The first message from Mark Zuckerberg after the change of Facebook name

The founder and director of the American company, “Facebook”, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced the change of its name in “Meta” from Thursday, October 28, 2021.

“We are at the beginning of the next chapter for the internet, which is the next chapter for our company as well,” Mark said in a statement Thursday evening.

And this is the first message of the founder of the social networking giant after the change of the company name:

In recent decades, technology has given people the ability to connect and express themselves naturally. When I started Facebook, we often wrote text on websites.

When we got camera phones, the internet became more visual and the faster communications were made, the richer video became a way to share experiences. We have gone from desktop to web to mobile, from text to images to video. But this is not the end of the line.

The next platform will be more immersive … an embedded internet where you are in the experience, not just seeing it. We call this metaverse and it will affect every product we build.

The defining quality of music will be the feeling of being there – like being there with someone else or somewhere else. Really feeling like being with someone else is the ultimate social technology dream. That’s why we focus on building this.

Reason for changing Facebook name to “Meta”

In metaverse, he said, you will be able to do almost anything you can imagine … gather with friends and family, work, learn, play, buy, create … as well as with completely new experiences. This is not in line with the way we think about computers or phones today. We made a movie that explores how you can use Metaverse one day.

“In this future, you will be able to teleport as an anthropomorphic to being in the office without traveling, at a concert with friends or in your parents’ living room to catch up.” This will open up more opportunities, no matter where you live. You will be able to spend more time on what matters to you, cut down on traffic time, and reduce your carbon footprint.

And he said: Think about how many physical objects you have today that may be simply anthropomorphic in the future. Your TV, the perfect multi-screen work configuration, your board games and more .. Instead of factory-mounted physical objects, you will be anthropomorphized by creators all over the world.

You will go through these experiences on different devices .. augmented reality glasses to stay present in the physical world, virtual reality to be fully immersed, phones and computers to dance from existing platforms. This is not about spending more time on screens; It’s actually about making the time we spend better.

Zuckerberg added: Our role and responsibility .. No single company will create metavers. It will be built by creators and developers who bring new experiences and interactive digital elements and open up a much larger creative economy than is limited by today’s platforms.

Our role on this journey is to accelerate the development of core technology, social platforms and creative tools to renew lives, and to weave these technologies into our social media applications.

We believe that Metaverse can help create better social experiences than anything that exists today, and we will dedicate our energies to helping realize its potential.

“We do not build services to make money, we make money to build better services,” said Zuckerberg.

This approach has served us well. We have built our business to support large and long-term investments to build better services, and that is what we plan to do here.

The last five years have been humble for me and our company in many ways. One of the main lessons I have learned is that building the products that people love is not enough.

I have gained more and more appreciation that internet history is not so straightforward. Each chapter brings new voices and new ideas, but also new challenges, risks and disruptions to ingrained interests. We will have to work together, from the beginning, to bring to life the best possible version of this future.

Privacy and security need to be built on metaweres from day one. So do open standards and interoperability. This will not only require new technical work, such as support for crypto projects and NFT projects in the community, but also new forms of governance. Above all, we need to help build ecosystems so that more people have a share in the future and can benefit not only as consumers.

But this period was also modest, because as big as the company we are in, we also learned what it is like to build on other platforms.

Living by their own rules has shaped my strong opinions about the tech industry. I have come to believe that lack of consumer choice and high developer fees stifle innovation and hamper the internet economy.

We have tried a different approach. We want our services to be available to as many people as possible, and that means working to make them less costly, not more.

Our mobile applications are free. Our advertising model is designed to offer the lowest prices for businesses. Our trading tools are available at a cost or at a modest fee. As a result, millions of people love our services and hundreds of millions of businesses rely on our tools.

This is the approach we want to offer to help build Metaverse. We plan to sell our equipment at cost or subsidized to make it available to more people.

We will continue to support side-loading and streaming from computers so that people have a choice, rather than being forced to use the Quuest Store to find apps or reach customers.

We will aim to provide low-cost developer and creator services in as many cases as possible, so that we can maximize the overall creative economy. We will have to make sure we do not lose a lot of money along the way.

Our hope is to reach 1 billion people over the next decade, expect hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce, and support jobs for millions of creators and developers.

Who we are?

As we begin this next chapter, I have thought a lot about what this means for our company and our identity.

We are a company focused on communication between people. While most tech companies focus on how people interact with technology, we are always focused on building technology so that people can interact with each other.

Today we are seen as a social media company. Facebook is one of the most widely used technology products in the history of the world. It is a well-known social media brand.

Building social applications will always be important to us and there is a lot to build. But more and more, it’s not all we do. In our DNA, we build technology to unite people. Metaverse is the other frontier in connecting people, just like social media when we started.

Deadline to activate the new name on Facebook

Now..our brand is so closely associated with a product that it can not represent everything we do today, let alone the future. Over time, I hope to be seen as a Metaverse company and want to base our business and identity on what we build.

We just announced that we are making a fundamental change in our company. We now look at and report on our business in two different parts: one for the application family and one for our work on future platforms.

Our work in metaversin is not just one of those parts. Metaverse includes social experiences and technology of the future. As we expand our vision, it is time for us to build a new brand.

To reflect on who we are and the future we hope to build, I am proud to share our company now Meta.

Our mission remains the same .. it is still about uniting people. Neither do our apps and their brands change. We are still a company that designs technology around people.

But all of our products, including our own applications, now share a new vision: to help bring metavers to life. And now we have a name that reflects the breadth of what we do.

From now on, we will be the first metavers, not the first on Facebook. This means that over time you will not need a Facebook account to use our other services. When our new brand starts appearing on our products, I hope people all over the world recognize the Meta brand and the future we stand for.

I was studying the classics and the word “meta” comes from a Greek word meaning “further”. To me, this symbolizes that there is always more to build, and there is always a chapter coming into history. Our story is what started in a bedroom and has grown beyond anything we could have imagined; For a family of apps that people use to connect with each other, find their voice, and start businesses, communities, and movements that changed the world.

I’m proud of what we have built so far and excited about what comes next. As we transcend what is possible today, beyond the limitations of screens, beyond the boundaries of distance and physics, and toward a future where everyone can be present with each other, creating new opportunities … It is a a future that transcends every company and we will all succeed.

We built things that united people in new ways. We learned from the struggle with difficult social issues and living under closed platforms. Now is the time to take everything we have learned and help build the next chapter.

I dedicate our energy to this … more than any other company in the world. If this is the future you want to see, I hope you will join us. The future will be far beyond anything we can imagine.

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