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“I’m traveling”, “I want to travel”, “I want to travel soon”, “I want to travel”, “I want to travel”, eyes widened, hearts beat with this special word, “travel”. In a world that is not new, travel always brings you something new, a new perspective, a new experience and a new adventure. Rich experience to see you learn more about yourself by learning a whole new world. The next day get in the car or plane … knowing you are going somewhere else … talking to strangers and making friends before you know their names. The new invention is a magical experience. Here we are talking about adventure, where you should not go to a familiar place, but to distant places with strangers and strangers to you and fall in love very far. independent territory. The rich Middle East and North Africa offer a rich culture, beautiful landscapes and a range of activities that have inspired many travel enthusiasts to set up adventurous travel companies and inspire others to share the same enlightening journeys. As Eid al-Fitr approaches after Ramadan, start planning for a new experience.

Objectives 31

Objective 31 Founded in 2009, Egypt’s first adventure tourism company focuses on interactions with local cultures, activities and well-thought-out travel plans. Instead of choosing a destination, the travel team makes sure to create a travel plan. Slovenia, Portugal, South Africa, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Iceland and Egypt are some of their popular destinations. We spoke with one of the founders, Omar Hussain, who explained that the company relies heavily on its comprehensive travel plans and its connections with locals. Travel is changing and Husam has given us insights into the industry and how it continues to grow despite some setbacks, “People are currently looking for more adventure tourism and less good quality business tourism. Many people find it important to get out of their comfort zone for their mental health and it is very convenient to do this with a group without being alone.

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Since the UAE is the new hotspot for outdoor activities and travel in the UAE, the beautiful scenery offers adventure activities such as packing, horseback riding, camping and hiking. Adventurity focuses on organizing international and national travel, highlighting Jabal Al Hajar, which is considered the highest mountain in the UAE, and highlighting the south of Jebel Jais. Speaking to founder Fadi Hashisho, he told us what Aventura means, “We are interested in everything abroad. Our mission is to take our guests on a stunning adventure. We aim to nurture adventure tourism in a sustainable way and offer our friends authentic cultural and food experiences along with local hilly tribes, where we believe adventures continue, a true experience.

33 Veriu

Rich Experience 33 North It is not only a place where travelers enjoy the outdoors, but also a lot about how to do it. Founder Gilbert Moukheiber shares his rich experience and interest in mountaineering with many local and international NGOs working in rural development and sustainable tourism. Instructor of mountaineering, forest first aid and mountaineering, he is certified in search and rescue, rope rescue and winter rescue techniques and will share his knowledge with those interested in nature. 33 North teaches travelers the basics of being outdoors while at the same time enjoying the rich scenery and hiking trails unknown to most people. Mukheiber Jamal Al-Kharj explained to him: “Wealth, relationships, the feeling of being abroad, going through different societies.” His knowledge of Lebanon allows travelers to experience a unique experience while exploring the Bukat Lebanon trail through the Wadi Beka Mountains, which includes the Eid mountain ranges and 33 to the north, west and east. .

Life happens outside

Want to grow as a person by engaging in outside endeavors? Life Abroad Happens This is a great choice for you as it is a community that offers exciting activities for the first time and experienced adventurers. It is a realistic and rewarding experience that allows you to reconnect. Their goal is to embark on a journey that allows those involved in the journey to change their perspective and grow as human beings. Founder Rami Rasmani explained that in regions such as Norway, Annapurna and Peru, the hotel offers a range of activities for guests, ranging from skiing to mountain climbing. They believe that adaptation is a culture that lacks unique features because it allows people to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, thus broadening their horizons further.

blue odyssey

Blue Odyssey Free divers promote society and yogis are set around the ocean. They all organize trips with water-focused activities. We spoke with Rakta Esselin, one of the founders of the Blue Odyssey philosophy, who simply said, “Connect with you through the environment.” They hold yoga classes by the sea as a fascinating spectacle to connect with Thai nature and Egypt’s rich aquatic environment. Through activities such as free diving, the team encourages people to learn about the marine world and how to care for it, connect with each other, learn from each other and provide a safe place to learn from each other. the other. Interested travelers.

He escaped

From sailing to rock climbing, escape offers a variety of jobs divided into four pillars. The first pillar is “Epic Treks”, which includes activities such as mountain climbing in Nepal, the second focuses on “subzero” skiing and ice climbing, and the third pillar focuses on sailing and other water-related activities. The fourth pillar relates to many adventures in places like Costa Rica, Vietnam and Annapurna in Nepal. Many of their trips are full of adventure, giving travelers an adrenaline rush as they pursue accomplishments like reaching the top of some of the most challenging mountains. Overall, we had the opportunity to talk to Escapat founder Muhammad Ibrahim about the fact that those who sign up for such adventures want to achieve a specific goal and share the experience with like-minded people who can teach them something. Learn more about yourself through this shared experience.

fisi beduin

Bedouin tribes not only possess the characteristics of an adventurous tourist company, but also focus on the experience of connecting travelers through various activities such as kite surfing, hiking and desert safari. Managing access to gemstone sites in Egypt such as Jebel Elba on the Sudanese border, the group builds close relationships with local communities and engages in community service activities. They believe that community service travel helps travelers learn about a destination and its environment. Speaking with Adam L Chari, founder of Tribe of Nomad, he said: “The main focus is on personalizing local experiences and we also organize permits for places that are hard to reach if you have one. Being outside is a very special experience and we have found that when traveling abroad, people make strong connections in camping and hiking. “These are activities that fully reveal the character of the people.”

barefoot adventures

Barefoot Adventures Like many adventurous travel companies, it was created out of love for nature and the outdoors. Omar Ghanem, founder of Barefoot Adventures, told us about how they choose to explore non-commercial sites, as many adventure companies do. All outdoor activities are done with the diligence of nature, in the hope of creating a community that cares about the environment above all. Since Omar Kannam is a free diving artist, he respects the natural environment and ensures that guests are vigilant in protecting the natural habitat.

Ridge Adventure

Adventure Ridge is an UAE based adventure company that organizes local and international adventures. Speaking with founder Henzo Rashi, Covid-19 has begun to highlight adventure-rich locations rather than commercial ones because they are more accessible and focus on nature. Offering a variety of destination options from Lebanon to Kyrgyzstan Ridge Adventures, their vacation plans take them on a hiking adventure in the beautiful valleys and mountains of Lebanon.

nomadic diver

When it comes to diving, we recommend Nomad Divers, which includes the international diving community choosing rich spots all over Egypt. Egypt is famous for its exciting diving spots, perfect weather, clear waters and most importantly for different types of diving. From shark diving to wrestling diving that showcases the rich colors of coral reefs and their abundance. Founder Ahmed Al-Banna explained: “Our mission is to connect with others and nature not only in the Red Sea, but also in adventurous diving around the world. We discover that when people finish diving, they integrate what they have seen and their overall experience.

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