Charming pink gold

Jewelry houses create designs that mimic the femininity and whims of women. And to her was born the rose gold, which carried with it the most beautiful meanings, to adorn women, and to increase their enchantment and charm. Pink gold has a history associated with luxury and sophistication, with Caesars and kings, which we reveal to you in the following pages.


Precious mix

Rose gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold, copper and silver. Pure 24 carat yellow gold is the basis for all parts of gold, but it is so soft that it is difficult to use in its pure state to make jewelry, so it must be mixed with other metals. to increase his strength and okay to be able to work on it and make jewelry. Various recipes are used to dye and mine all kinds of materials made into jewelry, including white, yellow and pink gold. The color depth in rose gold depends on the percentage of yellow gold mixed with copper. 18 carat rose gold is mixed with 75% pure yellow gold, 20% copper and 5% silver.

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Precious mix

Stylish rose gold was born from the mixture of precious metals. Along with other colors, he creates beautiful jewelry.

Short story

Pink gold was first used in the early nineteenth century, in Russia, by the famous jeweler Karl Fabergé, and this color was known for a long time as Russian gold. As this alloy became so popular among jewelers around the world, it was later renamed as rose gold. Pink gold was a favorite in the Victorian era, often accompanied by blue sapphires from India. Adopted by leading jewelers, blue sapphires made the perfect complement to rose gold. He later gained popularity in the United States during the 1920s, adorning engagement rings and splendid jewelry. Pink gold has appeared in this era with very creative designs, to add warmth and femininity to jewelry. Cartier played an important role in increasing his popularity. One design in particular helped the birth of pink gold in jewelry and was a metaphor for a design consisting of 3 rings of three types of gold and the symbolism of each color. Yellow gold represents sincerity and loyalty, while white means friendship , and pink represents true love and Cartier called it the Trinity collection, which means Trinity.

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Charming pink gold

Rose gold symbolizes luxury, elegance and generosity, as well as generosity and gentleness, compassion and love. And if you prefer this color, it shows that you are romantic. Pink gold is the one that adorns it with love and prestige.

Magnetic pink

The golden pink color is warm and luxurious, attracting any girl who likes to stand out.

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The most elegant shade

Pink gold descends on the skin like a precious ray, adding to its beauty and radiance.

Determine your tone

To make sure the pink gold color suits you, just define your skin color in the following ways:

Look at the veins inside your joints. If your veins look green, your skin has warm shades. If it looks purple or blue, your skin has cool shades. Generally, if your skin is slightly tanned and tends not to burn, your skin is likely to have a warm olive or yellow tinge. If, on the other hand, it burns when you are exposed to the sun, your skin is likely to have cool shades. If your skin does not fall into any of the categories, you can have neutral shades, knowing that neutral skin suits most colors.

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Elegant jewelry

Pink gold is an absolutely feminine color, its brilliance comes from originality. She embodies unparalleled elegance.

Skin color and types of metals

yellow gold: If you have warm shades, you are likely to look more radiant with yellow gold, whose rich shades will beautifully accentuate your color. Combining your yellow gold with warm gemstones like yellow diamonds, citrine, peridot and grenades will brighten and brighten your color.

pink gold: Pink gold can look great with warm and cool skin tones. It is a wonderful mineral in itself, which does not require decoration, but goes very nicely with precious stones in shades of blue and pink.

White gold: White gold is best suited for cooler skin tones, especially if it has blue-pink tones. Prefer white gold with emerald, turquoise or topaz. Avoid stones with yellow hues.

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