Emirates Airlines is preparing for the second peak of travel in December by operating “Concourse A”

Emirates Airlines confirmed that the next period will witness two culminations of travel through Dubai International Airport, the first will be in early December next, which coincides with the National Day of the United Arab Emirates, while the second peak begins on December 15 2021 to January. 10, 2022, which coincides with the holidays and the night of the change of years, noting the plans of the airline to prepare for this period, operating in the building “Concourse A”, to accommodate the increase in the number of passengers.

The company stated that bookings are constantly increasing, and their rate currently varies between 65 and 70 percent, at a time when this percentage is expected to increase during December 2021 and January 2022 to move between 75 and 80 percent.

Reset the entire network

In detail, the CEO of Commercial Operations at Emirates Airlines said: Adnan Kazem; The carrier is looking forward to restoring 100% of its destination network ahead of the Corona Virus pandemic (Covid 19) and getting the entire fleet back into operation during the next fiscal year, in light of high demand for travel to various destinations. and countries that continue to open their airports, in addition to removing operational restrictions.

He added during a press conference on the sidelines of the Dubai Airshow 2021, which recently concluded that Emirates Airlines currently covers about 90% of the number of pre-pandemic destinations, including most major destinations, noting that the airline . willingness to increase the number of its destinations with increasing demand for passengers.Travel.

Seat capacity

Kazem explained that some markets are witnessing an increase in demand, such as in Pakistan, where 100% of the seat capacity has been restored, while the capacity of Emirates Airlines countries in the British market has reached about 85%, noting that Emirates Airlines has the capacity large countries to cope with growing demand, in European markets and in Europe in general.

The Commercial Head of Emirates Airlines confirmed that the airline will work to increase the capacity of the seats over the next period in parallel with the increase in demand, noting that it currently operates 75% of the total fleet, including 50% of its A380 aircraft. , as well as its entire fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft.

Increase bookings

Kazem found that bookings are constantly increasing and that the percentage of bookings currently varies between 65 and 70 percent, while this percentage is expected to increase during December 2021 and January 2022 to 75 and 80 percent, indicating that there is a growing demand . for trips from several markets.

He stressed that the visit of 50% of travelers who came to Dubai during the last period was the first for them, due to the fact that the emirate is one of the first cities in the world that opened its doors to travelers. , in addition to visitors’ confidence in the ideal measures the Emirate pursued in dealing with a pandemic “Covid-19”.

peak season

Kazim said that the peak travel season during the next period will be at the beginning of next December, which coincides with the National Day of the United Arab Emirates, while the second peak of travel demand starts from December 15, 2021 to January 10. 2022 in connection with the holidays. and New Year’s Day, noting that the Carrier was prepared for this period by operating in the “Concourse A” building, to accommodate the increase in the number of passengers and the size of the fleet.

movement of goods

Kazem found that the carrier returned to the passenger transport service the passenger planes he used for goods, to take advantage of them with the increase in demand for travel, indicating that the demand for goods continues to be at the highest levels. and that the shortage of shipping containers globally contributed to the high demand for air freight.

He explained that Emirates Airline transportation revenues normally ranged between 12 and 15 per cent of the carrier’s total revenue, but during the pandemic period, the percentage of freight revenue increased significantly.

He continued, “In the last two months, passenger bookings have increased, with the demand for travel improving and during the next period we will reach pre-pandemic levels.”

Travel Tickets

Kazemi attributed the increase in travel ticket prices during the current period to the increase in travel demand, in light of the limited size of countries ‘capacity globally, noting that some countries are still determining the size of countries’ capacity as part of the measures. preliminary that they are being taken to face “Covid 19”. He said: “Therefore, we notice that prices are rising, which will be temporary, but with the increase of seat capacity and the removal of restrictive procedures for carriers, prices will fall to their normal levels.”

Two new cargo planes

Emirates Airlines Commercial Chief Adnan Kazim said Emirates SkyCargo will include two new Boeing 777Fs in its fleet in 2022, noting that it has signed an agreement to convert four Boeing 777-300ER aircraft into cargo starting from 2023.

He said Emirates Airlines has the full flexibility to increase that number as demand grows.

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