Record growth in the tourism sector continues even after “Expo 2020 Dubai”

Expo 2020 Dubai: Adnan Najm
A number of directors of tourism and hospitality companies expressed their expectations that the UAE will benefit from the moment of Expo 2020 Dubai, through the increase in the number of visitors and tourists, as well as the record high and record occupancy in hotels.

They explained that the facilitation of precautionary measures will be an important factor in reviving the tourist movement, increasing the frequency and attracting visitors and tourists from abroad.

Directors of tourism companies mentioned that the tourism sector in the country is on the verge of an active and large movement, taking advantage of the intensive media coverage of exhibition activities around the world and the desire of millions of people to visit the United Arab Emirates to learn about its advanced tourist facilities and quality services.

Emirates destinations continue to improve their global position and are preparing for a new phase of growth. Dubai was the biggest beneficiary of the influx of visitors to the big international event, and Dubai quickly began to reap the benefits of “Expo 2020”, and Dubai was ranked first in the world among the best destinations for family vacations in 2022, according to My Trip website, which specializes in insurance comparisons.

Dubai scored high in five of the seven categories, including area safety (10 degrees), quality of family attractions (10 degrees), low current (9.75 degrees) and sea temperature (7.7 degrees) ). Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world and has become an affordable destination for families, offering comprehensive resorts with a range of activities.

amaze the world

Omar Al-Ali, CEO of Nirvana Tourism and Logistics Company, said: “Organizing and holding the events of Expo 2020 Dubai is a great challenge, especially with the organization of this international event that coincides with the pandemic that hit all countries of the world, “But the UAE amazed the whole world with the success of organizing and organizing the event, which showed that Dubai was able to exceed the imagination and expectations through this exhibition and I believe that the UAE has plans for the post-Expo period.”

Al-Ali added: “We look forward to witnessing an active tourism movement with the upcoming tourist season thanks to the momentum demonstrated by the Dubai Expo. The Dubai Expo area and buildings will also be used to host major international events, exhibitions and important events. “which will greatly stimulate the tourism sector.”

He stressed that the country was able to challenge the pandemic through the exhibition and bypass it to be one of the first countries to recover from the pandemic, return to normal life and take advantage of this event to achieve greater growth. economic in various. areas and sectors.

aviation sector

The aviation sector continues to grow and add more destinations, which means preparing for more visitors, and national airlines recorded 74,000 scheduled flights during the first quarter of 2022, a 90% increase compared to nearly 39,000 flights in the quarter. first 2021, in another indicator. of growth and tourist momentum.

Expo 2020 Dubai contributed to the recovery of the aviation sector in Dubai and the UAE, and the tourism movement activity in the country, in addition to major events and conferences organized by the country, which was reflected in the strong performance of the hotels. .

National airlines marked a gradual increase in the number of flights and the number of passengers since the resumption of flights in the country, and national airlines were able, thanks to their high flexibility, to cope professionally with the changes that are taking place in aviation. sector due to new epidemic tensions that led to the closure of some markets, which led airlines to reopen, schedule its flights to serve other markets and open new ones that no longer served first.

The number of passengers in the country’s airports has exceeded the figure of 20 million during the first quarter (20.38 million), compared to 8.6 million passengers registered in the same period of 2021, an increase of 135%. Of the total number of passengers, the number of transit passengers through the country’s airports during the first three months of this year reached 6.94 million, an increase of 203%.

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah airports achieved an increasing performance in terms of passenger numbers in 2021, registering more than 41.37 million passengers, an increase of 15.8% compared to 2020.

new stage

Noel Masoud, a tourism expert, says: “The organization of Expo 2020 Dubai has been spread all over the world, whether in print, visual or audio press, or through social media. It includes it, its advanced infrastructure and The exhibition is an opportunity to visit the Emirates, to learn about the facilities and tourist sites and its heritage, as well as to spend hotel nights, which contributed to the recovery of the tourism and hospitality sector in Dubai in particular and the Emirates of United Arab Emirates in general.

Masoud added: “This gives support to the country’s tourism sector in the post-Expo phase. While all those who attended and participated, including country representatives and officials, conveyed a positive perception of what is happening at the exhibition and this will encourage the tourism sector to reach a growth phase in the coming months and years. ”

promotional programs

Ismail Ibrahim, General Manager of Ramada Hotel Downtown Abu Dhabi, said: “All expectations are positive for the post-Expo phase, especially with the adoption of decisions regarding the facilitation of measures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, which will have a significant impact on increasing the movement and revitalization of the tourism sector, be it tourism Domestic or foreign tourism and the arrival of groups and families in the country in light of moderate temperatures and the introduction of tourism promotion programs.

Ibrahim added, “We are also moving towards a return to the pre-pandemic stage and bypassing its effects on the tourism and hospitality sector, which holds good promise for achieving strong tourism and hospitality performance and high-frequency recording, which “I will revive the tourism movement, especially during the upcoming spring break.”

He stated that Expo has supported the hotel and tourism sector and has contributed to the increase in the number of hotels despite its organization during the pandemic period in the state.

The most exclusive destinations

Wael Sinjed, General Manager of Palm Oasis Travel and Tourism, stated that the tourism sector is on a date with more tourism activity and growth in the post-Expo Dubai 2020 phase, according to what the tourism sector in the UAE recorded in 2021, and considering the country as one of the most distinguished and safest tourist destinations globally.

Sanjad said: “Despite the pandemic and the fear it caused globally, the UAE has challenged all the circumstances and the wise leadership of the country has taken the necessary measures to deal with the pandemic; Where we saw the registration of Expo 2020 Dubai an impressive success “At all levels; it added more growth and prosperity to the country and its tourism sector, and the UAE has become a milestone in the sustainable tourism industry worldwide.”

He added: “It was clear that the great impetus created by Expo Dubai and its important role in the recovery of the tourism sector; The exhibition attracted large participation from 190 countries and attracted visitors and participants of different nationalities, which contributed to the promotion of the tourism sector in Dubai and the country, and the consolidation of the UAE’s position as a global multicultural destination.

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