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Fikri Qassem *
According to the FIFA draw, the Al-Ahly group included in the club qualifiers the Arab Cup champions, three Arab teams with which it will play six matches at home and abroad.

Luckily for Al-Ahly, the first three games in the first game will be on the field, and the other three in the second game will be off the field.

The good and motivating news to continue moving forward with the implementation of the strategic goal-setting plan to lift the people of Taiz out of poverty is that FIFA will pay $ 120,000 to each club participating in the tournament, at the end of qualifying, but according to strict requirements related mainly to the well-being of football teams.

Any club hosting three teams to play on the field must provide them with a five-day stay in a five-star hotel, inland transport and a training ground, and any breach of any of these conditions will expose the club to $ 120,000 balance sheet discounts.

And in the comfortable calculation of the strategic objective, the 120,000 dollars made in the pocket of FIFA + 10 million riyals as a reward for the local council made in the pocket of the sponsor of youth and sports, they respond in total about 35 million riyals. which is an incentive to move forward in the plan to improve the resources of the people of Taiz through the wedding hall project, if the exit from the obligations of external participation is done without prejudice to a rial of informant bonds notified in a country far away achievement.

– Ok, and how did you get out of the club’s obligations in the eliminators of the Arab championship?

A board member asked me while we were in a meeting discussing the budget for Al-Ahly’s six games and I explained to him and the other members of Al-Ahly’s board of directors at the meeting how we could get out. from the first three home games, relying heavily on the Yemeni hospitality, which will make it easier for us to provide hotel accommodation and in-house transport with training ground for the three teams Al-Ahly will host in the first game.

– Ok, and the three games that Al-Ahly plays abroad in the second game. Are you?

Another member asked, and I said optimistically about the team ‘s unbroken streak of victories:

Profit alone is the key to relief .. Profit is getting off the highway and safe emergency exit to make a comfortable walk on the field with exit from already safe return matches.

We agreed on this tactic to maintain as much as possible the strategic objective of the hall and time has passed in anticipation of the start of the qualifiers of external participation and I am sure of the worries and vulgar exercises. Weddings, songs, decorations and swearing, the groom comes out, the groom comes down, the hall burns and his conscience flows relentlessly into the club account, but how does it make you get married, dream and plan when you are asleep. safe and comfortable? What is it, how and what happened?

One month before the start of the qualifiers, FIFA announced in a letter to all sports federations that international matches will not be allowed inside the territory of Yemen due to the deteriorating security conditions in the country!

As a result of this shocking decision, the Al-Ahly administration has three options on the field and nothing else:

The first: the choice of an alternative land in every Arab country, where the people of Taiz bear all the costs of reception, under the same conditions of FIFA.

The second option: for Al-Ahly to decide to play six matches with three teams, (home and away) simultaneously on the opposing ground, respecting the strict FIFA conditions to cover all the costs associated with hotel accommodation in parts other of other arrangements for each team on the field.

The third option: an apology for Al-Ahly’s participation and withdrawal from the qualifiers, which means taking away $ 120,000 from the club.

Aaaaah and henna!

That unjust decision silenced the noise of all the joys in the dream hall and made it difficult to achieve my hoped strategic goal and put me on the field in front of Jules Metro with difficult international commitments in six games, all off the field. and they wanted a great conscience, not less than 60 million rials, and if you were in my country how would you act?

Will you withdraw and notify FIFA that the Al-Ahly team apologizes for the foreign participation and abandons the strategic goal or will you continue to play for the wedding hall?

As for me and the members of the Al-Ahly administration, we decided to continue playing on the field and not to deprive the team of the opportunity for the first participation abroad and we informed FIFA with a text message about the option to Playing. (home and away) in the territories of three opponents and with this procedure I had 6 international matches in the Champions League qualifiers.Arabian Cups.

Three of them have a clear conscience under FIFA terms and everything is arranged for him at the expense of the three clubs with which Al-Ahly will play in the return round, except for plane tickets and travel payments, and three others in the first round are heavy loads and winter for them with great damage, and the match is hard and has quality exercises and two matches.Internationals on the field to get out of the gate, but how?

Relying on feelings of Arab solidarity, the Al-Ahly administration sent three friendly messages, one separately, to the leaders of the three Arab clubs in the Al-Ahly group (Iraqi Erbil, Omani Al-Fanja, Lebanese Al-Ansar) for seek their generosity in relieving the hotel accommodation obligations for their teams that we will test within their lands. In appreciation of the difficult circumstances surrounding the Al-Ahly club.

A few days later, from Oman Al-Fajaa and the Lebanese Ansar we received two disappointed and frustrated responses, in which they respected their full right under FIFA terms and without any discount.

Erbil Erbil’s response was generous and its administration said in a letter to the National Administration:

Welcome to Al-Ain and Al-Ras Karam, with Erbil hospitality, during home and away matches, and you have nothing to do.

With this nobility in the generous response of Erbil, the one missing in front of me in Juliet became 90 flight tickets (round trip) for the six matches, with the Minister of Youth and Sports Busani.

And I remained in front of me inside the joule, after this four matches, their loads were heavy and Mr. Mabasi made fun of the Al-Ahly fan, who has a good relationship with the President of the Yemeni Football Federation.Muscat matches .

After that I was left with the travel expenses of the team in the six matches + the two matches of Beirut with the Lebanese team Al-Ansar, their issue is somewhat sharp and complicated due to the differences in the number of days between the first match and the first match and complicated. I postponed the second match, and their solution with the sponsor of youth and sports, for a later time and I am fine. Luckily out of my full commitment on the field to “close what is missing”.

* Yemeni satirical writer

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