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During the Corona pandemic, the phenomenon of raising pets, especially cats, dogs and birds, spread in Algerian society, and in parallel, the markets for the sale of these breeds flourished.

Breeding fashion of predatory dogs that slaughter women

With the boom in the trade of cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles, and the attraction of Algerians seeking to break boredom and alleviate anxiety and psychological tension, in light of the Corona epidemic and its effects, the prices of these animals ignited. and with are the costs of their food and supplies for their growth.

Cats and dogs compete with birds in Algerian homes
The bird and sparrow trade began to spread among Algerians and did not stop during quarantine, despite the closure of its sales markets, due to its place in the hearts of many people who enjoy its tweets, so much so that they found in is a break of the state of sadness and depression imposed by the developing Corona virus, due to the accompanying limitations.

Ben Halima: Pets relieve anxiety and stress

The prices of ornamental bird species exceeded 3 million centimeters, like birch, while other species exceeded 30 million like some parrots and generally the prices of canary birds range from 3500 to 12000 chickens and love birds from 3000. and 10 thousand chickens, and “visor” birds exceed 10 thousand chickens, while there are birds like “You Singal” whose price exceeds 6 thousand chickens, and females “Al-Maqnin” more than 7 thousand chickens.
And the price of several breeds of cats, being the most sought after by both sexes, women and men, and of different age groups, reached more than 15 million centimeters, after the young Abdel Latif, who owns a shop in Casablanca in the capital, assured us that in Algeria are present many species of cat breeds, which are imported from European and American countries before the pandemic and are raised and sold by amateurs.
Many pet supplies traders have revealed to us that supplying cats to customers is on demand and that the lack of some species makes them expensive, such as Sphinx cats, some of which number up to 150,000 chickens, Persian cats, purebred females at age 35 years. thousand chickens and cats “Himalayas” “15000 dinars”, “Parisan” 120,000 dinars, “Banqal” 150,000 dinars and “Siamoa” whose price varies from 3000 to 12 thousand dinars.
Interest also comes during the Corona pandemic, about raising dogs as pets that children and young people in particular, and with whom they catch at leisure, as there is hardly a dog-free street or neighborhood that varies in their breeds and sizes sot. .
Today, some Algerians accompany dogs to markets and shops, during walks and in the car, and not just men, but girls and women roam the streets with dogs of breeds that sometimes resemble wolves.
One of the dog-breeding enthusiasts from El-Emma, ​​Setif Province, named Aziz, revealed to us the extent to which many Algerians are passionate about raising these animals during the Corona pandemic, to the extent that, according to him , they agree to buy them despite their sometimes ridiculous prices.
And he said, in connection with “Al-Shorouk”, that the interest in raising pets has spread in Algerian society surprisingly, compared to previous years, and that Corona, though brought a financial crisis and a state of poverty in a large segment. of Algerians, did according to him many members of society.They seek the intimacy of animals, like dogs that have become wanted by both sexes.
Aziz is showing a dog of a Russian breed on the Facebook page for breeding cats and dogs, where he set the sale price at 7 million and a half centimeters and it is female that will give birth to puppies.
In the same context, another amateur named Muhammad, who was contacted by Al-Shorouk, said he turned to Facebook to sell a “Pointar” dog that had been brought by a migrant from France, bought it from him and raised him. him, offering to sell it for 5 million centimeters.

Dogs for 100 million cm!
Regarding the types of dogs that have recently been made in search by Algerians, Aziz from Setif confirmed that Husky Sperry, Alaskan Husky, Barge, Belgian, American and Mexican Malinos have entered the house through their wide doors and are witnessing a spread in their sales markets. and appeal to men and women.
In terms of prices, Aziz explained that Husky puppies sell from 6 million to 15 million centimeters and that the big ones that grow and fatten up to 50 million cents or sometimes exceed it.
The spokesman said he has a friend in the state of Batna, who sells any new Husky, at prices ranging from 8 million to 10 million cents, and are usually only one or two months old.
According to Aziz, the Husky breed before 2010 was not known, as this year he bought Husky’s husband from Turkey for 18 million cms, grown and fat as a result of this breed and traded with him, where he recently sold 35 dogs.
The dog market has varied, according to what is presented in the markets and through websites related to the trade of pets, with several breeds. “Kanesh” is sold at prices up to 3 million and more, “Pitbull” less and more. than 20 million centimeters and “Barge” for 50 million or more.
And the dog breeder, named Aziz, confirmed that Mexican Malino costs 90 million cents, while the price of the smart Belgian is 100 million cents if you memorize 100 words and can be offered at auction if the owner does not want to sell it. It is not excluded, according to Aziz, to exceed 200 million cm!

Dog fashion “Malino” and “Husky” sing to women for “Kanish”
Breeding dogs of a rare breed in Algeria attracted the female element, as some found in this fun and alternative solutions to provide emotional stability and remove the anxiety created by the extraordinary phase of the Corona virus, as it became extraordinary, according to for dog-selling enthusiasts, the demand of the fairer sex to breed other, wilder breeds.For American, Mexican, Belgian and Russian dogs.
Dog dealers confirm that women have given up on “Kanish” dog fashion and their desire and passion has become more in breeding wild dogs that are close to their shape and look with wolves.
One of them revealed that he had recently sold Husky “babies” to 7 women, at prices ranging from 5 million to 12 million, explaining that in the pet market in the state of Setif women enter in search of rare dogs, stronger and stronger. wilder breeds.
According to the same spokesman, the Malinois dog breed has also increased in demand by the fair sex, which led to an increase in their prices and their search by turning to social media platforms.

Dog and cat food is a burden that threatens bankruptcy
As much as the passion of a large segment of Algerians, their love for some millennial animals and their unbridled desire to raise them in their homes, the costs of this, ranging from their purchase and their supplies to to the prices of their food, they can weigh heavily and add to unnecessary expenses, especially with the situation of high prices and low standard of living.
With the boom in the sale of pets like dogs and cats, the trade of supplies and grocery stores spread, where one kilogram of cat meat reaches 1500 chickens, and one kilogram of dog food is 900 chickens and the prices of food boxes. for these animals significant increases have been recorded, while some of them remain unavailable.
In addition, some breeds need to be vaccinated, as they can carry viruses that spread rapidly and infect humans, and the cost of the injection is up to 1,500 chickens, and there is another vaccine for dog bone and other supplies such as the bracelet. neck, which. is replaced during a certain period.

Algerians are looking for positive energy in animals to face the Corona
The love to raise dogs, cats and birds, according to some Algerians, can make these animals, as family members, feel their presence, the rest with a kind of lost intimacy, security and love.
In context, Dr. Masoud bin Halima, professor of Psychology at the University of Algeria, believes that the Corona pandemic has left in Algerian society, like other societies, a great psychological impact, especially for families who lost one of their members as a result of infection with virus, and formed an emotional void, where some found it.In raising cats, dogs, birds and some other animals like horses, reptiles and fish, in compensation to fill this gap with positive energy.
Bin Halima said that in recent years many people have lost their familiarity, and the extraordinary phase has worsened the situation. With the loss of communication and contact with others, the feeling of psychological and emotional emptiness has increased interest in pets as an alternative.
And the psychologist, Ben Halima, confirmed that some found in raising cats and dogs a remedy to alleviate the anxiety and psychological pressure caused by quarantine, especially after their external social relationships were severed.

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