The mosques of the United Arab Emirates … Architectural masterpieces that attract believers and tourists from all over the world

The UAE is home to many mosques with dazzling engineering designs, the picturesque beauty of which incorporates many ancient Islamic architectural details..

Most of them are adorned with inscriptions and Quranic verses in authentic Arabic calligraphy, and the exterior spaces of these unique mosques and mosques are decorated with ponds, green spaces and rare natural flowers..

Khalifa Bin Zayed Mosque

“Vision” monitored the most prominent mosques that have very beautiful engineering specifications and are rich in unique Islamic architectural details at the Emirates level, including the Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque, which is considered the largest mosque in the city of Al Ain and is a unique Islamic architectural masterpiece..

The impressive architectural and engineering details of the Sheikh Khalifa Mosque, which opened its doors to believers a year ago, captivate the hearts of believers and visitors from various cultural and religious references, due to its absolute grandeur. the Arabic alphabet thuluth, along with 81 other domes, 4 minarets of great beauty.

The total area of ​​the mosque is 256,680 square meters, while the built-up area is estimated at 15,684 square meters, enabling the reception of thousands of believers during the month of Ramadan and on holidays, knowing that it can accommodate more than 25 thousand. worshipers..

The mosque, which cost about 600 million dirhams to build, is known for its Andalusian-style portico Umayyad, while its green areas, estimated at 75,390 square meters, are surrounded by water ponds that adorn it. from outside. , and a service building.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

As for the capital, Abu Dhabi, it has glass and glass with impressive engineering designs, including the large Islamic architectural building, the “Great Sheikh Zayed Mosque”, which embodies the message of Islam of tolerance and peace and intertwined in its design various schools of Islamic Architecture..

The mosque receives tens of thousands of believers throughout the year, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, knowing that it can accommodate about 55,000 believers at a time..

The mosque opens its doors to thousands of visitors from various cultural and religious references, as it is a beacon of Islamic sciences, as well as the embodiment of the message of Islam represented in peace, tolerance and coexistence with the other..

The Islamic building has a unique creative design, as the mosque has about 82 domes decorated from the top with a crescent painted in gold and silver and decorated with glass mosaics, and more than 1000 columns decorated with amethyst and jasper stones, as well as chandeliers. made of luxurious German crystal and decorated with 24 carat gold. Note that the largest chandelier in the glass has a diameter of 10 meters, a height of 15 meters and a weight of 12 tons..

The mosque has an extraordinary interior design that enjoys harmony between colors and shades, as its floor is covered by the largest handmade carpet in the world and one of the largest chandeliers in the world hangs in the main prayer hall. Carved, polished and inspired by traditional Islamic designs, Moorish, Andalusian, Mamluk, Ottoman and Fatimid architectural details.

There are also four blue chandeliers with similar design and dimensions at the entrances surrounding the mosque, the largest of which weighs 2 tons and decorates the main entrance of the mosque..

Al-Faruq Mosque

The Emirates of Dubai, on the other hand, has many picturesque religious monuments, the most famous of which is the Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, also known as the “Blue Mosque”, which opens its doors to believers or not. Muslim visitors..

The design of the mosque is inspired by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and has an Ottoman design with some Andalusian touches, while the mosque is 30 meters high and also has 21 domes and 4 magnificent minarets and each minaret has two balconies. .

Al Farouk Mosque Omar bin Al Khattab is one of the largest mosques in the UAE and accommodates up to 2000 worshipers. It also serves as a cultural and civilizing beacon and an Islamic center for human dialogue to emphasize the role of Muslims in global civilization..

The mosque includes a lecture hall, a library containing about 3000 titles, a reading and research hall and classrooms..

Sharjah Grand Mosque

One of the most attractive mosques for believers during the month of Ramadan is the Great Mosque of Sharjah, which took 5 years to build and cost 300 million dirhams..

The area of ​​the mosque, which opened almost 3 years ago, reaches 2 million square meters with outdoor gardens, in what is considered an architectural icon sitting on the throne of the capital of Islamic culture “Sharjah”..

The mosque can accommodate about 25.5 thousand believers inside and outside, scattered in more than one area and space. The open arena hosts 13.5 thousand believers.

The Great Mosque of Sharjah is a unique model of modern Islamic art, as it is decorated with artistic carvings, woodwork and drawings of Arabic calligraphy that form creative plastic paintings..

The mosque has a creative design that includes 81 domes and two minarets with a height of 75 meters, while the height of the main dome is 45 meters with a diameter of 27 meters. To serve the faithful and visitors.

The mosque includes a large library containing the mothers of books in the various branches of Islamic sciences and the venerable Sunnah of the Prophet. in the outdoor parking lot..

The mosque has an Islamic garden containing a number of fountains and waterfalls. Car and bus parking spaces can accommodate around 2260 cars and buses, in more than one location near the mosque, including 300 parking spaces inside the mosque building. , 1400 parking spaces outside the mosque, 60 bus stops, along with 500 parking outside the mosque wall.

the ancient mosque

One of the distinctive archeological mosques in the Emirates, which has a special place for many worshipers, is the mosque of the late Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, which is located in the Ras Al Khaimah region and is designed from coral stones. and beach rocks..

It is considered the oldest archeological mosque in which Friday prayers and the five written prayers are still held, in addition to being one of the largest archeological mosques in the country..

The historic mosque overlooks the sea, in what is considered a unique archaeological masterpiece, with a capacity for 1000 worshipers and containing 60 columns, and its ceiling is covered with palm leaves and eucalyptus wood..

The windows of the mosque are characterized by a distinctive geometric curvature, counting 31 windows, in addition to the 3 large doors..

The mosque is considered the second oldest mosque in the state, built by the late Sheikh Saqr bin Rashid Al Qasimi, who ruled in the historical period from 1777 to 1803 AD, while the mosque was maintained and expanded during the Sheikh’s era. The late Sultan. bin Saqr Al Qasimi, who ruled from 1803 to 1866. Gregorian.

The mosque was renovated and expanded between 1900 – 1908 AD, and the last expansion of the mosque was in the period 1919 – 1948 AD, while the last restoration of the mosque contributed to its transformation into a place of worship and a symbol of civilization. ancient. emirat..

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