Designer Cynthia Raffoul: I discover life in different ways and design for the independent woman

Lebanese stylist Cynthia Raffoul’s jewelry reflects the tastes of highly volunteer women, who live their lives with a sudden touch of authenticity and poetry. The designer has the courage to reimagine making jewelry through a unique and innovative style, finding her inspiration in everything that is beautiful and vibrant. From what she said to the “lady” during our meeting with her: “To create my work, I collaborate only with the best jewelers and craftsmen in Lebanon, who have inherited their profession from their fathers and grandfathers and devoted their lives to offering. works of the highest quality. ” The key to its success is Sur mesure, a unique and custom service, where each piece becomes an original legacy.

Write us in the details of your beginnings in the world of jewelry.

I studied fashion design and worked in this field a few years ago when someone asked me to design a jewelry collection and since then I started this beautiful journey. Opportunity leads us in unexpected ways.

How would you rate the jewelry scene in the Arab world?

It is moving a lot in fact, we are seeing more and more local brands, of which we should be proud. The jewelry industry has started to flourish dramatically recently, despite all the difficult circumstances we are seeing, but the emergence of talented stylists with high experience and knowledge enhances the aesthetics of this ever-evolving landscape.

3 sets

Lebanese designer, Cynthia Raffoul
Lebanese designer, Cynthia Raffoul

The best inspiration comes from talking to my clients when I design custom parts for them

Travel is a necessity, a breath of fresh air and offers new ideas. Whether I travel home or abroad, I am discovering different ways of living and thinking

What are the details of your recent bands?

The new version is the “Black” collection, which I wanted to be gold rings decorated with diamonds and black enamel. It’s like wearing a second skin, but with gold and diamonds. It combines the weight of gold and the lightness of the skin at the same time. This set is sturdy, worn all day. As for the “Abyss” collection, it is inspired by the treasures found in the depths of the ocean and includes jewelry made with antique techniques of pure gold, with organic lines. It’s the Ma Pomme d’Amour collection inspired by my childhood in France, where I went to an amusement park called Fetes foraines, and from the Pomme d’amour red apple candy they sold. I liked the shape of this apple and its red color. So I imagined a beautiful heart of different colors in the shape of an apple that you would like to bite .. like love.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everything around me is an inspiration. But the best inspiration comes from conversations with my clients when I design custom parts for them. The first conversation takes place between us, in one of my most inspiring moments, and the end result becomes unexpected jewelry.

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new ideas

Are you inspired by travel?

Travel is a necessity, it is a fresh spirit, they are really new ideas. Whether I travel within or outside the country, it is very important for me to discover different lifestyles, ways of thinking and ways of seeing life in general. Traveling gives me the oxygen I need for inspiration.

4 female symbols

Who is the icon of Cynthia Raffoul?

I do not have just one symbol, but I actually have 4 symbols and they are: My mother, for her constant belief in life. My grandmother, one for the joy of life even in the most difficult moments and the other for the rigor (French: Rigueur) in her work. My grandmother’s aunt is called Mary Ajami. She was one of the first women writers in the Middle East in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She believed in building a nation based on women and that their education was necessary for this.

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who is your favorite stylist?

My favorite designer is Suzanne Belperron. It has a high sense of design, and a unique style unlike the others.

what is your favorite book

I have read many books, but my favorite is La nuit des temps (Ice People) by Renée Barjavel.

What is your favorite jewelry?

Rings, I love them very much, they tell a lot of stories. It’s one of the pieces I really enjoy designing and decorating.

Which stone do you like to deal with the most?

I do not have a particular stone, but I like shine more than colors and shapes. In my opinion, each stone has its own characteristics and different methods of its treatment, in this sense I adore working with different gemstones that have a special glitter that fascinates hearts.

Who is Cynthia Raffoul’s wife?

Cynthia Raffoul is an energetic, independent, elegant woman who knows what she wants and always lives her life with special touches. She has a unique style unlike the others, is also bold and is not afraid of challenges and confrontations.

As a Lebanese brand, how do you reflect the taste of Arab women through your designs?

Of course, we have in mind the taste of Arab women, as I sell in the Middle East. So yes, it seems to me that I am thinking in a certain way these days about the style of this woman, who loves jewelry very much and considers them essential parts of her appearance, and not parts that only adorn her for a while. set.

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Follow Marketing

Do you rely on social media to market your brand?

Of course, social networking is a necessity nowadays. The best thing is that with it you can easily reach more people. It is a process of exchanging information between the two teams, where the latest information remains and the client keeps in touch with us to know the latest exits and developments regarding the brand. Social media is a very important tool nowadays and their usefulness in marketing plan can not be underestimated.

Where do you sell in the Middle East?

You can find my collection in Beirut at my shop and salon, and online at; My pieces are also found in Qirdala, Kuwait and soon in Doha, Qatar.

What are your plans for the future?

My projects are numerous, as I presented them some time ago in Paris. This year I will reopen my shop at the same address in Gemmayzeh, which was destroyed in the August 4 explosion. Of course there is more, but I hesitate to find out now, I will leave the surprise for later.

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