grenada

Saltis offers a Caribbean atmosphere and a mix of different cuisines, with a romantic atmosphere that transports diners to white sandy beaches. Saltis is offering a 20 percent à la carte menu on February 14th. Special dishes include grilled fish fillet with chi drum and paella salt with fresh shrimp, squid, mussels and spinach for kids.

Location: Oportunity District

Schengen lounge

The four-course “Valentine’s Day” menu in the Schengen hall is available from 12 to 14 February, celebrating the famous Luxembourg cuisine, served with a glass of traditional drink free of charge.
Venue: Luxembourg Pavilion, Oportunity District


Scarpetta’s festive set menu is the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, featuring bold flavors prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Some people can share a dish of popular pasta, including the famous Scarpita spaghetti with tomatoes and basil, along with delicious fish and meat dishes.
Location: travel area


Since sharing is an indicator of interest, the Mavi Mo Sprout joke is great for sharing with your partner, which is why, during the period from 12 to 14 February, visitors who buy a nutrient-filled joke, without milk – available in both Strawberry and banana flavors and chocolate flavors – They will get a free joke with a second flavor. Kids can make a fuss around the country with a free chance to draw a face for Valentine’s Day.

Location: travel area

Irish village

In a charming Irish outdoor setting, guests can celebrate their love with a three-course meal. Traditional Irish dishes include a shrimp cocktail served on Irish soda bread, while a choice of two main dishes is either spinach tortellini or a steak with potato gratin, followed by a chocolate brownie brownie.

Location: Jubilee Park

National by Chef Jeffrey Zakarian

Celebrity chef Jeffrey Zakarian brings to life his vision for a great contemporary café at The National. His three-course menu on this special day includes a range of modern American dishes.

Location: Al Wasl Square


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