The “long” Eid holiday increases reservations and prices

Tourism and travel companies and offices confirmed the growing demand for travel bookings with the aim of celebrating the blessed feast of Eid al-Fitr, more than two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which hit the travel and tourism sector hard.

Speakers told Al-Ayyam that Egypt and Turkey are the most popular tourist destinations for travel bookings, noting that Thailand has also begun to witness a large turnout following the easing of travel restrictions.

The speakers assessed that the biggest challenges faced by travel movement are related to travel ticket prices, which are witnessing a variable increase by destinations, without reducing the desire of people to take advantage of future vacations to spend holidays abroad. country.

For his part, the head of “Kano” Travels, businessman Nabil Kanoo, confirmed that in the past there has been a great demand for travel for tourism and recreation, after about two years of decline in tourist traffic due to restrictions. imposed by the Corona pandemic.

Kanoo said that the most popular destinations during the last period were Turkey, Egypt and Thailand, noting that there has been a great demand for performing Umrah during the last period, expecting this demand to continue with the approach of the last ten days. of the saint. Ramadan month.

Kanoo expected good trips during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, without reducing the impact of high ticket prices compared to those before the pandemic, which is governed by the issue of supply and demand and destinations where airlines fly.

Kanoo said: “According to the indicators we have, there has been a huge demand for travel and tourism in the last period because many people have not been able to travel in the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and its aftermath. such as restrictions on movement and travel. And closure policies in many countries, and this certainly affected the travel sector in general, especially during 2020.

And he continued, “This year, as many countries – which are popular tourist destinations – tend to lift the pandemic-related restrictions, we saw a huge demand for tourism-intended travel, but ticket prices remained one of the challenges. The travel and tourism sector, as it grew compared to what was before the pandemic in various dimensions, which is regulated by supply and demand, as well as destinations where airlines operate flights.

Regarding the most popular tourist destinations in the recent period, Kano said: “We have witnessed a great demand for travel to Turkey, Egypt and Jordan, as well as Thailand – as the latter removed many restrictions on the pandemic – and Thailand is a country. favorite tourist destination. “Gulf families, because of their beautiful nature, have this, of course, in addition to the demand for travel to some European countries.”

He continued: “There is no doubt that many people prefer to travel to geographically close tourist destinations, so during the pandemic there was a movement of holiday travel in the Emirate of Dubai, which remained a destination for many visitors during the last period.”

He added: “We have witnessed a great demand for travel to perform Umrah and we expect this demand to continue during the month of Ramadan, especially during the last ten days.”

Regarding his expectations regarding the movement of travel during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, Kanoo said: “Of course we expect the next holiday to be a great demand for travel, especially as we approach the Labor Day holiday, Eid al-Fitr. . Feast of Fitr, as well as weekends “.

He continued, “Now, it is difficult to determine the exit that we will witness in the coming weeks, because many people start booking a week before Eid, but in general, the turnout for travel during Eid can reach about 40%. “

He added: “As for the destinations we expect to have a travel request, they are the same destinations I mentioned. Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and Thailand.

For his part, businessman Sufian Al-Moayad confirmed that there is a huge demand for travel reservations aimed at tourism and recreation during the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Al-Moayad – who owns the Manama Tourism and Travel Company – said Egypt is at the forefront of the most popular destinations and the desire to travel to it with the aim of tourism, as well as Turkey’s growing demand for travel there.

Al-Moayad agreed with Kanoo that high ticket prices constitute one of the challenges facing the travel and tourism sector during this period, with their prices rising compared to what they were before the pandemic.

Al-Moayad said: “There is a great demand for travel reservations for tourism and recreation during the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday and this is due to the holiday period which starts from April 29 and lasts until May 8.”

Al-Moayad continued: “There is no doubt that the increase in ticket prices is a challenge during this period and this increase varies in different proportions according to the destinations where they intend to travel, the volume of demand for them and the airlines that operate flights. towards them. “

Regarding the increasingly popular travel destinations, Al-Moayad said: “Egypt is the most popular travel destination, as well as Turkey, in addition to some European countries.”

For her part, the CEO of Dada Travels by Shahnaz Al-Qusair said: “There is no doubt that the pandemic has affected the travel sector in general as a result of the consequences it has imposed, but with this a demand has remained, albeit limited. to travel to several destinations. In contrast, others chose not to travel over the past two years because of the pandemic and restrictions imposed by many countries to limit the spread of the pandemic in them.

And she continued, “Now we are witnessing a great demand for reservations, in order to spend the feast of Eid al-Fitr in one of the destinations that are proving an extraordinary turnout.”

Regarding the tourist destinations that are proving a demand for reservations and trips for the upcoming holiday, Al-Qusair said: “The destinations we saw before the month of Ramadan are in demand for travel, and they are Turkey in the foreground, Egypt. and Dubai, and what has changed is the addition of some cities to these destinations.

And she continued, “We have also started to see a demand for travel to Thailand and Britain, especially after the easing of travel restrictions.”

If the increase in travel ticket prices negatively affects the volume of travel for tourism during the upcoming holiday, Al-Qusayr said: “There is no doubt that there is an increase in travel ticket prices in some destinations, but this aspect is not affecting travel decision, but may change the destination where people want to travel; Because the altitude varies according to each destination.

And she continued, “I think this increase is temporary, but in general there are many tourist destinations that offer good opportunities in terms of hotel prices and tourism programs in them, with the aim of reviving the tourism sector in them that is affected. from the consequences of the pandemic. “

The travel sector had declined to peaks during 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to experts and specialists, who estimated the booking demand rate at 5%, and is limited to category e. migrants returning to their homes during the first year of the pandemic.

While the travel rate for tourism in the same year reached zero during 2020 due to restrictions and closure policies pursued by many countries to limit the spread of the pandemic, what specialists considered a deadly blow to the hotel and tourism sector in globally, before there was a limited improvement in the Travel sector in general in the middle of last year 2021 reached 40%, while the rate of improvement in the travel sector aimed at tourism over the past summer did not exceed 30 %.

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