I am nothing but the sons of Adam

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And we are still with the days of the holy month and the imprisonment of devils, except the devils of mankind:

There is no devil except the sons of Adam, and I do not worry about deprivation

This is the one who surrenders his mind to Havi, keep talking about him, oh beautiful

Beware, son of Adam, and you are in vain

Human demons are stronger than any jinn around

(From the words of the lyric poet Sameh Farag).

Imp (plural imps) is a super powerful type of jinn / demons found in Islamic mythology. It is often associated with the underworld and identified with the spirits of the dead, and in European culture has been known to be associated with places full of evil. In later folklore, they developed into independent entities, defined as powerful demons or as spirits of the dead who sometimes dwell in desolate places such as ruins and temples. Their real home is the underworld (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

The word devil is used to denote certain characters, often superstitious or imaginary, and can sometimes be referred to as real characters having their presence in our world and the subject of a myth or fact of their existence usually associated with people’s beliefs. the way of thinking or believing, and what they inherited from their ancestors. Orcs have been mentioned in many stories, folk tales, various myths and inherited across generations and they have been mentioned in many religions. The characters of the demons and their forms varied, some of them good and some bad and malicious. In terms of their shapes, they are sometimes referred to as good faces and sometimes as ugly faces, some are very long and some very short, some look like people and some look or have a clutch. one of the animals and many of them are able to transform their shapes and sound. This difference and diversity in their personalities and forms is due to the nature of the role they play in the story being told about them, so when mentioned as bad, they are often presented as ugly and vice versa.

Spriti was and has an important place in the literary and folklore productions of peoples, appears in spoken stories, movies, cartoons and video games and his character is embodied in many plays.

The name “Afrit” comes from the triple root (ar – q – r) and is collected in “imperialians” or “Afari”, and the meaning of the word is:

Malicious – cunning – shrewd – cunning, malevolent, evil, strong, devilish and comes the meaning of the turkey habit.

The word is used in contemporary Arabic in the sense of exaggeration, whether by movement or cunning and cunning, in addition to its use to denote the devil in its narrative sense.

Due to the multiplicity of stories and tales that tell about orcs in different parts of the world, this has also led to a variety of words that tell orcs, whether in Arabic tales or in the tales of other peoples. And all the following words can be indicative of the word devil in its narrative sense: imp – jinn – jinn – wizard – little creature – dwarf – spectrum – fantasy – shadow – darkness – ghost – devil

From the website of the Ministry of Culture, Asmaa Abdel-Hadi writes:

“Ghost, goblinT, jinn, nadahun, gorge, monster … All these names and others are used by the Egyptians, not in their folk tales andSuperstition is inherited only, but in their daily situations they call each other by nicknames, and one of the words can be used to express two contradictory attitudes, e.g., “imp” is used for the person who has achieved something. in a seasoned way, “good”, and can be used in another problematic, “bad”.

As usual for the Egyptians, folk tales were characterized by simplicity despite their mythical penetration, whether into myths or fictional characters, and the emotional nature of the Egyptian helped to believe these fictional tales.

The superstitious popular beliefs of Egyptian society vary, so we find religious myths represented in shrines and shrines and visiting them to alleviate need, and there are social myths such as myths associated with marriage, gender, childbirth, death, envy and many others related to the opinion of the Egyptians.

Egyptian folk tales also varied, the most famous of which are the Sea Fairy, Al-Nadaha, Ghoula Mother, Abu Sabaa two men and others.

As for orcas, belief in them reached the point of belief and they took various forms, like the black cat, and orcas usually live in deserted places, whose owners were exposed to accidents such as murder, burning and suicide. the spirits were suspended.

One of the most famous modern superstitions is the “Orchestra Building” in Alexandria.

Al-Amarah is located in the Rushdie neighborhood in Alexandria, and on one of the most important streets in the city, which is Abu Qir Street.

The Alexandrians circulated tales and legends that revolved around (the Sprite building), some of which date back to the days of its original owner (Al-Khawaja the Greek), who drowned with a number of his sons on a fishing trip after completion. of its construction and before he lived in it, which prompted his widow to sell it and emigrate from Egypt, and since then terrible stories about There were many rumors and a story spread about a couple who lived on the first floor of the Building, and the next day their bodies were found covered in blood outside the building. “Also a story about a couple who lived in the building and that same day went out into the street shouting, after finding the walls of the apartment stained with blood.”

Then the truth was, “There is no devil except the children of Adam.” And this guy Adam was the owner of the building and he was the one who put the “Orcs Building” rumors on the market and contributed to its popularity among the people. The Alexandria community, after disputes with the East Alexandria neighborhood, which refused to change real estate licenses from a residential purpose to a tourist hotel A, which left things as a “death fantasy” for about 70 years. , before. the youth of the january 25 uprising attacked the building, ending the history of jinn and orcs forever.

Architect Amr Habib told Al-Masry Al-Youm on Tuesday 23/11/2021: “The real estate was sold through a public auction by the Governor of Alexandria represented in the Sharq district, and a person bought it and obtained the building permits. , (land and 11 floors), and after the implementation came Up to the sixth floor he thought to change the activity from my residence in the hotel, which was rejected by the neighborhood and the conflict continued between the two parties. “

“During that period, the owner took a loan from a bank under construction and filed a lawsuit against the neighborhood, accumulating debts and interest, and was unable to pay and decided to leave the mortgaged property because he could not pay the debts. . “No one can enter it and buy it, to settle the dispute with the real heirs, and he has not finished the construction of the property and left it as it is.”

He continued: “After buying the property from his company, he decided to modify the drawings and add engineering and architectural features and a global style to the overall shape of the building to change its shape, as it had no aspects of life, objects . , finishes or windows; He decided to rehabilitate and complete the property to reach a ground floor and 11 floors and modify the interior design while preserving the old shape of the building, as well as keeping two granite columns at its entrance “, noting that the building was entirely. inhabited, (60% of dwellings), and the rest is occupied by new clients and done The Curse of the Goblins is just a joke that the inhabitants make jokes, to the point that we called it the architecture of the jinn and the the goblin. ”

And God in his creation are angels, living creatures and demons, every year and you are good.

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