Gulf News | On the sidelines of Gulf real estate, construction and interior design exhibitions, Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa inaugurates the “On the Wall” art exhibition

Ali Abdel Khaleq wrote:

Photo – Mahmoud Baba

His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, President of the National Arts Council, inaugurated the “Ali Wall 3” art exhibition on the sidelines of the Gulf Exhibitions on Buildings, Real Estate and Interior Design, which is being held at the Center of Bahrain. International Fair of the period 22March 24.

The “On the Wall” exhibition aims to promote Bahraini artists and showcase their work, as the exhibition hosted a selection of artists. The most prominent of them are Abbas Al-Musawi, Balqis Fakhro, Omar Al-Rashed, Adnan Al-Ahmad, Mahdi. Al-Jalawi, Lina Al-Ayoubi and Maryam Ali Fakhro, Zuhair Al-Saed, Mona Al-Shawk.

The exhibition also shed light on the works of art of Bahraini University students, who participated in their outstanding paintings and were widely admired. Among its pioneers, and a number of Arab artists and calligraphers, Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa met a number of artists . his admiration for the works that appeared, as it also contained a part of live drawing, seminars for artists and those interested in this sector.

On this occasion, Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa said: “The organization of the exhibition” Ali… Wall 3 “comes after a two-year break, and after the health crisis that the world has experienced, a return. Such events give a great impetus. street and market and also raise the morale of artists. ”

Sheikh Khalifa bin Rashid added, “In recent years, we have witnessed a great demand for art exhibitions and the passion of young people in this field.” They display their works of art, so such exhibitions and their organization give artists an opportunity to display their work. and meet with the public.

The President of the National Arts Council noted that the Council expects to always improve the artistic sector and support young artists and Bahrain, as well as give them the opportunity to display and exhibit their works of art at various events and activities. held inside and out. Bahrain, he stressed that many young artists have not yet had the opportunity to present their works to the public.

On the strategy of the council, Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa explained that one of the tasks and aspirations of the council is to advance the art sector Whether collective or individual works, emphasizing that the arts sector is an important sector in all societies. He said there will be more programs and events to be organized in the next phase.

Regarding the programs offered by the Council, Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa pointed out that there are many programs organized by the Council, mostly training and education, which gives more quality and is special, and added, training and education in particular, is the first pillar, as well as external participation, because external participation in events and workshops in Residences for a certain period gives each artist and artist a role to see what is happening in the world.

And he concluded, let’s not forget the other arts like theater, music, sculpture and photography, emphasizing that there will be coordination. Continues with higher education institutions to offer and support quality programs for the advancement and support of these arts.

For his part, Gibran Anwar Abdul Rahman, CEO of Al Hilal Conferences and Exhibitions – organizer of the exhibitionHe expressed his pride in organizing the third edition of the exhibition “On the Wall”. He said the exhibition attracts many prominent Bahraini artists, a group of Arab artists and pioneers of the Artworks art, and offers workshops for university students.

Abdul Rahman added: “The National Arts Council is overseeing a large-scale campaign to spread artistic awareness and develop an environment.” He helps promote creativity and support local artists. He stressed that in line with this noble goal, we are inclined to include the exhibition “Ali” Wall 3 »A selection of artists to display their talents with many artistic tools, including painting Photography and sculpture.

Referring to the growing interest in the arts and culture sector in Bahrain, he said: “Pioneering institutions like the Majlis have followed the National Arts Group and Bahrain for Artistic Frameworks in highlighting local artistic talents and increasing their position on the map. of Art Globalism. Through the exhibition, we will exhibit works by various talents, and several artists will organize a series of Pune calligraphy workshops, live art classes and creative sessions. ”

On the other hand, Ahmed Suleiman, Director of Exhibitions, said: “The arts are an essential element of interior design and the Gallery is inclined.” “On The Wall 3”, in collaboration with the Interior Gallery, to consolidate the role of Bahraini art in decoration and design the interior of the house to represent a part of our daily lives and a fruitful investment for the future.

The Indoor Exhibition will be held from 22-24 March 2022 at the Bahrain International Exhibition Center, simultaneously with the Gulf Property Show and Gulf Construction Show, these exhibitions continue to achieve success for the largest destination of the comprehensive exhibition In order for the business sector to serve the construction, interior design and real estate markets in the Northern Gulf region.

Between love and suffering an idea arises … and a painting is drawn

Artists: We exalt society, visual culture and everything that is beautiful

A number of artists expressed their happiness with their participation in the third edition of the exhibition “On the Wall”, which will be held on the sidelines of the exhibitions of real estate, construction and interior design in the Gulf in its third edition by 22- 24 this March.

They assured “Gulf News” that the arts and culture sector in Bahrain receives a great deal of attention from the wise leadership and honorable government, and what has cost and confirmed this interest is the royal decree establishing the National Arts Council by His Excellency Sheikh Rashid. bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, who was keen to support and empower young people in the field of art.

On the other hand, Bahraini artist Mahdi Al-Jalawi confirmed that the exhibition “On the Wall” is being held for the third year, organized by the Crescent Group and supported by the National Arts Council, selected by the best local and international artists. , as there are artists from Tunisia, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, where an artistic experience is offered differently as the presence of real estate artists and stylists Decoration is a graft to promote modern designs in society and cultural advancement.

He added that the works we offer are drawing, formation, calligraphy, decoration, photography and sculpture, some are figurative and some hanging. On the wall with different experiences we also offer live or live drawing experience for people. to view beautiful paintings How it is produced by professional artists.

And he concluded: There is also collaboration with the University of Bahrain – College of Arts, where student artists are welcomed and their works are exhibited, under the direction of His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa, President of the National Arts Council, to embrace art . students and market their work in support of students and to present the promising energies of society.

Arab Artists: Bahrain is a country that embraces art and artists

For her part, Tunisian artist Mona Shouk expressed her happiness with her third participation in the exhibition “On the Wall” and said: “I am very happy to be here in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the host country that is always embracing for artin. , artists, culture and everything that is beautiful.

Shouk added, “I participated in the exhibition this year with three works, the most important artistic painting mixing between civilizations, the most famous of them is the Phoenician civilization, which is the first civilization that started in Tunisia and left a great impact in She founded the city of Cartagena, which is the most famous city in Tunisia, and has a portrait of a close family and traditional Tunisian manuscripts.

On the other hand, young artist Zuhair Muhammad Ali presented his painting he painted in 2020, which was in response to The New York Times, which marked her newspaper in red, stating that 2020 is the most bad in history.

Zuhair added: The painting I presented and painted by His Highness, the Crown Prince, the Prime Minister, is between the national medical team and the soldiers. The best years of history when the Government took place are grateful for its great efforts in dealing with the epidemic, postponing loans and helping citizens and those affected by the pandemic.

Actress Dana Safi expressed her happiness with her participation in the exhibition “On the Wall” inaugurated by His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and said: We are very happy, as students of the University of Bahrain, to participate in our work and our paintings in this show.

She added: “It’s a great opportunity to display youth artwork and pointed out her participation in the painting ‘The Reception.’ cold in it. It expresses a person’s constant desire to get things done quickly and that every time we get something we expect something else.

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