Unaccompanied children traveling by plane .. security, attention and happiness

Rasha Tabila (Abu Dhabi)

“We pay more attention to children traveling just to make sure they enjoy a safe and happy journey and we guarantee their parents complete peace of mind as well.”
With these phrases, national carriers like Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines assure their customers that they are required to travel alone with their children and that they will be in “safe hands”.
Procedures through the “Children’s Travel Alone” service are simple and smooth, as the carrier must be notified by submitting a special request for this service and then the carrier arranges the procedures to ensure a pleasant and safe trip for children.

Etihad Airways indicates that children under the age of five are not allowed to travel alone. These children must always travel with a parent or guardian, while children from 5 to 11 years old can use the unaccompanied minor service free of charge. Tickets for these children must be purchased at the price of an adult ticket, children from 12 to 17 years old are only allowed to travel with one adult ticket, but you may prefer to use the unaccompanied but non-accompanying juvenile service. guests are not allowed from 12 to 17 years old Accompanied by an unaccompanied minor.

Booking steps
Regarding the steps for booking a child flight, an unaccompanied minor service request form must be submitted in English and the carrier will confirm the requests within 24 hours and request payment of service costs for children ages 12 to at the age of 17, then a copy of the service request form should be printed after completing it. at least 24 hours before the date of the child’s flight, as the person responsible for the children can be charged for this service if required at the airport.
In the case of children aged 12 to 17, the person responsible for them will be required to pay again in the event of a change of flight from a direct flight to a connecting flight. With regard to travel preparation, Etihad Airways points to the need to ensure that the unaccompanied minor service form is completed and that the child has all the necessary travel documents, and that the child travel procedures are completed at least two hours before the flight time, and the persons responsible for the children must not leave the airport before leaving the flight.

Escort at the airport
At the airport, according to Etihad Airways, one of the flight attendants will stay with the child until he or she board the plane and the cabin crew will make every effort to ensure the child can enjoy a safe, enjoyable and comfortable journey. -fun service with box and activity package, the child will find many things that allow him to have fun. The child will need to pick up their phone or tablet to view the E-Box entertainment service on our A320 or A321 aircraft.

Professional member
According to Emirates Airlines, in connection with support for airport assistance, a specialist member of the carrier team will meet the children at the check-in counter for new unaccompanied passengers. He will accompany them at all times during their journeys to the airport to assist them at security and immigration points before the flight crew meets them at the door of the aircraft and priority is always given to boarding the family plane. and small travelers. which gives them extra time to prepare for the trip and allows the flight crew to help them store their hand luggage in designated places.they offer them comfort.
The cabin crew will ensure that young passengers have a pleasant, comfortable and memorable trip. When booking the flight, the carrier is informed by the child’s parents or guardians about the child’s preferred meal and whether he or she would like to sit by the window or hallway.

Arrive at the destination
According to the Emirates, when the child arrives at his destination, a dedicated member of our team will be waiting for him at the door of the plane to wait for him. After that, your child will be helped to move around the airport until they meet a parent or guardian.
Etihad Airways also confirms that when the child arrives at the desired destination, a flight attendant will wait for the child and help him / her complete passport inspection, baggage clearance and customs procedures.

Luggage weight
Since a child ticket is purchased at the price of an adult ticket, baggage allowance will be in accordance with the carrier’s standard baggage policy. A child seat can also be booked at any time after booking and up to an hour before the trip. And if this is not done. The carrier will automatically allocate a free seat
Sometimes unaccompanied children with disabilities may not travel unaccompanied if the level of care they require exceeds what the cabin crew can provide for them and the cabin crew is not allowed to assist on the aircraft toilet, administer medication or to feed the guests. The unaccompanied minor must be escorted to the airport and must be received by one of the parents or guardian mentioned on the unaccompanied minor form, and one of the parents or guardian must be present with the child at the end of the travel procedures and he must ensure that the child carries all the relevant forms and documents that allow him to travel alone, according to Etihad Airways.
Procedures for child travel are similar among national carriers, as Emirates Airlines confirms on its website that the “Unaccompanied Young Passengers” service can be reserved for children aged 5 to 11 and those traveling alone, and children between the ages. 12 and 15 can also benefit from the “Unaccompanied” service Unaccompanied minors.
“We will make sure your child has a safe, enjoyable and memorable trip from the moment the travel procedures are completed until he or she joins one of his or her parents or guardian when he or she reaches his or her intended destination. she claims.
In order for young passengers from 5 to 11 years old to travel on their own, the flight must be booked at the adult fare.
Children over 12 years old can travel alone and the price of their ticket is the same as for adults in all cases. However, it is possible to submit a special request so that passengers aged 12 to 15 can benefit from the “Unaccompanied Young Passengers” service at an additional fee.

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