Items that you will not touch but will pay real money to get

  • Lama Khair
  • BBC News Arabic – London

published photo, Getty Images

If you are a meta-pioneer and have created your own special personality there, you will definitely need to furnish your new place; To gain the elegance, taste and distinction of your virtual character.

This can be achieved by choosing clothes from famous brands, an elegant office or paintings that complement your taste. They are all virtual goods that you will pay for with real money, but you will never touch them, even if they remain registered in your name in the virtual world. These digital goods are known as .NFT

What is NFT?

It is an acronym for Non Fungible Token, meaning a non-emulative token. It can be said that it is a title deed for virtual products such as. furniture, pieces of art, clothes, or even land and apartments that can be owned with individual data recorded on the blockchain.

Life in Metaverse, you will gain a lot of momentum and demand as expected, as there you can hold business meetings and watch your sports matches and maybe your university will open a branch in that world as well. And just like any video game, you will find clothing options available to everyone, and paid ones, and that includes NFTs.

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