After approval by the House of Representatives. Learn about the functions of the Aerospace Management Center

The House of Representatives, in today’s plenary session, chaired by Councilor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, President of the Chamber, approved the articles for the establishment of the center, its objectives and competencies, from a draft law submitted by the government for the establishment of the National Center. Center for Aerospace Management.

Article (1) states

A public economic authority called the “National Center for Airspace Management” will be established, with legal personality and reporting to the Prime Minister, with its seat in the Governor of Cairo and its branches may be established by decision of the Prime Minister. , and in this law is called the Center.

Article 2):

The Center aims to develop the airspace, to provide navigation services, to increase the air security provided by the integrated information (aviation information – radar information), and to achieve the most appropriate use of the airspace and its management in an optimal way that achieves strategic development objectives. and the right balance between protecting national security objectives and maximizing the state’s economic return and preparing staff and expertise in this area to the highest level of efficiency.

Article (3)

The Center acquires all the necessary competencies to achieve its objectives in accordance with Article (2) of this law, and in particular has:

1- Redesign, restructuring, planning and development of the airway network and airspace terminal areas.

2- Planning and drafting approach, landing and departure maps for airports in coordination with the National Air Navigation Services Company.

3- Participating in the preparation and processing of flight information services and information necessary for the security and efficiency of communications, floating information and alarm services, as well as the management of the integrated flight program; Ensure the control of aircraft movement and not miss any flight program within the airspace, in coordination with the National Air Navigation Services Company.

4- Providing air traffic flow service to ensure the regular flow of air traffic within the airspace according to standard tariffs and providing other air navigation services in coordination with the National Air Navigation Services Company.

5- Organizing air routes through airspace use plans, securing and equipping air routes and strengthening air control services in coordination with the National Air Navigation Services Company.

6- Providing assistance in the field of airspace management at the regional level in accordance with international agreements with neighboring countries and the African Ocean.

7- Establishment of navigation systems of the center, including computers, radars, communications and other navigation systems operating for it, as well as providing technical support for the equipment and equipment of the center; To guarantee flight safety.

8- Providing assistance to aircraft in need of rescue and assisting them if necessary.

9- Preparation of technical studies and provision of advice, information and services necessary for the development and operation of air traffic control services and their management.

10- To take all administrative and human measures to maintain the safety, security, flow and flow of air traffic in the airspace.

11- Preparation and qualification of the employees of the center in the airspace at the accredited local and international authorities, in order to achieve permanent development to keep pace with the latest programs related to the operating systems and the management of the airspace of the center, as well as to follow global updates in air traffic management programs, airspace design, information security and mechanisms of its application in the air security system to accommodate any other requirements in the future.

Any other task related to the management of airspace assigned to him by the Prime Minister.

Updated paragraph

A committee chaired by a representative of the Ministry of Defense will be formed in the center, with the membership of a representative of the Air Force, Air Defense Forces, Civil Aviation Authority and the National Air Navigation Services Company, elected by the competent minister. according to the circumstances, to apply the conditions defined in points (3, 4, 5, and 6) of this article, and the steering board of the center determines the work system of the commission. .

The formation of the commission is done by the decision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center.

Article (4):

All navigation services provided by the Center and related to the powers of the civil aviation authority set forth in the international and regional treaties and agreements to which Egypt is a party, as well as the powers set forth for it in any other law, shall be approved by Aviation. Civil. Authority.

Article (5):

The Center coordinates with the Ministry of Defense in carrying out tasks that require certification, in accordance with national security requirements within the airspace and the use of the armed forces.

Article (6):

The Center will have a Steering Board chaired by the Minister of Civil Aviation and the membership of each of them:

The Executive Director of the Center acts as rapporteur and replaces the Chairman in his absence.

– Executive Director of the Center. Decided

A representative of the Ministry of Defense, a representative of the Air Force Command and a representative of the Air Defense Forces Command, elected by the Minister of Defense.

– A representative of the entity responsible for providing air navigation services at the Ministry of Civil Aviation, elected by the Minister of Civil Aviation.

Three experienced members in areas related to the work of the center, elected by the Prime Minister based on the appointment of the Ministers of Defense and Civil Aviation and their term is three years, with renewal.

The appointment of the chairman and members of the board of directors and their financial treatment is done by a decision of the Prime Minister.

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