Watch your movies with a lot of fun..Simple steps to design a home theater

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A modern idea that will attract movie lovers to the cinema, which is to divide one of the rooms of the house as a mini-cinema or as it is known as a home cinema and this is one of the latest technologies that have started. to spread widely in recent years.

home theater room

First and foremost, before you start applying the steps and ideas of a home theater, you need to determine the right room with the design of a home theater, as the room should not be sunny, ie there is no need to choose a room with many windows. because the main purpose of the cinema is generally to watch movies in the dark or provide lighting Reduce it, and the room should be kept away from rest rooms and bedrooms, so that the rest of the house is not disturbed by sounds.

As for the residents of the villas, they can use the basement, as it is considered the most suitable place to set up a home cinema, as it lacks lighting that is not needed to watch better movies, except for the fact that this area is isolated from the rest of the hallways of the house and benefits from not transmitting sound to the rest of the rooms of the house.

Regarding the size of the rooms, care should be taken to leave a sufficient distance between the screen and the viewer, for eye safety.

The distance varies according to the size of each screen, and here is the safe distance for some sizes:

Screen 55 inches: 2.8 m – 4.2 m

Screen 58 inches: 2.9 m – 4.4 m

60 inch screen: 3m – 4.6m

Screen 65 inches: 3.3 m – 5 m

TV or projector?

When it comes to home theater technologies, there are two ways to watch movies, either a projector (optical projector) or a large TV for home theater.

There are many factors to consider when buying these monitors, which are size, resolution, color screen, ease of use and smart functionality.

We will give you a simple comparison of some of the features mentioned between TV and projector.

1- Accuracy

Whatever the size of the TV, the resolution of the images displayed is often very high and is equal to whether the TV is small or very large.

As for the projector (optical screen device), the accuracy is adjusted by the distance and proximity of the device, that is, the farther we move the device, the larger the image screen size and this leads to a reduction in resolution. .

So … this feature works in favor of the TV, which displays images more clearly than the projector.

2- Size compared to price

Large screen size is one of the most important features that should be available to watch movies in cinematic style, and when comparing TV and projectors, it should be noted that large TV screens need a good budget because the prices their are very high compared to projectors.

As for the projector, it displays large images on the wall, which is the method used in cinemas and there are many types that are sold at very reasonable prices compared to the high resolution movies in which they are displayed.

Here, the advantage of reasonable price compared to image size is calculated in favor of the projector and it is worth mentioning the availability of well made and high quality types.


Both TV screens and projectors are distinguished by their ability to provide the clearest view in terms of colors, as both devices display a clear color image without distortion, which means that this feature is in favor of both devices.

4- Home cinema audio system

Speaker sizes vary depending on the size of the room

How to choose a sound system for home theater? Although these new technologies are usually expensive, they are highly coveted by music and movie lovers as they provide them with high quality sound.

We will show you the specifications to consider when choosing the right sound system for your home theater.

To choose the most suitable sound system, the size of the room must be determined. Determining the size is very important and the most suitable system is chosen based on the area of ​​the room chosen for the home theater, as a small room. Sound diffusers will not fit in large rooms, and vice versa. Also, large rooms will need more speakers and larger dimensions to deliver sound more perfectly and more clearly.

5- Home cinema decor

Finally, after the technical section of the home cinema has been prepared, it is the turn of the furniture, as it is necessary to coordinate the decor in a way that gives the feeling that you are in the cinema, and here are the most important pieces of furniture that will be available, and some designs and ideas of a home theater.


Leather seats add a luxurious touch to the room decor

The seats should be very comfortable, and for a cinema-like atmosphere, it is possible to choose leather seats.

For those who are looking for luxury and luxury, they can choose leather belt chairs (Lazy Boy), which is the ideal type to watch movies in complete comfort.

7- Curtains

The use of curtains of a uniform color is preferred, as the decorations should not be exaggerated because the aesthetics of a home theater room lies in simplicity, in addition to choosing a heavy and dark fabric to completely isolate the light from the room. in order to experience a better home cinema, especially if the presentation is done through a Show Light device, the darker the room, the clearer the vision.

8- Shelves

Adding shelves to rooms creates a qualitative shift in place. In addition to using them for storage purposes, by placing CDs on them, we can also use them to place decorations. Miniature figurines of your favorite cartoon and movie characters are the perfect pieces of home theater, as this delightful addition will give you an impression of the movie world.


To break the clutter of the room and take advantage of the empty spaces that may need some simple decorating ideas, you can install posters in the empty wall space that will make the place more lively.

In this step, you will need to add your artistic touch by choosing posters that contain photos of your favorite movie or the characters you want. If the home theater room is for kids, it would be nice to put up Disney World posters that kids love.

10-Snack food corner

Now … that the room is ready, we can think of additional decorations that will complement the home cinema room, which is the sharing of a snack corner. You can share a corner of the room to put food to eat while watching movies, and among the most unique ideas, a mini popcorn machine and a small fridge contain your favorite drinks.

With this, we have provided you with steps and ideas for home theater that will help you create the best home cinema.

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