Seychelles..a pioneer in the blue economy

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A few days are not enough to discover the treasures of the Seychelles. After all, there is a story behind it. and others are related to explorers who arrived one day from Europe.

The island of fairy tales, mangoes and coconut

Seychelles live in our head within the category of world famous tourist areas and in fact it is so. Emirates Airlines, in collaboration with the Seychelles Tourism Authority, has launched a series of joint media campaigns in the Gulf region, which is one of the most important markets for tourism exports to these islands, to which Emirates Airlines Reaches Every Day, he carries on his planes a large benevolent group of sea and greenery, in search of moments of calm.

The Seychelles Islands are not like the rest of the world, as in their projects they seem more dependent on the blue economy, which is almost the backbone of life in it, and perhaps this justifies the launch of the Seychelles for many projects aimed at protecting its shores from pollution, as a “livelihood” on which the Seychelles depends, as well as to be part of the “tourist image” and “natural charm”, the beaches of the Seychelles only constitute a chapter of its rich book of stories, which she discovered. during her participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, where she reviewed a series of development projects aimed at protecting blue beaches from pollution, where the Aldabra site is one of its main addresses. The site is described as “a treasure like no other”, as it represents one of the Seychelles’s most precious national treasures, and for this it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982. The Aldabra site is one of the most great people. the government turn it into a nature reserve subject to strict laws and special systems created to protect it. To maintain the elegance of this site, the government has launched a project to “clean Aldabra” from plastic pollution, which poses a real threat to the site.

Seychelles, thanks to his various projects, has been able to turn into a “model” followed by the countries of the world in the “blue economy”. Estimates made by the “Sea Economy” forum held last year in Kenya show that the blue economy will grow twice the growth rate of the traditional economy by 2030. At least, and the rate could increase if consumption trends increase of seas and oceans in energy production and water desalination. The importance of the blue economy is most pronounced in countries made up of islands, and a United Nations study estimates the GDP dependence of some of these countries from that to 50% in some cases and drops to 10% in the case of some developed countries, such as Norway.

gypsy melodies

Nothing in the Seychelles compares to the beauty of the beaches, which are accustomed to wearing their pure blue dress, which intersects with the color of golden sand, and the green stripes that match the color of the rocks, all to form a painting charming in nature, capable of tempting all who violate it, like the Italian photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, who signed In the Seychelles, from the moment he first landed in 1975 for a photoshoot for Vogue Paris, during which reveals the magic and depth of nature. At the time, Gian Paolo Barbieri could not take his eyes off the picturesque nature and beach scene, which prompted him to ask about the possibility of buying land there, to experience many experiences, starting with the purchase of his house first “. Mumbrasim”, and then his second house, which he called “Taboo”, to give up later to get his house “Mango House” which stole his heart and behind this name another story, you understand its details immediately as you enter the gates of the LXR Mango House Seychelles, where the secret lies in the trees that surrounded this house like mangoes and avocados, while in its lands were scattered many flowers and other fruits. The mango tree behind the kitchen yielded a delicious and juicy white fruit, which Gian Paolo Barbieri had never tasted, which prompted him to call his house by that name, as the place still has the same name. The ocean, whose voice does not tire, seemed to be the Italian photographer Barbieri like a gypsy tune once and another to another African, which he enjoys every night as he reads his photographs of faces and people of different shapes and colors, accustomed to living among the island’s palaces, to form more late a Creole identity that the Seychelles celebrates every year on a certain day for it, showing through it its cultural diversity.

special design

The barber, who crossed the threshold of the eighties in a few years, returned to his original home, but left behind a house with a special design, to later become the property of the Hilton Group, which transformed the place in an integrated resort. consisting of 41 rooms, according to Sasha Tais, resort manager. “Each room has its own character and design inspired by mango forests and coconut trees,” says LXR Mango House Seychelles. is currently the main façade that welcomes guests of the resort, whose environment is designed to be like home, where you will find what you are looking for in terms of warmth, tranquility and comfort, giving the place the name “Mango House” or in Arabic Mango House.

