University team Damietta and Al-Aali win the 10th of Ramadan in the finals of the electric car race

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The city of Sharm El-Sheikh (City of Peace) witnessed the finale of the fourth season of “EVER 2022 Electric Car Rally”, a competition launched and supported by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. The rally was held this year under the auspices of the Tourism Promotion Authority and King Salman International University.

The rally ended with the Higher Institute of Technology on the 10th of Ramadan winning the grand prize of 300,000 EGP in the first category “DYNAMIC CLASS” after a strong competition involving 24 Egyptian teams. The team of Helwan University came in second place, winning an award. of 150,000 EGP, and third place The Menoufia University Team won it and won a prize of ,000 75,000.

This is in addition to the award for best innovation, which went to the Zagazig University team, the British University team also won the award for best interior design, and the best exterior design went to the Kafrelsheikh University team and Kafrelsheikh University . the team also won the award for best engineering detail, in addition to To 3 awards in efficiency and cost, and teams from Mansoura, Zewail and Helwan universities went to the teams, and also had an award for best safety standards, and went to South Valley University.

Also the price of durability and efficiency for the car was shared, and the Higher Institute of Technology team won it in the tenth of Ramadan, and the Higher Institute of Technology team on the tenth day of Ramadan also won the best acceleration in the circuit and auto cross. , and the audience vote award was also received by the team of the High Institute of Technology on the tenth day of Ramadan.

The first place in the second category “CONCEPT CLASS” was won by the team of Damietta University, the second place by the team of Al-Azhar University, the third place by the team of the Aviation Institute, the team of the University of the Aviation Institute won the award for innovation best in the second category and the Ain Shams University team with the best team spirit award. , bringing the total price to 850,000 Egyptian pounds.

The idea of ​​the rally was born for the first time in 2017 in the first operational plan of the academy 2014-2018 within the axis of deepening domestic production, transfer, localization and production of technology, an initiative launched by Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Acting Minister of Health.

explained Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, said the event comes as part of the ongoing collaboration and successful partnership between the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. Graduate distinguished cadres of young people capable of producing environmentally friendly cars that work with electricity.

confirmed Dr. Abdel Ghaffar stressed the interest of the political leadership in supporting and developing the skills of young staff, to be able to produce electric cars and relocate them to Egypt, noting the ongoing support from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology for diverse undergraduate students, which supports by enhancing students’ creative abilities and being able to innovate.

The minister added that these activities are part of the plan to transform Sharm El-Sheikh into a green city without pollution, which contributes to the preparation for hosting the climate conference to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh in the coming months. which requires the city to be environmentally friendly.

For his part, Dr. Mahmoud Sakr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, said that the executive plan of the Academy 2018/2022 pays great attention to technological and industrial alliances; With the aim of transferring and localizing technology, deepening domestic production and pooling nationally distributed capabilities at home and abroad, and focusing on the automotive and digital industries.In recent years, the Academy has previously supported several industries other such as medicine, petrochemical, water desalination, new and renewable energy, and spare parts production.

added Dr. Sakr that the Rally initiative for electric cars also includes the formation of a national coalition for the domestic production of feed-in industries in the automotive industry; In order to increase the proportion of the local component, as well as the establishment of a research and development center in the field of automotive industry, and the total funding allocated for this program amounts to 40 million Egyptian pounds. partnership with relevant ministries.

In addition to preparing engineering staff and attracting the best staff; To enter this field and place Egypt on the international map; To participate in international competitions, through a state-supported institutional system, which helps increase trust among international companies to invest in the field in Egypt and enter into partnerships in addition to technical staff, engineers, researchers and qualified designers in these fields. of integrated software, mechanical parts and electrical propulsion systems and design, and mastering the potential of this promising industry, as well as supporting and motivating students and innovators in an enthusiastic and enjoyable atmosphere.

In this context, explained Dr. Amr Farouk, vice president of the Academy for Technological Development, said the final of the “Rally Care Electric” race was held in the fourth season, with special preparations, including the construction of roads, racetracks, spaces and stands for spectators and spaces . for media coverage. It is defended as a property right under Law 82 of 2002 in favor of the Academy of Scientific Research and aims to support the state’s efforts to localize the locally produced Egyptian electric car industry, and since its inception, it is carried out in partnership between the Academy and the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University.

Regarding the previous three seasons, Shaima Awad, program official, explained that the first and second seasons were held in the administrative capital, the first season was with the participation of 9 teams from Egyptian universities and ended with the victory of Ain Shams. The university team, for the second season competed 15 teams and ended with the victory of the team of the Higher Institute, for Engineering on the 10th of Ramadan and for the third season was held in the area of ​​the Pyramids of Giza, in which 19 teams. attended by 19 Egyptian universities.The Nile University team won first place, the Mataria Faculty of Engineering team won second place and the Zewail University team won third place.

explained Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz, Head of the Department of Automotive Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University and supervisor of the rally, said that Ain Shams University is taking over the technical and organizational supervision of the competition, which is one of the steps that started. with an initiative to finally achieve a complete production of an Egyptian electric car according to the plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.Represented in the Academy of Scientific Research.

He said 31 teams from different universities had applied to take part in the competition and had passed the technical training phase, workshops, design phase and technical reviews for the new Electric Car Rally 2022 season, followed by 24 teams submitting designs. final. that electric cars participate in the competition, and all technical designs and presentations submitted by All teams, through a jury group, are representatives of the automotive industry in Egypt and under the supervision of the competition management team; Selection of the best teams to participate in the final stage by the Organizing Committee; To provide opportunities for the production of more efficient teams, the 24 best teams from 24 universities were then selected for qualification, following the decision of the jury, which adjusted the level of the 24 teams to qualify for the finals.

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