“Big Bad Wolf” in Dubai .. the largest book discount market in the world

With more than a million books, the “Big Bad Wolf” exhibition in its third edition, which is being held in Dubai Studio City, has returned to Dubai, until the 24th of this month. The exhibition includes the largest book discount market in the world, as it displays distinguished books with big discounts, ranging between 50 and 80% of the specified selling price.

Exhibition books range from novels, history, cooking and science fiction, as well as children’s books, and Arabic books make up 20% of the total titles offered by the exhibition.

“Big Bad Wolf” founder Andrew Yap told Emirates Today: “The opening of this version of the exhibition is really something worth celebrating, as the exhibition that people enjoy in all cities of the world is back and meets “Their passion for the world of books and reading, especially after the organization was disrupted due to the Corona pandemic.”

He stressed that the third edition includes 20% of books in Arabic, explaining that they will work to increase this percentage, believing in the need to take into account the privacy of any society in which the exhibition is held. In a city like Dubai , where about 200 nationalities live, books in English are desirable due to the diversity of nationalities, but this does not mean that the official language is Arabic. He stressed that the cooperation of the fair with a group of local authorities, including the International Book Fair in Sharjah, will contribute to the increase in the number of Arabic titles, as well as to the development of the fair to include discussion sessions and workshops that give it a greater cultural dimension.

30 states

And regarding the exhibition, which was set up in 30 countries, Andrew showed that they are working to exhibit Arabic books in the places where the exhibition is located, and this is important to draw attention to Arabic books and to trade them in worldwide. And with regard to choosing the right books for each country, Andrew stressed that the nature of society requires finding some books more than others, but children’s books always occupy the largest space in all countries and the specifics of culture in some countries affect the presentation of certain titles, for example, science-fiction books non-fiction Desirable in Egypt, not many of them appear, while in Dubai it appears at a higher rate, and in Korea and Thailand English teen books do not appear have readers.

for children

As for children’s books, which are bestsellers in various countries, Andrew stressed that despite the fact that the child is surrounded by technology at this rapid age, the book still affects the child, because parents are always aware that children can not to be left dependent on. digital devices to a large extent.Good interaction is between the book and the child, especially since the book is the main teacher for the child.

Regarding the book market in Dubai, Andrew assessed that it is considered as one of the best, where many nationalities live, which is positively reflected in the sales, explaining that Dubai has been taken as the headquarters for the Gulf market and Africa. and will work. in the coming years to extend the launch to the cities where the exhibition is held, including Saudi Arabia, especially since a bookstore has been set up in Dubai and not all books are sent directly before the exhibition date.

Dog “crown”

For her part, the director of public relations for the exhibition, Gita Nair told “Emirates Today” that the exhibition returns today after the end of the “Corona” pandemic and only one copy was organized in Bangkok, about a month ago. and this is the second edition after “Corona”. She pointed out that the current edition includes one million books, including 20 thousand new titles, which are introduced for the first time in the market. Regarding the best-selling books in Dubai, she stressed that they are children’s books, noting that they have brought one million books and expect to sell 80% of them, explaining that the partnerships she has established with a group of local authorities, including the Dubai Culture and Arts, Sharjah International Book Fair and others. All contribute to the success of the exhibition. As for the sections of the exhibition, they are diverse and vary between children’s books, history, novels, cooking and fiction, noting that children’s books are very diverse and carry many activities and interactions.

Large figures

The exhibition witnesses the visit of a large number of well-wishers of reading. Maria Maldetta said she considers the event one of the most important exhibitions, especially as she finds a wide range of books of interest to her, including those specializing in psychology. She showed that she always seeks to find a private space for reading and writing, because this relationship that nourishes the soul and carries a special sense of receiving information can not be lost.

As for Mary Doll, who was shopping and buying books for her children, she confirmed that she still maintains her children’s relationship with books, especially since children are largely surrounded by technology and for therefore follows the exhibition in each copy to purchase books. , the more so that the titles are numerous and the prices are low.

in rows

The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2009 and is the brainchild of BookXcess founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Nag. According to the founders, its main mission is to instill reading skills, increase English literacy worldwide and nurture a new generation of readers by making books affordable and accessible to all. Known as the world’s largest discount book market, the fair is a global advocacy initiative that aims to encourage people of all ages to discover the joy of reading, to inspire them to pursue their dreams, and most importantly arm them with knowledge about it. realize those dreams. The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair has grown significantly since its inception, becoming a world fair, visiting 34 cities in 13 countries, such as: Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates, including Malaysia.

• The exhibitions enjoyed by people around the world have returned, after a break due to the “Corona” pandemic.

• 80% of books are expected to sell.

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