To choose the right apartment for you and your family .. Important rules to follow

Tell me – In our article today, we will highlight how to choose a suitable apartment for you and your family, and what are the most important steps and tips to help you make the right decision in this regard. .

How to choose a suitable apartment

There are many important rules you need to know before you start the process of choosing a suitable home for you or your family.

To help answer this question, you need to consider many basic criteria, but first of all, we need to remind you that there are five basic rules for choosing the method of choosing a suitable apartment for the family. think about choosing your apartment until you find it.

Determine the right budget

You need to set your budget in advance to be able to narrow down your choices

Pre-budgeting is one of the most important steps you need to take before choosing the right apartment, which avoids any additional costs, as you have to choose your apartment according to your income and your ability to secure the down payment. agreed.

Also, do not forget to study the payment plan well and it is preferable to study this plan with an experienced real estate agent, as he will inform you about all the important financial and legal advice when buying an apartment, as this step it is very important to avoid any misunderstanding between you and the developer of this project by the Terms and time and the amount of any agreed payment.

Choose the right site

There are many factors that influence how you choose the right apartment for your family, perhaps the most important of which is the location and how close or far it is from the following services:

Work job

Public transport

Educational institutions, such as kindergartens, schools, universities and educational centers

Health facilities, such as hospitals and health centers

Shopping malls, markets and supermarkets

government departments

Recreational facilities, such as parks and gardens

Main points

Mosques and places of worship

Residential communities

After studying the distance of the construction site from the necessary facilities mentioned above, important details for the area itself should be known, such as.

The economic level of the area and the expected budget for housing in it

Population density and overcrowding in the area

Specification of housing itself

Price per square meter after purchase.


In our attempt to answer the question of how to choose a suitable apartment for my family, the appropriate and necessary space should be determined, taking into account several factors:

number of family members

The amount of furniture

Number of rooms required

house design

When it comes to home design, you need to make sure that the home design generally matches your taste. Some prefer open houses, while others prefer privacy in their rooms. We advise you to study the floor design plan well, and make sure it suits you and your family. Consider and here we advise you to choose a newly built apartment, in order to avoid costly repairs and renovations and here you can see the types of home decor and learn about its most salient advantages and the most important details to help you choose the right housing according to your home design.

Hiring a real estate broker

It is necessary to deal with a certified real estate broker to be able to study all the available options

To ensure that you follow the right method of choosing suitable housing for the family, we advise you to hire a real estate broker, who has years of experience and good market knowledge, who will provide to buy a property that meets your standards and financial capabilities.

General tips for choosing the right accommodation

We advise you to visit the property at different times of the day

Remember that your choices will positively or negatively affect your future Choosing housing is one of the fatal decisions, whether renting or owning it; Therefore, you need to be careful and cautious and read the following general tips:

Browse the internet for a comprehensive overview of the best prices and locations to stay in the area.

Choosing the real estate broker who will do his job legally, as he has to work within a registered real estate marketing company, while receiving sufficient guarantees to oppose the broker’s efforts to deceived; This is done by agreeing in advance on the commission rate, and by not paying any advance financial fund before the transaction is completed.

Reviewing the maintenance and cleaning procedures of the apartment before relocating, and this requires a direct site visit to the housing unit and a personal review of the cleanliness level, with the need to inquire about maintenance procedures and fees from the owner and residents of buildings, taking into account the location, and here it should be noted that the service and maintenance fees in Dubai is different from any other emirates.

Ensure the availability of parking spaces to ensure your comfort and storage of your vehicle

Choosing the payment method if the apartment is rented, as there are many ways to include the annual, quarterly or monthly payment, so you have to choose the right payment method for your financial circumstances, but if you are thinking of buying the apartment, you can take advantage of real estate and housing loans in Dubai

Study transportation costs, especially as such costs can be an additional burden if not taken into account, and they vary by location and specifications, but in all cases we advise you to deal with specialized transport companies.

Choosing suitable housing for several years, as the increase in the number of family members implies the need for additional rooms or spaces, which must be taken into account when choosing a suitable housing; To avoid the hassle of moving flat after a short period

Knowing the longevity of the building, as there are many pros and cons to investing in a home, be it old or new

Paying attention to the number and division of rooms, bathrooms, kitchen space and the availability of balconies

Paying attention to the size and appearance of the windows, and the degree to which sunlight enters them

Ensure that residential areas are strategically located near educational, recreational and medical facilities, e.g. residential areas suitable for families.

It is preferable to avoid renting residential units located in buildings that include hospitals, medical centers, companies and public offices that receive hundreds of visitors every day.

Stay away from construction areas, as many residents in such units complain that some roads are unprepared and worry for long hours at night, in addition to the spread of construction workers and transport trucks in the area, which often impedes traffic and exposes residents to risks.

Avoid irregular dwellings.

Some areas change in their nature from time to time in terms of the level of congestion and the availability of parking spaces, and this was the most important thing to follow when choosing a suitable accommodation for you or your family.

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