How long will the situation continue and the killer will prevail and leave and Abu Tek slippers and Abdul Serkal

After the intensification of the crisis in Italy, the most famous mafia gangs broke their silence, not to carry out operations against politicians or capitalists or to take revenge on some of them, but this time to contribute to saving the Italian people from the virus Corona and donate. Large funds for a laboratory working to discover an effective vaccine for the epidemic that destroyed health energy In Italy is on the verge of collapse, according to the statement of the Italian Minister of Health.

This mafia progressed

Sicilian Mafia Cosa Nostra with 500 million euros

Naples Camorra Mafia with 100 million euros

Calabria Mafia ‘Ndrangheta with 160 million euros

The news surprised the Italians themselves, although they were described as murderers and shame, but the crisis showed them a patriotism that did not show to others.

Caliph Harun al-Rashid’s message to the robber Ammar Tohme!

I was informed, O low bastard, of your courage for our high position and of your transgression against our dear metropolis, Baghdad … and because you and those who are with you from sorrow have never read it history, I will find myself obliged to remind you that the last one who dared against us more than 1200 years ago was the king of Rome, Nikephoros, when he broke the covenant made by Queen Renny to pay tribute to us, so we attacked it and conquered the Byzantine city with our armies. of Heraklion, so we defeated him and humiliated him.

My enlightened age was the age of civilization, science, commerce, culture and the arts, and your age and those with you by the enlightened are the age of darkness, backwardness, decadence, misery and vices!

Baghdad was a great civilizing sign, similar to which it was not recognized as a city in the international human heritage and its name was forever associated with my name.

In my time Baghdad ruled a quarter of the globe and in your time and those with you traitors and agents did not stay in Baghdad, so the intelligence of neighboring countries did not enter!

My legendary library in Baghdad, the House of Wisdom, was visited by students of knowledge from all over the world to read, study and research thousands of its books..and your central library in Baghdad is empty after you have looted everything in it!

My modern era is the era of Jaber bin Hayani, who with my support and his students established the curriculum of experimentation in science, and your era and those of you who are backward is the era of Abu Ali al-Shaibani, who and his students. founded the curriculum of fortune telling, exploitation of elves and magic and debauchery!

The poetry in my time is the poetry of Abu Al-Atahiyah and Al-Asma’i, while the poetry in your time and those of you with the degenerates is the poetry of Shahd Al-Shammar !!

Baghdad has attracted all the scientists, doctors, engineers and craftsmen, and Baghdad and the killers with you have displaced all the scientists, doctors, engineers and craftsmen !!

Countries of India, China and Europe sent their messengers to befriend me and pray for friendship, and you and those with you who were disappointed seeking friendship with Mauritania, Comoros and Somalia !!

Baghdadi was a bad kid dancing to Ibrahim Al-Mosawi’s tunes and that uncle’s melodic voice .. and Baghdadi and those with you from the gay are a miserable old woman hitting her cheeks in the rhythms of Syed Faqid Al- Moussawi. !!

I roam the bargains and masks to know the parish conditions and you and your cowards for years have not left the Green Zone, for fear of the parish!

The water hour is my gift to the King of France, Charlemagne, to amaze him and those with him from the ranks of the monks, so they thought that whoever dwells in it is Satan.

In my era, lanterns were first used to illuminate Baghdad, and your era and those with you among the corrupt are the era of fake contracts that obscured Baghdad!

My modern age is the age of streams, canals, arches and bridges that caused surplus crops to be exported to the neighborhood, and your era and those of you with counterfeiters is the era of importing onions from the neighborhood!

In my time wells were dug along the pilgrimage route from Baghdad to Mecca to provide more water for the pilgrims to get from them .. In your time and those with you degenerates, Basra died of thirst!

In my modern era, Baghdad inaugurated the first paper mill.

I’m Aaron The German yearlings reminded me of Aaron, and the Chinese and Japanese yearbooks called Alon..Who are you and those with you degenerate?

Aku, the sheikh of the Khosh clan, was steadfast and upright, but there is a flaw in him who comes to a guest who asks his soul with many questions and to the extent that people are full and upset and they return. get away from him and do not go to his host, and one day a smart young man came to their clan and asked where the sheikh’s host is ??

People were shouting … uncle, you are Shmodik, he sees that your soul is not asking you questions, everything, what should you do, I know the answer !!

He reached the receptionist and after waiting and presenting the duty of hospitality, the Sheikh began to ask his questions:

Uncle, you are my uncle: replied the young man from the tribe Do-and-so

All the Sheikh and the blessings and growth of your Sheikh ??

The young man is the sheikh of so and so

The Shaykh replied by asking everyone: How did your Shaykh do it ??

The young man replied: Our Shaykh is ashamed ??

Here Shehu was silent and still did not ask any questions ??

The people were amazed when they returned, for they were accustomed to ask the sheikh for everything, and the young man continued to count them for an hour, and then returned to his monastery.

