What are the best airlines for families with children?

Heads of households seek to diversify their choices to suit children (Getty)

Traveling can have a negative impact on the family. Simply the idea of ​​being trapped in a metal tube with recycled air for hours may not be comfortable for children, so many heads of households are looking to diversify their options to suit children.

Some of them may use night flights, so that children can sleep all the time, and others may think of sitting in the back seats, to avoid disturbing the passengers.

While almost everyone shares the same ideas in terms of providing different means of entertainment for their children while traveling by offering them lots of food, cakes and pastries for entertainment purposes, or games and more.

However, all of these tools remain relatively limited in the face of what some airlines can offer to support children in flight.

If you are planning a trip in the near future and are looking for a happy stay with the kids in your next destination, these companies may be suitable to meet your needs, facilitate travel chores and most importantly for added a kind of happiness. your children.

Maximum fun

Qatar Airways offers a special package for children on flights, where they can enjoy a large selection of the latest movies and series, which are still shown in cinema screens.

They also have a dedicated channel for children, featuring educational and entertainment programs. The company also offers creative and educational kits that come with crayons, stickers, activity book and more, and they vary according to the child’s age, in order to entertain him.

In addition, children can choose from a large menu of foods for them, which is a unique feature, during which the child can enjoy unlimited food offers.

In addition, the company seeks to support parents by giving them the relatively large seats that usually come to the front of the aircraft, so that they can sit more comfortably.

For infants and young children, they are provided with small cribs to sleep on. The company wants to have an experienced host or hostess to deal with children in case of any panic attack or crying.


In the UAE, Etihad Airways seeks to offer special benefits for relatively long-haul flights. And babysitting can be a great model for entertaining children while traveling.

The job of the caregiver is not only to take care of the children, but also to take care of them mentally and healthily. Babysitter advises and guides children during the trip and then seeks to entertain the children through the recreational activities they do.

For example, you paint on their faces, or help them draw and color, as well as offer artistic activities, such as magic tricks and singing. In addition to the presence of a babysitter, the company also offers other recreational activities for children, as it has added a special section on the plane in the form of a small library, where young people can enjoy reading modern books and stories, not to mention . the series of cartoons and electronic games that add to the little ones cause them a lot of joy and joy.

Gifts and contests

Canada’s largest airline has become one of the most family-friendly airlines in the world. From a family-only check-in area to everything from food to backpacks for small explorers on international flights, Air Canada is one of the world’s leading children’s airlines.

During the flight, the airline offers lots of snacks, coloring books and some small surprises, in the form of toys and games that are suitable for children’s age. Plus, kids get a set that includes a welcome message, an exclusive luggage tag, and a notebook to plan their trips. Each time the child travels, he will also receive free tickets to visit various monuments at the destination he is arriving at.

In addition, as part of an encouraging campaign conducted by the airline, the hosts organize drawing and coloring competitions and craft activities for all the children in flight and at the end of the competition many gifts are presented.

Game rooms

Malaysia Airlines can be unique in providing entertainment for children before boarding the plane. Travel procedures are usually lengthy and sometimes complicated, especially with children.

However, Malaysia Airlines offers an excellent service, as it takes children to the airport in designated play areas so that parents can clean up their travel procedures and flight attendants escort children to the door of the plane without the hassle of waiting in airplane. airports. This feature helps the child to enjoy traveling because it stimulates him with recreational activities. And inside the plane the child enjoys many activities, whether choosing modern movies or video games.

The company also offers a small baby bag, which contains small toys, coloring books and simple stories. For babies, the issue is no different, as the Malaysian provides a small family on board the flight and provides a special bag for the mother and baby, containing the needs of the babies.

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