Al-Rahi at Easter Mass: Lebanese do not want an alternative to the state and reforms must be accompanied by the extension of his authority throughout its territory

Maronite Patriarch Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi affirmed that “the Lebanese do not want an alternative to the state and they want the moment when hegemony is removed from Lebanon and the judiciary ceases to stumble, so there is only one weapon and one decision. Left.”

In a sermon at the Easter Mass at the Patriarchal building in Bkerke, the pastor addressed the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, saying: “I promise the Pope’s visit to Lebanon, which serves as a bridge between your commitment and the commitment of the successor. “your determination to hold elections and everyone appreciates your efforts to approve the budget.”

He continued: “It is not permissible under the title of rescuing Lebanon to change the identity of its economic system, which is not subject to any constitutional solution or political bargaining”, stressing that “reforms must be combined with the expansion of state authority. throughout its territory and the unification of arms in accordance with Security Council resolutions and the sovereignty of fraternal countries must be respected and campaigns against it concerning the interests of foreign countries must be stopped.

In the shepherd’s full sermon, he said: “It is a source of joy that, as usual, you celebrate with us in this patriarchal seat the Passover of the Lord, which is our Passover. Christ the Lord died to atone for the sins of every human being. born of a woman and resurrected to give new life to every believing man and woman. This Easter with death and resurrection has become our Passover, so that we may die for sin and the spirit of evil and rise to a state of grace We die to a state of selfishness and rise to a state of giving; This divine liturgy is a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God for the six years in which you will complete your reign at the head of the Lebanese Republic. You have experienced this invisible hand of God steering the ship of the nation, especially when strong winds and strong waves raged, threatening it with drowning.

He said: “The question of the women: ‘Who do you see rolling the stone from the door of the grave?’ (Mark 16: 3), “And the stone was great” (Matthew 26:60). is a question our people ask to get out of the crisis they are experiencing, which is stifling the economic, financial and living standard of the Lebanese people have the right to pass into the era of the Resurrection, their forced unrest has been prolonged and domination over their reality and destiny has been prolonged and the process of distorting Lebanon’s beautiful image has continued.

Al-Rahi claimed that “the aggressors are watching Christ rise from the grave, but their hearts are broken with grief as they perceive the inability of the authority to deal with their pain, wounds and tragedies. The Lebanese, for the most part, are suffering under the burden of poverty, misery, loss of medicines, obstacles, failure at work and time-aggravated guarantees. are responsible that the country and the people do not act to remove the stone from the Lebanese chest, but to place it.

He continued: “Just as Christ, who is the Lord our God, redeemed mankind by crucifixion from sin and set it on the right path, so the crucified people of Lebanon look to the state to redeem them through the rule of good performance and the health of elections and national reforms and look forward to the creation of a productive state.Officials and those involved in political affairs put their country on the road to salvation after such hardships that they have no longer witnessed first, not at a time.of wars, bombings and destructions.the real Lebanese do not want the state as an alternative, nor a partner.They want the moment when Lebanon’s hands are taken away.Hegemony recedes, authoritarianism falls, the politicization of the judiciary and administration stops and the obstruction of among the influencers, the duplication ends and the national interest takes precedence over all private and electoral interests… There remains only one republic, one legitimacy, one weapon, unity t and decision-making in Lebanon. ”

He addressed Aoun: “Mr. President, we are pleased with you for the news that suggests that the stone will be rolled away from the country and the people: I promise His Holiness Pope Francis’ visit to Lebanon next June. which is like a bridge between your age and the age of those who will be after you. We were pleased with your visit to the Vatican last March and when with His Holiness and His helpers you exchanged concerns and aspirations for Lebanon and the people noting that “there is satisfaction among all Lebanese to confirm that the parliamentary elections will take place on the due date and your determination regarding them was firm despite efforts to overthrow them here and there . And that determination is what you are working with to ensure the election of your successor to the head of the republic on its constitutional date.

He continued his conversation with Aoun, saying: “Everyone appreciates your efforts to approve the general budget, approve the recovery plan, approve the reforms as a necessary way for the country to progress and draft the contract with the International Monetary Fund after have made the necessary amendments to it to adapt to the Lebanese reality, so that its recommendations are taken into account. The right of depositors with their money, the protection of banking secrecy, the privacy of Lebanese society and its liberal economic system , who formed the secret. the growth and prosperity of Lebanon; it also takes into account the protection of Lebanese freedom and the avoidance of influence on investment and financing of exports and imports, as well as the exchange of transfers between Lebanese and Lebanese residents is not allowed, according to the spread. Title To save Lebanon, to change the identity of its national economic system, which is not subject to any constitutional solution or political bargaining. We are confident that you, from your position as President of the Republic and defender of the constitution, and the symbol of the country, will provide all this in cooperation with the government and parliament.

He also stressed that “in order for the reforms to reach their full extent, they must be accompanied by the extension of state authority throughout its territory, the unification of weapons and decision-making, in accordance with Security Council resolutions and the adoption of strategic options that strengthen Lebanon’s relations with its Arab suburbs and the democratic world. As the Gulf states gradually return to Lebanon. To contribute to the movement of his awakening, it is necessary to respect the sovereignty of states and good relations with them, and to stop campaigns against these sister countries, especially since they are campaigns that have nothing to do with the interests of Lebanon, but with the interests of foreign countries.

He concluded his sermon by saying: my best. in celebration, with heartfelt wishes that God bless you with His blessings and blessings, that you reach the place on the shore of security, with grace.Crost Risen.Crost Risen! Truly Risen!

Pull with Aoun

Before the start of the Mass, the pastor held a second retreat with Aoun, who after the meeting assured that “the election will take place, and all preparations are ready and God save us nothing”.

Amal Aoun, after meeting with Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, before attending the Easter Mass, said: “The resurrection of Lebanon with this holiday, because today we are living a difficult tragedy and today we are in a situation “very difficult. and I live it like you and me what happened to you.”

He said, “We have reached an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, hoping that this will have a positive impact on the situation in Lebanon.”

Aoun stressed that “we want better relations with Arab countries and the return of ambassadors to Beirut is an important step in this area.”

He also stressed that “Pope Francis’ visit brings hope to Lebanon and today we live with the hope of resurrection, so we will not despair as long as we are alive.”

In response to a question about who is obstructing the judiciary, Aoun replied: He is the one who has broken the cabinet and the families of the martyrs should go to the obstructors.

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