The future of Libya O Bashaga, dogs do not betray and do not betray ..!

During the period of Fayez Al-Sarraj, the concern of Khalifa Haftar, who was a fact committed in the kidnapped areas of the homeland, which he controlled by force, and his preoccupation was how to escape from Al-Sarraj and received international legitimacy. Politically, he is trying hard to get international recognition, but it has fallen into his hands, despite the strong support of the axis of evil, represented by Russia, France, Egypt and the UAE.

Haftar turned against all consultations and consensus, and his participation in all these meetings was nothing but a gain of time to amass weapons, equipment and mercenaries, with his eyes on the grand prize, Tripoli, for to be a committed fact and there. there is no salvation for the world except the recognition and acquisition of international legitimacy.

He overturned the understanding of Abu Dhabi and Paris and failed the comprehensive conference a few days before it was held, when he thought it was possible to achieve a military victory and occupy the capital within a few days, so he rushed to seize international legitimacy. not by Al-Sarraj (except for Jamil Al-Sarraj and the Salam of his heroes and the mysterious Ghassan Salameh conference).

Haftar failed to achieve legitimacy and left no choice but to pursue it, including war and aggression against Tripoli, so he suffered a heavy defeat at the borders of Tripoli. He did not seem to obey the intelligence measures of Sisi and the state of Egypt, which Haftar says puts the interests of Egypt ahead of that of Libya and aligns with Egypt if it decides anything against Libyan interests.

It was from him that Aqila Saleh participated in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (75th Forum) in Geneva and Aqiela entered the forum elections with a joint list with Bashagh to remove the carpet from under Al-Sarraj’s feet and push Aqila (Haftar pony) to achieve international legitimacy that will open the doors of the capital and pave the way for the rule of Libya.

They failed at the Geneva conference, another list succeeded, and legitimacy left Haftar. Obstacles were set and mines were laid for the new government, ranging from the imposition of corrupt regional ministers and budget reluctance to reluctance. to pave the coastal route and the exit of mercenaries and prevent the government from entering the Libyan cities kidnapped by Haftar and the games of withdrawal of confidence to obstruct the government and obstruct the elections.

The recommendations of Abbas Kamel, Sisi’s intelligence chief, came again to remove the rug from this government and split the opposition to allow Haftar to reach Martyrs’ Square (and Al-Furnaj Island) in Tripoli, when a narrow-minded figure , narcissist. aspired to rule at all costs, even at the expense of men’s sacrifices.

It was Bashagha who was chosen by the Egyptian intelligence and paved the way for his inauguration. Thus, a series of goals are achieved, at the top of which is hitting and cracking the line that opposes and rejects Haftar. With the success of this government, Haftari gains international legitimacy. Putting the executive authority under the command of Akila (Haftari’s pony), and Aqila can remove the trust from this government and change his head whenever he wants and when the conditions are favorable and baked. and all legislative, executive and judicial powers are in the hands of Achilles to do whatever he wants with it and what Haftari and the Egyptian intelligence dictate (Akila’s decision from his wealth after midnight regarding the appointment of the head of the High Council Judiciary, organizes its competencies and defines its duties). Thus, all of Libya will be in Haftar’s hands.

Pashaga came out to us informing us that Haftar agreed for him to become prime minister and started speaking to us in Haftar’s language. Once Haftar said and Haftar promised, and another time Haftar will do and Haftar will rise. Haftari did not come out once or publicly against us to apologize in his own language for his aggression against the capital, and let him speak to us in his own words about his promises, commitments and submission to the Libyan government and explain them what role will it play in this government .. Will it submit to the prime minister and will it allow the new government to retire him? And give us serious promises that he will not seek to overthrow the government once the issue is resolved?

O Pashaga, whoever responds to betrayal and betrayal, do not believe its benefits and Haftar will sell you cheap for pennies or less when he has the opportunity and achieves his goal, his story is full of betrayal and betrayal, and Events of officers and Rafla are not far away. Your grandfather and Major Ramadan al-Ayhouri and the rest of the officers and Rafla, sold Haftar (with a bottle of whiskey) to Ahmed Qadhaf al-Dam in Geneva and then received the gifts of a villa in Cairo and a farm in Virginia.

O Pashaga Haftar, even the origin of betrayal betrays and trembles from his betrayal and betrayal around the world and you will regret when regret is in vain when it shakes on the tripod sticks that will be erected in Tripoli if Haftar succeeds or when you throw a body lying on the shores of the sea adorning your forehead with a bullet hole.

You started from Haftar’s pistol and there is no way .. O Pashaga, if you think that you are smarter than everyone and that you can train and tame dogs..Pashaga, do not betray or betray, but Haftari betrays and betrays ..

Mukhtar Muhammad Al-Murtada

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