Patriarch Patriarch to President Aoun: The Lebanese are pleased with this determination you are working with to secure the election of your successor

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, attended the Easter Mass, which was presided over by the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi at the altar of the church in the outer courtyard of the Patriarchal building in Bkerke, the Chapel of Ambassador Pope, Monsignor Joseph Spetari, in the presence of representatives Gebran Bassil, Roger Azar, Farid El-Khazen, Shawki Daccache, Simon Abi Ramia, former ministers Nada Boustany and Marwan Charbel, former MPs Walid Khoury, Nematullah Naji Nasr. Gharios, Joseph Kossifi Editors Union, Director General for State Security Antoine Saliba, Director of Intelligence, Brigadier General Antoine Kahwagi, Director General of Civil Defense Raymond Khattar, Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Marwan Salilat Of the Republic Antoine Choucair, Director of Protocols at the Presidential Palace, Nabil Chedid, Presidential Adviser, Director of Information at the Presidency of the Republic, Rafic Chlala, President Board of Directors General Director of Electricité du Liban Kamal Hayek, General Director of Beirut, M and Bekaa Water Establishment Jean Gibran, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tanios Boulos, Director General of the House of Representatives Hadi Afif, President of the Maronite League, Ambassador Khalil Karam, Commander of the Republican Guard, Brigadier General Bassam Al-Helou, Director of Military Medicine, Brigadier General Geo rge Youssef, former President of the Supreme Judicial Court Jean Fahd, Representative of the General Council Maronites in Europe Maroun Karam, President of the Lebanese Red Cross Antoine Al-Zoghbi, Mayor of Al-Oqaiba Joseph Daccache and a group of actors political, military, religious, trade union and loyal.

After the Gospel, the pastor delivered a sermon entitled, “Who do you see rolling the stone from the door of the tomb?” He said in it, “Your Excellency, it is a pleasure that, as is customary, you celebrate with us on this patriarchal throne the Passover of the Lord, which is our Passover. Christ the Lord died to atone for the sins of every man born. For a woman and rose to give new life to every believing man and woman.This Easter with death and resurrection has become our Passover, so that we may die for sin and the spirit of evil and rise to a state of grace; in a state of selfishness and rise to the state of giving; This divine liturgy is a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God for the six years in which you will end your reign at the head of the Lebanese Republic. homeland, especially when strong winds and big waves raged and threatened to drown him. Grace was from above to support your stamina and endurance.

He added: “The question of the women: ‘Who do you see rolling the stone from the door of the grave?’ (Mark 16: 3), “And the stone was great” (Matthew 26:60). is a question our people ask to get out of the crisis they are experiencing, which is stifling in economic, financial and vital level. the dominance over their reality and destiny has been prolonged and the process of distorting Lebanon’s glorious image has continued. Their eyes are fixed on Christ raised from the grave, but their hearts ache when they realize the inability of authority to deal with their pain, wounds, and tragedies. Lebanese, for the most part, are suffering under the burden of poverty and misery, loss of medical care, medicine, social guarantees, employment opportunities, shaky state, shaky unity, and worsening collapse. Rolling the stone, unfortunately, we see that most of those who work in the political field and those responsible for the country and the people are acting not to remove the stone from the Lebanese chest, but to place it.

He continued: “Just as Christ, who is the Lord our God, redeemed mankind by crucifixion from sin and set it on the right path, so the crucified people of Lebanon look to the state to redeem them with good governance , good performance, health, national elections and productive reforms. they have never seen them before, even in a time of war, bombing and destruction. The real Lebanese do not want the state as an alternative, nor a partner. of the judiciary and the administration and their obstruction by influential people stops, the duplication ends and the national interest over all private and electoral interests … There remains only one republic, one l “identity, a weapon, a decision and a comprehensive Lebanese identity.”

He said: “Mr. President, we are pleased with you for showing signs that suggest that the stone will roll away from the homeland and the people: I hope His Holiness Pope Francis will visit Lebanon next June, which is like a bridge. between your age and the age of those who will be after you. For the concerns and aspirations regarding Lebanon and its people, and the satisfaction of all Lebanese to confirm that the parliamentary elections will take place on their scheduled date and your determination regarding them was determined, despite the efforts to All appreciate your efforts to approve the overall budget and agree on a recovery plan, adopt reforms as a necessary path for the country to progress, and formulate a contract with the Monetary Fund. International after making the necessary changes to adapt it to the Lebanese reality, so that its recommendations take into account the right of depositors with their money and the protection of banking confidentiality, as well as the peculiarities of Lebanese society and the system of his liberal economy, which formed the secret of Lebanon’s growth and prosperity; it also considers protecting Lebanese freedom and avoiding the impact of investment Financing exports, imports and the exchange of remittances between resident Lebanon and enlarging Lebanon. It is not allowed, under the title of saving Lebanon, to change the identity of its national economic system, which is not subject to any constitutional solution or political bargaining. “We are convinced that from your position as president of the republic, defender of the constitution and symbol of the country, you will observe all this in cooperation with the government and parliament.”

He added: “In any case, for the reforms to reach their full extent, they must be accompanied by the extension of state authority throughout its territory, the unification of weapons and decision-making, in accordance with Security Council resolutions. and the adoption of strategic options that strengthen Lebanon’s relations with its Arab surroundings and the democratic world. Gradually moving to Lebanon to contribute to the movement of its awakening, it is necessary to respect the sovereignty of the countries and good relations with them, and to ban campaigns against these sister countries, especially since they are campaigns that have nothing to do with the interests of Lebanon, but with the interests of foreign countries.

Al-Rahi concluded: “His Excellency, on behalf of my brothers, the metropolitans, the patriarchal family, the papal ambassador and this audience of ministers, representatives, officials and believers, I have the pleasure of offering you the best wishes for the holiday.” with heartfelt wishes that the Lord bless you with His blessings and blessings, that by the grace of Christ you may reach the land to the shore of safety.

The President of the Republic had arrived at the Patriarchal Monument in Bkerke at 09:30 and was received at the entrance of the outer building by Archbishops Hanna Alwan, Paul Al-Sayyah, Peter Karam and Antoine Awkar. After exchanging Eid greetings and taking commemorative photos, a shelter was held in the patriarch’s office.

At the end of the liturgy, the pastor accepted the congratulations of the feast.

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