The distance between Seychelles Airport and Mango House Seychelles is no more than 30 minutes, during which you will follow a wonderful aesthetic scene that reminds you of one of the movie scenes (thrown away) with Oliver Reed, Amanda Donohue and Georgina Hill . , where the branches of the trees intertwine to look like an umbrella covering the narrow streets along which you will pass the ruins of the first hotel built in the Seychelles and follow some of the scenes of the daily life of the inhabitants of the Seychelles, where children continue. their way to their schools while others are busy focusing on the narrow and winding road.

Stunning nature

As soon as you stand at the door of the LXR Mango House Seychelles resort, its crew greets you with a wide smile as one of them utters the phrase “Welcome to Paradise”, a phrase that will resonate with you. as it was an original part of the script of the movie “Cast Away”, which is still alive in the memory of the inhabitants of the island, to represent evidence of beauty, kindness, greenery and weather that suits his passion. lovers and those seeking fun, tranquility and relaxation. In the southwestern part of the island of Mahe, the resort “LXR Mango House Seychelles” is located and lives on a clean beach, which stretches along the Bay of Anse or Paul Bleu with its sparkling waters. Here’s what made this resort a destination for exploration enthusiasts, as it is a center for art and culture, and a haven for tranquility and comfort, due to the distance from the static noise between the city streets, which is full of life full of hope, that made him. a unique destination.

Hilton Worldwide projects in the Seychelles appear to be expanding, as it recently announced the signing of management agreements aimed at bringing its luxury brand Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts, and its distinctive Canopy by Hilton brand to the Seychelles, and according to Carlos Kneiser, Vice President of Hilton Worldwide Development in the Middle East and Africa, is scheduled to be completed. Seychelles – LXR Hotels & Resorts are currently open. Attracting travelers, we are proud of the role our team has played in the sustainable development of Seychelles, adding that the new hotels will contribute, together with LXR Hotels & Resorts Mango House Seychelles, to offer guests a unprecedented choices of world-class destinations to choose from. ” Among them when planning a memorable visit.

Hilton Worldwide manages 6 brands in Africa and the Indian Ocean, bringing the number recently to 100 hotels operating on the continent or planning to start operating, at a time when Hilton affirmed its continued commitment to the sustainable development of the travel and tourism in the region and has implemented many sustainable measures that have been awarded Prizes at its resorts and hotels in the Seychelles, from the elimination of plastic packaging to the use of local products, not ending with wildlife protection and projects. community outreach.

private beach

Seychelles stories have no limits. Wherever you turn your face on it, open your eyes to a new tale that reveals to you the secrets of the country and its culture. This is what you immediately feel at the main gate of the Cap Lazar Reserve, which does not open the gate to anyone without prior reservation, is within the boundaries of this Reserve, which is located south of Mahe Island, you can experience the magic of nature, for one moment. feels that time has stopped within its boundaries, as it overlooks a private beach and a turquoise lake, and includes hundreds of trees and plants that differ from each other such as their names. Tranquility surrounds this reserve, broken only by the sound of the wind and the rustling of trees. In that reserve is one of the largest wild turtle reserves on the island of Granitec, which includes large turtles, their age exceeds two hundred years and visitors. instead he can interact with them and feed them, and even take pictures. Meanwhile, this island is home to a stunning group of glowing sea creatures.

The Seychelles stories do not end at the gates of the “Mango House”, but rather unfold on the shores of these islands, which are witnessing vigorous efforts to protect them from erosion, as happened with the coast of the island “Ance”. a la Mog “, which suffers from erosion as a result of rising sea levels there. That led to the removal of large chunks of sand from the beaches in 2011. As a result, the government launched a project to restore and rehabilitate the coastline of sensitive, for engineers to create two unique types of wave interruptions in order to control their waves and motion.


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