The importance of your children participating in the preparation of Ramadan breakfast

Involving children in household chores and meeting the needs of family members, giving a helping hand during the preparation and preparation of food, or is necessary and the best thing that shows the beauty of this behavior in the holy month of Ramadan;

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Where family members meet twice a day, in the morning and at dawn, and the issue is not limited to cooperation and help, so much so that this habit is rooted in the child … new skills, likable human values ​​… and behavior that after a while become habits that accompany the child until he grows up. On the importance of the participation of your children – ladies, mothers – in the preparation of Ramadan breakfast, Dr. Anwar Abdel Karim, professor of behavior modification at the university, speaks:

Your child’s participation in Ramadan..a training station
Yes, that help will serve as a training station for case management, health education, and ranking, and also provides the child with basic learning skills in cooking and self-reliance on a son or daughter’s core issues.
These times will teach children some values, or solve big problems they face, and will include sending indirect messages at the moment from parents to their children, instead of direct preaching sessions.
The boy’s participation in the preparation of breakfast in the month of Ramadan, will change the prevailing concept in Arab societies; That cooking is the responsibility of the girl alone and this method will also instill in the children a sense of responsibility and encourage them to work together.
Tasks in the kitchen should be divided and distributed according to the personality of the child; For example, a small child may be given a towel, to wipe the kitchen table whenever it gets dirty, or may be given a washing sponge or safe utensils; To feel that his presence is important, which facilitates the cooking process for his mother.

Steps to include the child in the kitchen
First steps … bring glasses of water to the table or bring bread and collect spoons, which means caring for others and a desire to help them and create a friendly family atmosphere.
And if the child grows up, the responsibility for food preparation increases, and if this behavior is practiced by families, children will gain life experiences that are difficult to learn elsewhere.
Second steps .. In order for the child to continue to participate, parents must provide a safety element in the kitchen and keep the child away from the danger zone; Just like the importance of teaching him how to use a knife after the age of six or seven; and how to handle and use sharp tools safely.
The final step is that all of these steps will help and motivate the baby to participate in the kitchen in the preparation of breakfast, in addition to promoting the health of the baby in a way that pleases and makes you happy as a mother, and ensures your health his. physical and mental condition.

The importance of your children participating in the preparation of Ramadan breakfast
Involving your children in cooking helps to choose healthy foods and stay away from harmful foods.
The child’s knowledge of what goes into each dish makes him aware of what the food contains, such as saying that you add vegetables because they are rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps the child to remember and recognize the nutritional value of the meal.
Participating in cooking and preparing breakfast on the trip, is not only an opportunity to educate the child, but also helps parents to get closer to their children and spend useful time with them; So you – the whole family – feel proud when you eat the food you participated in its preparation.
The benefit of participation is not limited to nutrition and health, as it plays a role in enhancing your child’s educational skills, especially in math, as it makes your children better students in and out of school.

Sharing with your child teaches him arithmetic and patience
Not surprisingly, the chef has to record and count the time. Waiting for the cake to bake, for example, allows the child to pay attention to the ingredients and preparation and teaches him patience what the final cake will look like. Thus, cooking plays a positive role in developing children’s talents and improving their performance in school.
Invite your child to join you in preparing a meal; He will not feel that it is a difficult task, but he will enjoy the kitchen while he is near you using raw materials and dishes, and the separation process will teach him mathematical and arithmetic concepts and will improve reading skills. creativity, safety rules and nutrition basics.
Offer to help your child prepare fruits and vegetables for cooking; Washing fruits and vegetables in the sink, for example, splitting lettuce for salad, preparing table dishes and preparing it for breakfast.

Ask your child to help you prepare breakfast .. this will develop her skills
Here the experts advise to take advantage of the joy of Ramadan and wait for the family gathering for breakfast or suhoor … to let the child enjoy participating in the cooking from time to time under our supervision.
Preparing simple and quick recipes, using eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruits, which is a very successful way to encourage them to participate and develop some of their skills … such as service to others, offering a helping hand, and realizing meaning. of collective participation in the beautiful case.

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