Fashion, cooking and customs .. a business woman approaches Arab and Turkish cultures | OVERVIEW

A prominent woman of the community, a stylist who succeeded as a businesswoman with her project, skilled in cooking and has Arabic and Turkish cultures, trying through social media platforms to unite people.

She is Dima Aslan (34 years old), a Turkish born in Damascus. She moved to Turkey in 2014, after touring several countries to set up her business.

Dima Aslan seeks to bring people closer to cooking through communication platforms (Anatolia)

indoor diary

Aslan started as a stylist and launched her own brand “Nanny Style”. Despite her preoccupation and success, her fashion show – through her Instagram account, which is followed by nearly 800,000 people and published her diaries at home – made her famous.

It seeks – through the Turkish cooking it offers in Arabic and the Arabic dishes it cooks in Turkish – to transfer both cultures to both societies, and also works to talk about similar customs and traditions.

Aslan always kept in mind that Arabs and Turks shared history and lived under one state for a long time, which made them similar in customs and traditions.

Aslan makes Turkish coffee in her kitchen (Anatolia)

Origin and idea

Aslan tells Anadolu Agency, her life and success story, saying: “I am a Turkish woman, born in Damascus, originally from the city of Iskenderun in the state of Hatay (southern Turkey). I grew up in Damascus because my grandfather in the late fifties he moved and traveled to Syria because of his work. “

She added, “Despite living there, we did not separate from our people in Turkey, and I grew up in a house that preserved Turkish customs, origins and language. I also learned many beautiful things in the country where Syria was mine. second place, including the Arabic language, customs and traditions ”.

And she continued, “Then we went back and settled in Turkey years ago, and I thought through social media platforms, trying to prove that a woman is a successful person in society, work and home, and in “she takes care of herself and she can. she appears in her best appearance without neglecting the rest.”

And she continued, “When I saw myself succeeding at work and at home, and succeeded as a skilled cook, I liked to share my diary at first with my acquaintances and those around me, and later I saw an admission great of all those who began to follow my diary and so on. “

Damascus-born Aslan traveled to Turkey and settled there in 2014 (Anatolia)

the union of cultures

Aslan spoke about its content and goals, saying: “My idea was also to unite Arab and Turkish cultures, between their customs and cultures, which are very similar but slightly different in branches, and I felt that it succeeded and acceptance, so I’m done. “

And she added, “I have not encountered any difficulties, but I have faced acceptance. The only difficulty is that I feel that my day is not enough and that I am able to provide more things, but in the next phase there will be more organization big”.

And she added, “My choice of content is a fundamental thing I grew up with. In history, we grew up under the shadow of the Ottoman Empire and we all had the same customs and traditions, but they differed in the branches.”

And she added, “The second thing that unites us is that most of them are Muslims and we grew up of Islamic origin, so I feel our great affinity. The content I am presenting, if it is in Turkish, is accepted by the Arabs, and if it is in Arabic. , finds the same from the Turks, and I got to a point where I had to translate every video I posted because the other side wants to follow it.

Interact with recipes

Regarding the interaction she has, she said: “My husband and my family have helped and supported me from the beginning, and when I film I have to speak both languages ​​and every video I publish I try to translate and write in one language. other.”

And she added, “I noticed that there are those who find it difficult to speak Arabic by the Turks or Turkish by the Arabs, and when they found a union of language with me, they liked it, so they facilitated the language and liked it. fast, which is what people wanted and kept following me. “

And she continued: “The interaction was very nice because many of the recipes I publish, and many of the followers make and send them to me, which gets a nice response from me, even a recipe I made, which is Iraqi Value “was greeted with a great echo by the Turks.”

And she added, “I made the video in Turkish at Ashura, and I found the Turkish cooking pages I published and I liked the idea and the way the culture is transmitted, and the comments I liked, and thanks to the acceptance I found, I intend to. complete the work in the same context ”.

common customs

And for the secret of her success, she said that the two peoples are close, “The difference is the language, but in fact the customs and traditions are close and therefore they could live with each other and since I grew up in two cultures, what I publish is an attempt to integrate more. “

She added, “Even though I am Turkish, I have preserved the Arabic language, and Turks also ask how, despite my life in Syria, I have preserved Turkish, so when they see me they understand the ease of uniting the two languages.”


Regarding her success story in fashion, she said: “My project started from scratch when I came to Istanbul and my main job was design and fashion, as I started learning about the market.”

She added, “I started my project and my idea was that evening dress is always a problem for women in general on occasions, and the idea was to give good quality at a reasonable price to get women out of this crisis when their budget is limited.

She stressed that “at the same time, with the designs, there was something that meets all tastes, and there was an acceptance from the people, as the idea was to export and show how Turkey produces beautiful products at reasonable prices and has had success in exporting. “

Aslan has Arab and Turkish cultures and seeks to bring peoples (Anatolia) closer through communication platforms

And she added, “As a businesswoman, I knew a lot of people asking and asking questions, which led to the idea of ​​answering them collectively rather than individually, and I publish what I know so that everyone we can benefit. “

And she continued: “It was the fashion job that pushed me to use social media platforms and with the publication of my diaries and cooking after returning from work, I found great acceptance.”

The Turkish lady said: “My message is: After all, we are an Islamic nation close to each other, so no one takes into account that he is from any country and that it is possible to integrate with others.” .

And she concluded by saying: “Every individual should treat the other according to what he finds about himself and his nature, and it is wrong to generalize in case of individual offense, there is good and bad, and giving him an opportunity for rapprochement. ., love and harmony will lead to a better world and problems will not lead to any results, which I like to show.In life this is positive.

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