Prices, conditions and numbers .. Everything you need to know about Hajj 2022

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Saturday 16 April 2022

Libra – Youssef Afifi:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the increase in the number of pilgrims this year to one million people from inside and outside, with the need to follow the controls and conditions imposed in this regard.

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Hajj Committee, has instructed the government to finalize and announce the controls for performing Hajj as soon as possible, in order to start the procedures for those who want to perform Hajj.

“Masrawy” follows the question and answers all the details about the season as follows:

Question / What are the Saudi conditions for traveling to perform Hajj?

C / The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has established special conditions and controls for pilgrims, which are as follows:

Allowing the under-65 age group to perform the Hajj pilgrimage

Request to complete immunization with basic doses of Corona vaccines approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health.

Hajji must submit a negative test result for the Corona virus 72 hours before traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The necessity for the pilgrims to respect the precautions regarding the Corona.

– Follow preventive instructions when performing rituals to maintain the health and safety of pilgrims

Question / What are the UK approved vaccines?

A / Vaccines approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia included: (Pfizer – AstraZeneca – Johnson & Johnson – Moderna).

Question / What are the organizations that organize Hajj in Egypt?

A / Hajj Season in Egypt is organized by 3 official bodies represented in the ministry (interior, tourism and social solidarity), in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities in the country by the ministries of aviation, foreign affairs, donations and health .

Question / What is the expected number of the Hajj part of Egypt this year?

A / Sources in the High Committee for Hajj and Umrah at the Ministry of Tourism told Masrawy that the number of Egyptian pilgrims this year is expected to rise from 30,000 to 35,000 or 40,000.

Question / What is the share of the Ministry of Tourism in Hajj this year?

A / A source in the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism expects the Ministry of Tourism’s portion to be 9,200 visas, as in the past before the Corona pandemic there were 36,500 visas, representing 45% of Egypt’s weight on Hajj. .

The source expects the price of the tourist pilgrimage for the economic level to start from 100 thousand pounds, especially after the increase in solidarity prices – (associations) – emphasizing that the reasons for the increase in prices come due to high hotel prices in. Saudi Arabia, transportation and the rise in the price of the dollar, and consequently the rise in the price of the Saudi rial.

What about the part of the Ministry of Social Solidarity (associations)?

A / The Ministry of Social Solidarity announced the reduction of the quota for the Hajj of NGOs organized by the National Foundation for the Facilitation of Hajj and Umrah, from 12 thousand to 3 thousand 100 visas this year and it is expected that the prices of Hajj associations will move from 110 thousand to 150 thousand pounds approximately, and after the completion of pricing.The door of applications for citizens will be opened electronically.

Question / What about Egypt’s decisions regarding Hajj?

C / The Prime Minister was instructed to quickly finalize the controls for performing Hajj this year and to announce them, in order to start the procedures for those who want to perform Hajj.

The Prime Minister decided not to allow the pilgrimage at the expense of the state this year, to limit the compulsory pilgrimage for those who had not previously performed Hajj and to instruct the Ministry of Health to establish health checks for those most at risk from. infection to avoid their trip this year.

Question / Are Hajj prices witnessing price increases?

A / Some travel companies have offered prices for programs for this year, which showed an increase of 30 to 40% compared to last season, as follows:

– 90 – 100 thousand pounds (economic level) without air tickets.

– 130 – 140 thousand pounds (four star level) without a flight ticket.

– 160-170 thousand pounds (level 5 stars) without a flight ticket.

Question / What is the reason for the high prices?

A / According to officials, experts and owners of tourism companies, the main reasons are the increase in the price of the rial against the pound, the increase in the price of services in Mecca and Medina, the increase in the price of plane tickets. raft tariffs in Mina and Arafat and domestic transport, with the increase in the cost of accommodation in hotels in Mecca and Medina, increased by about 20%, in addition to the increase in taxes by 15%, with a monetary difference in the value of one pound, with 50%, with the few visas offered, and the large number of people wishing to perform Hajj.

Question / What are the documents required of Egyptians wishing to perform Hajj?

A / The documents required to apply for the Hajj lottery reservation are as follows:

– Passport, ID card, or any other identification document.

– A photo of the citizen.

– Recruitment position of those of recruitment age.

– Ensure employer approval to travel for employees.

– 4 for 12 personal photos with white background 6 × 4.

Coronavirus vaccination certificate.

Do travel companies get passports?

A / The Ministry of Tourism allowed tourism companies operating on Hajj to obtain passports from citizens wishing to travel to the Kingdom to perform Hajj this year, by applying through the Hajj and Umrah services website., from Wednesday 6/4/2022 to Sunday 8/5/2022.

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