Here are the young men and the faces of the clan, who are returning to the host. They asked the Shaykh:

I’m surprised you did not ask many questions for the guest today, and I’m satisfied with his answer to see them, is he ashamed ??

Answer them: Everyone is ashamed of their university

He is ashamed that he does not digest his clan and his brothers

And he is ashamed of what his son’s son sells

And he should be ashamed to be lucky and reprimanded

And he is ashamed of jealousy for his tribe and his sons, because what he does not have is jealousy towards them, he has no other for his family.

Maybook is ashamed and does not betray

And be ashamed of what is hypocritical about people

And be ashamed of him who becomes a coward

And be ashamed of what becomes stingy

And be ashamed of what attracts you

And he is ashamed to evaluate all his actions

And he should be ashamed to stay away from any answer

And he who is ashamed to fear God, and he who fears God, your arrow from him is a consolation.

Look at her dress and tie

I want to ask what was chosen for your honor with your conscience

Chosen with shame …?

He saw you in the Hereafter, the account and the judge of the Hereafter, he has neither intercessor nor bribe, and you chose him as your partner before the Lord of the slaves, and you will be held accountable for all those who dragged him away. that with the salaries of martyrs, orphans and widows.

Zain, can we have a significant achievement for those who ruled Iraq for centuries !! It is not necessary in Iraq, because Iraq is strong, I want to achieve something that distinguishes the western provinces from the other provinces of Iraq, as they are the seat and source of the lords of Iraq. And their concern is that Iraq has no wars, no resentment, no determination, no escalation, no caliphate, no American forces, no party.

What is meant by (((lords of Iraq)))) …..

Are those who hid in their holes like rats and left Iraq prey to expropriation and terrorism gangs, assassins, butchers and Americans ……

Were they the ones who prostrated in Safwan’s tent and offered Iraq and its sovereignty to the armies and dogs of the Americans … He imposed on them the greeting of Khad bin Sultan, the couple ((Yes, yes, yes)) … ) submissive, submissive, humble …

Are they the ones who sold the Iraqi lands ((((30 million Kuwaiti dinars)))) And the borders of Iraq were turned 70 km until the lands of Umm Qasr were eroded …

Are they the ones who gave and honored Jordan more than 40 kilometers deep inside Iraqi territory…

Are they the ones who gave Saudi Arabia the neutral zone?

Are they the ones who signed an agreement with Turkey that allows Turks to enter and take Iraqi lands whenever they want …

Were they the ones who opened the land of Iraq to American inspection teams after 1991, when it came time to inspect the bedrooms of ((your masters)).

Are they leaving Iraq to pay billions in reparations to Kuwait and all the countries of the world, even the one who farts in Mozambique, and Iraq will remain hostage to debts and reparations forever ….

Are they the heroes of mass graves and chemical weapons ….

Are they blowing up living people?

Are they the ones who made wood for the Iraqis for the battles and wars that lasted 30 years …

Are they the ones who killed thousands of scholars, people of thought and religion ….

Were they the ones who buried the Kurds alive in Nuqarat al-Salman …

Were they the ones who wreaked havoc on the mosque and Hussein after 1991?

Were they the ones who hit with artillery the dome of Imam Hussein and his brother Al-Abbas, peace be upon him….

Are they the ones who killed our religious references and thousands of clerics….

Were those hundreds of thousands of palm trees wiped out in the central regions of the Euphrates after 1991 …

Were they the ones who scattered the wheat with mercury and killed thousands ….

Are they the ones who made Iraq a free arena for dogs and wildlife animals and the grandchildren of Ibn Taymiyyah…

Are they your plowing family and offspring ………

How did the gypsy become the god of Iraq? How did they get rich? How did they get out of the nests in the palaces? How did he become the head of an Arab country that does not speak Arabic? How did Iraq and Iraq become servants of the Roma? How did the animal Ibn Janajeh (Nuri al-Maliki) accept his disgusting work of being a Kurdish MP in the presidency of an authentic Arab republic with a history of thousands of years? Did al-Maliki agree to be the gypsy deputy in order to steal more than he stole from Iraq and furnish his office for a sum that exceeds everything owned by his blonde village, Janja? (I say blonde because the people of Janajeh are all blonde, especially their wives).

Any pride that is obsessed with the horror of his Arabism? What farce will the Arabs in Iraq follow to prove the purity and purity of their Arabism as they sing under a Kurdish symbol that rules them and whose name is called their state, their Arabism and their Iraq?

Has the Iraqi become weaker than the Turkish, Iranian, Syrian, German and Scandinavian? And he was afraid of the gypsies and possessed them over his land?

And finally: Is this Iraq that has alienated us for the freedom, security and safety of its people, extending its prosperity to its citizens and expelling traitors and mercenaries from its land?

Is this Iraq, from which we dreamed of making an eastern shrine illuminated by the meteors of ancient history and its hanging gardens, which is the third of the seven wonders of the world (where is it located?) The names of the prophets who were born in it?

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