Tables of world civilizations show in Dubai the histories of cultures and the rituals of hospitality

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The stories of creativity and features that embody the vocabulary of global cultures in Dubai are not limited to the peculiarities of creative artistic and cultural literary production. Knowing in this regard the traditions of hospitality, food culture formations and different colors of cooking belonging to the peoples of different, in parallel with the rituals of the table, its traditions and ingredients, as well as the observance of the pillars of sustainability in cooking and the use of dishes, so that the aesthetics of food cultures for every civilization become an open book for all peoples, where Dubai embraces everyone.

This is what the visitor feels at the Ikigai restaurant, which celebrates the jewels of Japanese culture and offers the most beautiful authentic experiences in the heart of Dubai, as it treats its visitors, with their different cultures and tastes.

In this context, an unparalleled journey with the taste of Japan every day, offered by “The First Group” with this experience, a set of new and amazing offers that join many wonderful experiences such as breakfast, nights and women, discount hours and other experiences at the Ikigai restaurant, which in Japanese means “the reason for existence”, and takes its diners on an imaginary journey into the world of authentic and lively Japanese restaurants serving delicious filled with traditional and modern flavors and drinks that are delicious and refreshing.

The restaurant offers a range of special offers every day of the week, ranging from one hour discounts to one evening and late morning for women, to be the ideal destination to relax after a day of work, meet friends on the weekends or for a quiet evening in the evening.

Kaif is the most prominent example or model preferred by fans of countries that reflect the style of Japanese izakaya cafes, where there are cold refreshing drinks, fresh and delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere, and along with it the restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine. in one. place that holds the sense of contemporary, eclecticism and modernity in the Japanese style.


On the other hand, the dining experience at Resin Café, the innovative café and bakery that recently opened at Dubai Marina, is full of fun and surprise, with ideal options for indoor and outdoor seating and to enjoy its wide selection of pastries and roasted products or a cup of delicious coffee.

Following the recent opening of its branch in the First Collection at Jumeirah Village Circle, the café, which offers a rich dining experience, was keen to give its visitors the opportunity to get their ideal choices of baked goods and coffee, as the café is open from 07:00 to 22:00. Serve iftar dishes all day in Dubai Marina, a quiet and elegant destination that celebrates guests and awakens their senses, where creative baking methods are mixed with the best Arabica coffee beans to nourish the soul and live “Grapes” true”. “Atmosphere. It is also extraordinary that it adheres to sustainability standards, as everything is made from the finest ingredients and using natural materials that are biodegradable in all processes, and its food preparation methods are distinguished by focusing on artisanal methods in preparing baked products to get unique and innovative products.

Local products are used whenever possible, Arab and international coffee blends and a wide variety of tea flavors are available with unique blends, offering the café the ideal choices for coffee and tea connoisseurs. During the holy month of Ramadan, Risen offers the perfect selection of Ramadan gifts. The interior design at Risen is simple and warm lighting in a welcoming atmosphere.


The menu of Master Chef The TV Experience Restaurant and Ikigai Restaurant also features a menu of Ramadan dishes and dishes for iftar and suhoor at Hotel Tribe by Wyndham, and a rich buffet or iftar in the room at Wyndham Dubai Marina offers a wide range of unique experience for everyone, regardless of their tastes. In addition to breakfast, Tribe by Wyndham also serves delicious Syfyr meals that give guests the energy to fast the next day.

At Master Chef The TV Experience, visitors will experience a gourmet adventure with a different breakfast at the world’s first restaurant Master Chef, in the presence of the most delicious dishes prepared by the prominent chef Juan Ramón Sopero Laca.

Wyndham Dubai Marina offers a Ramadan buffet filled with delicious dishes. At Tribe by Wyndham, you prepare a wide variety of delicious dishes in the most beautiful atmosphere and hospitality with your loved ones and enjoy every moment of the morning.

The Soluna Restaurant and Lounge combines the world of a unique journey to discover different cuisines and traditional cultures from the coasts of Greece to the eastern Mediterranean. Such is the Blacksmith Restaurant, located in the Wyndham Dubai fashion marina, which offers a delicious menu, inspired by the offerings of American cuisine, with some European touches. Guests can choose to dine in the dining room or choose to dine on the spacious terrace.

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In light of these traditions of hospitality, which are full of colors and rituals of global cultures in a unique modern civilized city that is Dubai, it is necessary to bring modern tools for food processing to offer unique experiences in its taste, including what is offered. from the payment platform «ZNAP», which Offers up to 50% refund for more than 300 partner traders who are happy to return and share a gift for Ramadan for their customers in the form of double refund in restaurants partners during the holy month. Ramazani. By ordering through it, it enables the double refund of money in the a la carte menu and breakfast menus in all partner restaurants in “Zanab”, as its users only need to apply the promotional code “IFTAR” at the time of payment and a lot double refund. will be added to their account.


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